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Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

I currently have a 350 .040 over, Edlebrock performer rpm heads,Team G intake and Holley 750DP, 410, and muncie trans m20. I am stuck as to which cam to use. I have been running the Isky equivalent to the 292H and have been pleased with it but the car has set for a number of years during the resto and the a few of the lifters are chatering, plus the cam was never degreed. Well the engine is out and I am reassembling but lost the cam card and have decided to just replace the cam and lifters for peace of mind. Has anyone used the XE284H? How is the sound, lopey or rough? How does it perform in the engine? I want the rough idle like my current cam has with better power since the power band is a little lower on this cam. Has anybody got a suggestion on another cam. By the way I never drove the car with the performer rpm heads and this cam, last time it was driven it had the double hump heads. HELP WITH ANY ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS NOT JUST A GUESS. Thanks
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

I have the XE284H in my 383, it has 200 Dart IE heads, runs right at 9.85 compression, performer RPM manifold and a 750 mighty demon. It is a moderatley lopey cam, not extreme in any way but sounds good. I can Idle at 850 pretty easily

It will be a little lopier in a 350 but not too much I would think. The performance is pretty good, but I dont have much to compare to as the is the 1st cam I have had in this engine.

My reply is more of a comment, I wont guess on a better cam, there are many more qualified people here for that.

67 RS/SS Butternut yellow/Blk top, 383, 9.85 to 1 comp. Edelbrock RPM, Mighty Demon 750, Dart IE ported 200's, Comp Cams XE284H, 700R4, 2800 stall, Vintage air, MOSER 12 bolt 3.73's,QA1 front coilovers, Baer Serious street kit front, Touring Classics 12" disks rear, CE Slide-a-Links, Boyd Coddington 17" Stingrays.
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

You will have to look at what you purpose is going to be... street/strip, weekend toy, or what.

I am running a CompCams 280H (.486 I/E,230 @ .050, 110*). Sounds good and performs good in my 400+.030 Blue printed and balanced) so in a 350 it should sound even better and work just fine in yours with power from idle to 6000+.

That cam in my Camaro with 2.73's,th350,and radials (not DR's) ran a best of 13.51. Now with 3.73's (spinning) went a best of 13.19. Better heads,sticky tires and now at 12.53.

Your call.

68 Camaro~LSx
Best to Date....and tuning
1.546 60'.....7.132 @ 94.43 660'.....11.327 @ 116.79.
RedЯum <-Pics
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

Whats your compression ratio? I'd go with the XE274 if it was 9.5:1 or higher.... Absolutely insane power at streetable RPM's. Pulls very hard from 3500-5800RPM

1988 Camaro
350 with out of the box Canfield 195's and Cam Motion solid flat tappet
11.50 @ 119mph 1.65 60' N/A
10.68 @ 126mph 1.51 60' 100HP
all through single 3" catback exhaust.
3490lb daily driven street car, never trailered!
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

My cousin had the XE 284 in a 355 with just over 10:1 comp, rpm intake and a 650dp. It definitely sounded wicked. In my opinion, it was a little much. He had some fuelie heads with a bit of work, and the drivetrain was right, but all in all, I think it coulda used a lot more head and more like 11:1 comp. It was in a 68 chevelle that ran mid to low 13's with descent traction, which didnt impress a whole lot cause I know others with virtually identical setups in similar weight cars, but with a smaller XE 274 cam and better heads running close to 13 flat. One of the cars was a late 80's monte carlo with a 355 chev, same 4.10 gears and 3500 converter, but with dart 200cc iron eagles and the 274 cam and it was a few tenths faster than my cousins chevelle....the monty ran right around 13.0's. The tuneup on the chevelle was messed with a lot too and it did hook well, so I attribute the lack of performance to a bit of a mismatched engine combo moreso than anything else that might not have been optimal. It probably would have run just the same with a 274....the bigger cam was overkill for the top end of this particular engine.

Later down the road my cousin swapped on performer rpm heads and started busting high 12's. On average it was about a half second faster than it was before, so the fuelie heads must not have been very well done....or they really are just that much less of a head. I figure with a single plane intake, close to a point more comp, and a 750 carb, that cam would have been better matched and should have been in the mid 12's or faster.

If you use the 284 camshaft in a 350, I would want no less than 10.5:1 comp and it could benefit with about a 200cc head and a single plane(dual plane will work, but single plane is better suited if you want max effort) with a 750dp and of course a solid drivetrain similar to what that chevelle had. And, it will sound rather radical.

If you want my honest opinion, that cam doesnt have much business being a hydraulic cam. I mean, its got 240 degrees duration at .050 and is intended to run to 6500+rpm. At this level, a solid would be better suited cause the solid lifter valvetrain will be more apt to perform better at such high rpm's. A hydraulic cam at 6500rpm or more is beginning to become a crutch. Not that it will be slow cause its such a big cam.....low 12's isnt slow and I beleive that this cam can run that fast in a properly set up 350, but a solid would be easier to do it with. I guess I should re-state what I said. That cam would be a nice match for a larger displacement small block. That way, depending on the size of the engine, it could make all of its power below 6500rpm and thats ok with me. But those kinda cam specs in a smaller 350 would be better off on a solid camshaft cause of the kind of rpms you have to turn to use all the cams power. A lot of that is just my opinion(cause I like solids for high rpm small blocks)....its not definite fact. If we are talking about a 350 inch motor, my own personal rule says that if I need more than 236 degrees duration at .050, than its probably time to go with a solid. An XE 274 cam with about 10.25:1 comp and 1.6 rockers would have a nice racey, mild rough sound to it. See if you can find anybody with sound clips of any of the cams you are interested in with a similar engine set up. You can get an idea of the idle sound from that.....and performance can be very good for both of them, so its up to you in the end.
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

my XE274 is weird in the fact that I can either make it idle real smooth or lopey by playing with the idle speed and mixture... Although I must say I am a very firm believer in performance over sound. You really shouldnt pick a cam based on its sound... The XE284 may sound better but I gauruntee the XE274 will perform better.

