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Dental scam or Not?

The dentist I have been going to for 20 or 25 years sold his practice to a out of town dental Corp. My wife have been getting our teeth cleaned religiously for like I say 20 or so years from this dentist. The previous appointments for cleaning a dental hygienists would do the cleaning and than the dentist would check to see if any other work was needed. When our 6 mouth appointment came up this time we were floored that everyone was new and everything was different. We were not notified of any changes at all.

So this appointment the hygienist said the first thing she was going to do was check my pockets. You mite know she found some deep pockets and I'm not talking about my pants. So than she calls in a dentist a he starts telling me how my fillings need to be replaced with crowns. Then he says, you know the crowns don't last for ever and they my need to be replaced in 5 to 10 years. Then he says he found a cavity that would need repairing before he installed a crown. So with 4 crowns and the cavity repaired they estimated it would cost $12,000. Than the dental hygienist said the deep pockets would need a deep cleaning that was estimated to cost $650.00. They said all this without showing me any X-rays which the old dentist took just 6 months ago. Or doing any cleaning of my teeth. Than they said if I didn't have dental insurance I would get a 10% discount.

Needless to say I left in shock and paid them $46.00 for the bad news.

I couldn't believe all my fillings went bad in 6 months or could understand why the fillings had to be replaced with expensive crowns. Have any of you seen this or am I stuck in the past.


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Re: Dental scam or Not?

Sounds like your new dentist is buying a new boat and you were only willing to buy him a half tank of gas. Good luck getting invited to go boating. My dentist only does anything if I have problems or he sees something on x-rays. $12,000 for preventive work is about 25 times too high.

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Re: Dental scam or Not?

First off, get a second opinion! After I moved from CA to AZ, I had to find a new dentist and while I liked the staff and the dentist, I think they gave me a bum steer on some issues. I knew from my previous dentist that I had some issues with my pockets (age and diabetes related) so I wasn't surprised when the new dentist said I needed a deep cleaning. I think I paid more than $650, but I have insurance so not sure. I'll tell you this, it was NO FUN. They couldn't do both sides at the same time because of the intense numbing. Did I need it? Not sure but I do have gum issues. My beef was that after all the checks and x-rays, in a few months the dentist says I needed both of my remaining wisdom teeth out. Told me they were terrible and had to go. Mind you, they didn't bother me and I didn't want them removed because the past surgery I had to remove a wisdom tooth did not go well. Anyway, I went to another dentist for a second opinion on the wisdom teeth and he said they just had some cavities that could be fixed and if I wanted to keep the teeth, then keep them.

More to your point, I just saw my periodontist (gum expert) yesterday and I mentioned one area that is bothering me and there's a crown there. They took and x-ray and said it's not bad and they asked how long I've had it. Told them about 10 years and they did mention that crowns might only last 5 years. But they didn't say they have to be replaced, just that you keep an eye on them.

So again, get a second opinion. The dentist I went to (who is now my NEW dentist) gives free second opinions and I'm glad I switched to him. I learned the hard way that you need to be proactive and not just believe everything some doctor tells you, especially if they're somebody you don't know.

I had a scam from a TMJ specialist dentist but that's another story!

'68 RS
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Re: Dental scam or Not?

I agree with Jim on the second opinion. My wife has had extensive work done recently, including surgery to install 4 posts, and it did not cost that much. That's here in southern Calif! If you do not have insurance I would check in to a plan from Delta Dental or something similar that basically just sets fees for certain things and covers most of routine care. Our plan was $135 for the year per person last time we renewed. Good luck!

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Re: Dental scam or Not?

Yes, second opinion.

I have had my crown for ???? 20-22 years, but it did come off once and was re-glued in that time.

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Re: Dental scam or Not?

That is insane! Sounds like the new "Doc" is taking advantage of his newly acquired clientele. I would def get a 2nd opinion. If ya decide to throw that $ away, you can always donate it to my Camaro fund, at least you know you would get your money's worth in a weird sort of way

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Re: Dental scam or Not?

Maybe they found out you own a gen 1 Camaro and they want one too! Go get another opinion as stated many times. I have been getting the same story, and buy this water pick from the dentist and this new dental cram from the dentist. I am surprised they don't open a Starbucks inside the office.
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Re: Dental scam or Not?

