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: Web site for seeing different colors on your car?

Feb 24th, 07, 09:42 AM
Anyone know of a website where you can look at your car with different colors? I am getting ready to paint and want to see some optons before I settle on a color.

Any help is appreciated.

Feb 24th, 07, 11:55 AM
you know, they have a coloring book over at nastyz28. no 1st gens though.

with all the computer guys here i am supprised noone has come up with some kind of photoshop or something that you can click and point to change colors and stripe styles.
i tried this myself, but i really suck with photoshop!

it is a great idea though.

Feb 24th, 07, 05:14 PM
if you indecided on color dont pic out the color in store take the color charts outside under flourescent light the colors are different. and 2 make decesion on rs moldings my guy is going to paint 3 coats on car than tape moldings on car if they look good drill holes in car than put another 3 coats on car. hope this helps you:noway: :beers:

Feb 24th, 07, 06:07 PM
I have a Photoshop file for changing colors. It's not perfect, but gives a good idea of the changes.

It currently is 5 layers.

layer 1: background (asphalt road/trees)
layer 2: car ('69 Camaro)
layer 3: Z/28 type stripes
layer 4: vinyl top
layer 5: specific car features of my car - wheels/blower & scoop

layers 4 and 5 can be turned off. I have them there to see the difference of with/without a vinyl top (layer 4), and layer 5 is to see my wheel type and the blower. Layer 5 needs to be left on, but you could edit out the blower simple enough... the wheels could be edited with your own models.

layer 3 can be edited for Z28 stripe color changes.

layer 2 is the main layer for changing the color of the car.

easiest way is to edit in layer 2, and change the "hue" and "saturation" of the layer.

I realize it's been made specific to my car's details, but should work with a little "tweaking" for anyone.

I'll post a link to the file later tonight.

it's been a while since I've used this file. It actually works MUCH better if you use Paint Shop Pro to do the editing. Photoshop likes to link some of the layers together where they shouldn't be. To use Adobe, some layer rearrangement may be necessary.

Feb 24th, 07, 06:10 PM
Here's the best I've found http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/3652/69pics.html?200516#z

You'll also see how much different the same colors look depending on lighting & picture quality.

Feb 24th, 07, 06:24 PM

Feb 24th, 07, 06:51 PM
here's a link to the file I created with Paint Shop Pro:

Master Color Edit file (http://www1.cedar-rapids.net/00000083/temp/Master File.psd) - (large file 6.5Meg / choose the "save to" option on your download)

so you can see how it worked for me, here's a link to some editing I did with it for my car's paint:

Blown69RS Paint Schemes (http://www1.cedar-rapids.net/00000083/temp/camaro2.html)

if it doesn't work, let me known and I'll "try" to help.

Feb 25th, 07, 09:51 AM
I downloaded your program but I dont have the Adobe Photoshop program to open it... Thanks for trying though!

Feb 25th, 07, 11:08 AM
I downloaded your program but I dont have the Adobe Photoshop program to open it... Thanks for trying though!

you can use Paint Shop Pro also,,,, it's probably a better program for this file anyways.

free "trial" version available at:

Feb 25th, 07, 11:17 AM
why dont these sites have tubbed camaros? man!

Feb 25th, 07, 02:43 PM

Al, you win. that is a great site.


Jun 21st, 07, 09:17 AM

this one does not work anymore. does anyone know of another?

Matt M.
Jun 21st, 07, 11:33 AM
Try this:


Jun 21st, 07, 06:06 PM
thanks matt. it works

Jun 21st, 07, 06:50 PM
This one isn't bad, it's made specifically for wheels but you can change the color, stance, and tint.


Farm Boy
Jun 21st, 07, 07:00 PM
Here is what I was able to do playing with Photoshop.