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: Dwell adjustment tool

May 12th, 07, 06:24 PM
Does anyone know where to get the flexible hex tool to adjust the dwell through the window in the distributor? I have looked at NAPA, Advance Auto and Harbor fright and no luck. Unfortunately those are the only options around here.



May 12th, 07, 06:44 PM
You can use an allen headed driver on the end of a 1/4" flex extension... Snap on makes the flexible one though...

May 12th, 07, 07:12 PM
I have had one of the flexible ones forever it seems unless I threw it away.
But I also remember back when I was a kid and Dad had me change points, the points came with a new cheapo allen wrench. I broke my dwell meter about 10 years ago, haven't missed it either.

May 12th, 07, 07:46 PM
use 1/8 allen wrench !I still do.

May 13th, 07, 07:27 PM
always set mine up on the bench with feeler guage, i have check dwell afterward and it is always dead on.

May 14th, 07, 05:03 AM
KD Tools aisle at Pep Boys, or as cornbread does and so do I, 1/8 inch Allen wrench.

May 14th, 07, 10:10 PM
Advance Auto should have the tool in their tool aisle. Mine does. It is listed as a carb adjusting tool. It has a flex shaft and fittings on the "business end" to adjust dwell or carbs.

Keith :yes:

May 15th, 07, 08:53 AM
This should serve as notice to our newer members who may not have all of these tools. Buy them when you seem them at the swap meets in the dollar piles as GM hasn't made a vehicle where you had to adjust the dwell in over thirty years. It doesn't surprise me that you can't find the tool to do it any more. When was the last time you saw a brake drum puller at your local auto parts store or swap meet for that matter?

Moral is buy them when you see them and keep them if you have them even if you converted to HEI because someone will ask you one day for it.

Back on track, I usually just use the 1/8" allen wrench however I know that with certain intake manifolds and carb configurations this can be difficult, especially when using dual points.

May 15th, 07, 02:42 PM
If the dizzy is installed in the stock position...#1 to the front and vac advance pionting about 45 deg to the passengers side, access is not an issue.
Sure the dizzy can be dropped in anywhere, but one thing I have learnt over the yrs, GM have stock positions, bends in brake lines that dont have any real reason...then one day one sees why.

I used to use a long 1/8 allen key ...it fitted between accelerator linkages, aftermarket manifold runners, carb, coil etc very nice, out beyond the tappet covers.

May 15th, 07, 06:03 PM
Here's my (37-year-old) dwell meter, and the K-D dwell adjusting tool and the Craftsman 1/4" drive flex handle. :)

May 18th, 07, 02:25 PM
Here's my (37-year-old) dwell meter, and the K-D dwell adjusting tool and the Craftsman 1/4" drive flex handle. :)


That's exactly the flex tol I am looking for. Much easier to tset the dwell with that. Maybe NAPA has one? I will stop on the way home tonight. Yeah, new tools. :thumbsup:

May 20th, 07, 07:49 AM
Mark, have you found what you are looking for?
I can hook you up. I do not need mine any longer and I have an old Snap-on tool called a snap-gap tool for points.
Let me know


May 20th, 07, 09:13 AM

What an awesome offer. Thank you. No I have not found one yet. Did find something close at NAPA but it didn't have the hex end. I will PM you and we can work out the details.

Thank you so much. God I love this site. You guys teach me how to live. Wouldn't it be great if the whole world was like this?