I think the old dentist was a repair shop and the new is a classic restoration shop.
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Re: Dental scam or Not?

I wouldn't just get another opinion, I'd get another dentist and quick. You've seen this guy all these years and now all of a sudden you need all this work? Doesn't compute. What's he been doing for the past 20 years? I've had crowns for years, no problems and no way they cost even close to that. Sounds like his new business model isn't just good dental care, it's good corporate care. He has cashed out of his private practice and now the corporate buyer wants its return on investment and wants it fast! RUN!!!!!!!

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Re: Dental scam or Not?

Go find another dentist. I've heard the same story before and have experienced it myself.

My dentist is still local and has all the latest computerized equipment to work with. The x-rays and imaging should have been the first thing they performed. Any immediate cavities second, then a scheduling for cleaning usually one side, upper and lower at a time.

I see her every 3 months due to my periodontal issues. Yes, Delta is the best however I'm on my wife's policy so my coverage ran out during the first year of dental work. After the major stuff was done the first year, I'm covered for the full year's work, except for a small co-pay.

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Re: Dental scam or Not?

Same advice as above IMHO find a new shop. If you can try to find an independent non corporate one but that is getting rare as the recent changes in the healthcare in the US are forcing consolidation and mergers in order to stay afloat. You may also find your local teaching hospital has a very affordable and well trained and supervised staff if you are not so attached to seeing the same staff every visit which if you stay with your current corporate provider you will see nothing but staff turnover as well.

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Re: Dental scam or Not?

After you find a new dentist, dont forget the opportunity to go back to the old scammer and request your Xrays and with a big smile be sure to tell them you will NOT be recommending your friends to them anymore, nice and loud too. ahhhh the gotcha moments are so rare. Jim..former owner of a 69RS-LM1 350/255 - 700r
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Re: Dental scam or Not?

My wife and I owned a dental software company for over 20 years, many of our customers became close friends. We've seen this before, over and over again. The dentist reaches retirement age and sells out to a younger guy and instantly this happens. Don't walk away from that practice, RUN!

Clearly they are marketing sales to you in every way they can to pay for any number of things. Talk to friends in your area and get a short list of other options as far as a new practice to try. Then once you do, and you have your second opinion which more than likely will be entirely different than what they just tried to sell you, let the gouging practice know why you left and how you'll be sure to warn as many others about them as possible.

Good luck.
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Re: Dental scam or Not?

My long time dentist sold his practice a few years back in order to retire (good for him he earned it). The new guy never really worked for me and the location was not very convenient so I started looking around. At my family doctors office they have a new dental office in the same space so I thought that I'd give it a try. Turns out she is the sister of my Dr. Went to see her last week for the first time. Was very impressed. She commented on my very old (20+ years) metal fillings that some dentists are quick to replace with white ones but that mine are all very solid and that she recommends leaving them alone.

I really liked her and will be staying with her after a great first impression. It just shows that sometimes you need to shop around a little and find someone that you are comfortable with. I'm glad that I did.
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Re: Dental scam or Not?

After going through the windshield of a 65 Goat in 69 I became the home of root canals and crowns. Used to be pain was part of the game but now that's changed. Dentistry is the wild west when it comes to pricing. In a way its a collapsing industry. Our kids don't need the dental care we did and our grandchildren less. This has created all kinds of scrambling for market share. Our Delta Dental rep says that scramble is producing solutions you don't necessarily need. Dental ins in not like med insurance. When a dentist signs on with Delta he isn't necessarily agreeing to conform to their price structure and not at all if you max out. Most give a discount if you don't run them through insurance. Caps can last forever. Root canals can last forever but there is no guarantee they will. I have some that have passed 30 years and some that didn't last 2. I read an on line article on one of the news pages a little while ago that listed dentistry as the number 5 choice in income producing occupations. I had a root canal Tuesday that after the canal, the other necessary work, the crown to come, and maxing out my ins will still wind up costing me around $900 +/-. My GP has told me that unless I am developing "pockets" not to have deep cleaning done as it can cause more problems than it cures. He calls it surgery performed in a parking lot. What it boils down to is finding a provider you are comfortable with because sooner or later they gotcha. When you need them you cant pay them fast enough.

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