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Announcements in Forum : Troubleshooting
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A guide to using the forums! - Rules & Regulations

Let's start with the basics, there are very few rules here that common sense and being respectful doesn't cover. None of this is intended to circumvent or replace the agreement you made when you signed on to post. Here's the short list;

1. No soliciting (offering to buy or sell) in the forums. This includes pushing your own services or business. Only "Sponsor" and "Supporting Vendor" members are permitted to post commercial-related content in the designated Supporting Vendors and Sponsors sections. Supporting Vendors / Sponsors may participate in the other sub-forums as well, but they may not use those forums to promote their products or services in any way.

2. No political or religious posting.

3. No Street Racing or kill story posts, this includes links to videos and pictures of street exibition. A burnout picture or video may be allowed if it looks to be in an isolated area with no pedestrian or other traffic in harms way. As always the moderators have final say!

4. No vendor bashing - there is a big difference in relating a bad experience or product and trying to get even or inflict damage. This covers all vendors including the sites supporting vendors. Please use the supporting vendors forums if you have questions and concerns to share.

5. Personal insults, name calling and posting rude comments will not be tolerated.

Here is a direct link to a FAQ section that should address just about all your "how to" questions about the entire site.
There is a great section there that contains forum board specific "how to's" here's the direct link.

That said there are a lot of forums here at Team Camaro so you might want to visit the main forum page or index. Point your browser to and look the page over. The forums are arranged in groups or sections and each section has a description that explains what the forums under that section are about. Next each forum has a name and following each name is a breif description that lets you know what to expect in that forum.

Please use the proper section and proper forum when you post and start a thread. Threads are the conversation that takes place once you have posted a topic for discussion. If you place a post in the wrong forum, don't take it personel if a moderator moves it to a more fitting forum. Some of you may not care what drawer your sox are in but having some organization here sure helps you and the members taking the time to help you find previous posts that get you the answers you need.

There is no need to post the same thing over and over in several forums and please don't walk away from a thread you started and start up the same topic in a new thread. It just clutters the forums and will be deleted anyway when the moderators see it.

When you ask a question you are likely to encounter answers that take you in different directions. Sometimes one answer may be more correct than others, keep in mind everyone is just trying to help. It's kind of up to you to figure out which direction you want to go. Use the info already posted in the forums to help you decide whos advice you follow.

In that same vain if you are trying to help someone with a techinical problem please think out your reply as best you can. Try to address the question asked, often when someone asks a question they provide some background along with the question. It's easy to start addressing the background info but then the question often gets set aside and not answered.

If you agree with another poster say so, don't just post like you didn't read the other replies but on the other hand think twice before calling out someone you disagree with. It's okay to suggest there are more ways than one to skin a cat or call attention to advice that may harm someone but in general let the readers figure out which advice is sound for their situation.

The last thing to remember is the moderators are members here just like everyone else, they are here to help and like you come here in their leasure time. There are bound to be posts and threads that slip by un-noticed by moderators that don't follow the rules. There is no selective moderating going on, the moderators just don't have the time to put in reading every word in every post in every thread. If you find something that bothers you in the forums here let a moderator know, they will be glad to look into the matter.

The people who frequent this site are what make it what it is. Even though this is a 1st generation centric site all generations are welcome here. The intent is each of you find the forums here a comfortable, relaxed place to visit and further your understanding of Camaros! The bling, bells and whistles are limited compared to other internet forums and posting for the sake of posting without adding anything that contributes to the thread is frowned on here in an effort to make this place a valuable resource unlike other sites where you may get several pages of replies but no real help with your problem!


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