I've never been on a scale but I estimate my car to weigh 3500lbs and I have single 3" exhaust. Thats 2 major things against me and I still managed to hit 12.50's on the first pass... I think my combo with some minor tweeking could hit very low 12's @ 110+mph. With better exhaust and some weigh reduction I'd put my money on going 11.70-11.90's... All with a car so mild that I could drive everyday.

Just my opinion.. go with whats best, dont settle for less just because something idles rougher.

1988 Camaro
350 with out of the box Canfield 195's and Cam Motion solid flat tappet
11.50 @ 119mph 1.65 60' N/A
10.68 @ 126mph 1.51 60' 100HP
all through single 3" catback exhaust.
3490lb daily driven street car, never trailered!
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

all the cams yall are talking about are hydrallic flat tapet right well how much more hourses can you pick up by going to a hydrallic roller?
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

I have a clip of my XE274 in a 383 with Dart IE200 heads and a 3 inch flowmaster system. if anyone wants it, drop me a line.
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

Why listen to talk when you can hear a brand new XE284 comp cam installed in my s10 v8... 350sbc with 062 double humps ported/polished with weiand xcelerator intak, holley 750 double pump... Has shorty swap headers, 3" exhaust run down the passenger side with 3" turbo mufflers with no dumps.. Sounds awesome... My motor probably only has 5 miles on it plus breakin.. And power brakes work great..

I have run 2 XE268 cams that work great with a nice lope, a XE262 that had no lope in a 383 but could pull stumps and I still have that cam.. I have also run the XS282 cam that was awesome at the track and worked fine on the street... I have also run the XS29?? and it worked good... the XE line is a good line but the XE268 cams did sound a little like a solid to me..

Hope this helps...

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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

Am running the XE284 in a 383 with double hump heads. Traction limited to 12.8 at 3400 elevation and 100 degree weather. Will be upgrading the heads soon. It sounds good.
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

I've rode in a 69 with the XE 274 cam in a mild 350 with a petronix flame thrower hei, edelbrock performer eps intake, 670 street avenger, 72 cc cast iron gm heads, 4 speed and 3.73s and it was very suprising. Had a hard lick to it and it pulled strong from 2200-5500, right where you want it in a street motor. Since then, he pulled the motor, and put a 11:1 406 in it with the XE 284. The power band is still the same, but it has about 150 more hp.

1967 Camaro SS: 406 sbc, 522hp/514 ft lbs, Doug's 1 3/4" headers, M20, posi, 3.73's, vintage air gen IV, IROC steering box, Comp Eng. weld-in sfc's & traction bars, chrome US Mags
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

I have a 383 stroker running 11:1 compression (on pump gas!) with the XE284H cam. You can get away with pump gas on XE284H because of the duration. I'm using 210cc World 64cc Heads (2.02/1.60 valves). MSD ignition/HEI distributor, 3.73 back end with 10" 3,000 stall converter. I have a pretty good lope at 1,000 RPM and it sounds mean. The cam really doesn't "take off" until about 2500 RPM's. You have to have a 3,000 plus stall on this cam. I wouldn't go any less than 2800 on a stall with 3.73 back end and XE284. I'm running 1 5/8's Hooker long tube headers into 3" primaries, down to 2 1/2 exhaust. It flows through two 60-series flowmaster mufflers... it's bad ***. I haven't taken it to the track but I'm sure it will be in the low 12's. In your post you said you had Eddlebrock RPM heads - remember that whatever cam you use, you have to set up the rest of your valvetrain to match. (Spring rate, pressure, valves, guides, etc). Comp Cams has a great tech section on this. If you're not comfortable doing this, it's best to leave it to a professional. It will save you a lot of time and money down the line.

When you run that big of a cam and Edlebrock Performer heads you will be pushing close to 400 ponies - I'm guesstimating my car is putting out about 475 in torque and 450 in HP. Remember, you're going for torque not HP. HP is just a mathematical function of how much torque and how much RPM you run your car at. I wouldn't run anything less than 10.5 compression with your heads and cam.

Anyway, good luck with the build and don't forget to use ARP bolts and fasteners
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

I'd hope after three and a half years the guy would have decided by now.

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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

QUOTE=Mike68RS;1155557]I'd hope after three and a half years the guy would have decided by now.



1968 Camaro Convertible ,350 TWIN TURBO , PTC 3000 stall, Hotchkis TVS kit / Subframe connectors, Caltracs, 9" rear, Street Star wheels (P275/40ZR17 / P235/45/17) , Electric cutouts. [B] .....FOR SALE.....
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Re: Comp Cams 292H or XE284H in 350

my xe274 sounded like a stock car

1967 Camaro
street car
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