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: Best Year and Model?

May 31st, 07, 05:32 PM
I own a '69 z28 Camaro, but do not want to resort to using it for everyday transportation. I have been looking at later model third gens and all fourth gen Camaros for some time now and just can't decide.

Which year and model would you think would be the best for me? I'm looking to use it for almost my main transportation vehicle, but I also want to put a little money into it to give it some extra speed.

I have been interested in the '98 z28, but just can't decide on what to get. Could anyone give me some specs on what the best in your eyes would be as far as fourth generation?

May 31st, 07, 08:05 PM
so your wanting a 4th gen .. why you picked 98 model .. dunno . Do you like how the single head light look. ?? they get that ugly yellowish tint to it after awhile and I personally dont like how those head lights look.

I own a 97 SS , and I love it . they only made that model in 96 and 97 .. and very few too. once they made the 98-02 SS .. as much as 8 K SS's were built in one year... thats alot ... theres alot of them out there, and even more when you count the Fake ones.

But .. I like the 97 model.. I love the outside look and the interior changed and it looks like the 98 + models from the inside.

Good Luck ! tell us what you go for .

May 31st, 07, 08:26 PM
I've ALWAYS been more of a fan of the z28 than the SS. Rarity or not. lol. Dunno why, I just prefer a z.

But I dunno why I like the 98, I just do. It probably is those headlights, but with them going yellow after a while... that can easily be fixed.

I'm actually thinking of adding a kind of ground effects body kit to a fourth gen if I were to get one. I found a 98 a while back with a strange front end so I was convinced it was a body kit... then I got to looking. Some of them look pretty decent. Here's one of them I like...

But of course I know where I can get the exact same one for a lot cheaper than that. lol.

Jun 14th, 07, 04:38 PM
I've rarely seen the headlights go "yellow"....some may get foggy....but only after 100k+ miles.....

Check mine out :)

Don't forget in terms of power LT1 < LS1 ;)

Jun 14th, 07, 05:23 PM
Well it all depends on your budget and engine prefrence. Since you have a 69 camaro Im guessing you have done you homework and know a fair amount between the years of the 4th gen camaros but heres a little recap to help.

98 and up got the facelift as well as the LS1 engines in it rated at 305hp for the z28. If price is a major factor and you want an LS1 for sure then this is your year to look for to get the best price most likely. There will just little changes here and there after this through 2002.

If you prefer the 93 to 97 body style you get the LT1 engine. The prices on these cars have dropped a lot and you can easily pick up one of these for a steal since most people prefer the LS1 engines. If you go with one these Id atleast go with a 95 or up, this gets you the vented opti. If you find a 96 or 97, these cars have the dual cat setup which broght the pony count up to 285, instead of 275. And in 97 as mentioned they got an updated interior which gave you the nicer seat as well as digital odometer in the gauge cluster. The seats before this seem to all have problems with the leather tearing at the bolsters.

Hope that helps some. If your like the 98+ style camaros and plan on bumping up the power then I would say go for a 98 and up over the others since your already be starting with higher base number and newer car for that matter.

Jun 14th, 07, 09:33 PM
98-00 had the LS1 intake....01-02 got LS6 intakes...

EGR/AIR systems also varied somewhat like that...

98's were the only year with accurate gages (oil,temp,etc) all the rest are pretty much dummy gages....

Jun 14th, 07, 10:20 PM
go with a 98-02 ls1 with 6sp. they run awesome and get good mileage. also respond really well to mods.

Jun 14th, 07, 11:09 PM
I sold my 01 SS 6 speed because it wasn't a good "daily" driver....I drove it too much....but those 6 speeds sure are fun :D

Jun 14th, 07, 11:14 PM
LT1 F-bodies are a huge pain in the *** to work on, FYI

Jun 14th, 07, 11:49 PM
10,500 you can have mine ;)

Jun 15th, 07, 12:10 AM
Nap forget the modern plastic stuff, with computers, electic windows...want a good realiable runner?
Get a six pack 1st gen...

They should have changed the name after the 1st Gen...
Not that Im baised, bit one eyed, pig headed, or
Oh and its all based on, I have never driven anything other than a 1st Gen Camaro. and only ever been as a passenger around the block in a 70 1/2...that was real dog, not because of the model,
And a '82 which was nice, but didnt have the Camaro feel.
And Im quite happy in in my Total ignorance lol

So get a 1st gen six pack

Jun 15th, 07, 06:57 AM

Forget the more horsepowe the car makes...while getting better fuel economy too?

The computers that leave you with endless tuning capabilities?

Jun 15th, 07, 02:27 PM

Jun 15th, 07, 04:45 PM
Ok...but LS1's do that stock....

Jun 17th, 07, 03:19 PM
LMAO 4th gens aren't hard to work on at all
the LT1 cars are relatively cheap and (as an example) my '94 Z (3.23s, auto w/ 2800 stall) ran low-12s and still got 24+ mpg on the highway
a 6spd will do even better

never seen any color problems w/ the 98-02 headlights, now fords are a different story

pick up whatever V8 model you like, do all the bolt-on mods . . . whichever cat-back you like the sound of . . . I'll never not add headers (just my .02)

remember that 4th gens should have premium grade fuel do to higher compression ratios

and enjoy your ride

Jun 18th, 07, 02:17 PM
If you want to spend the extra buck, go for the LS1. But don't underestimate the LT1, it's a fast/fun daily driver. Fourth generations are not hard to work on, more of a electrical challenge!!

Jun 18th, 07, 06:00 PM
I have a 67 RS 275 hp 4 speed and a 2002 Camaro SS which I bought new (the 02 ).The 02 SS is a better car in every catagory, especially performance.Too bad they dont get the looks and comments you get in a first gen. Just my $.02.

Jun 18th, 07, 06:08 PM
2000 SS are the coolest in my opinion. I like the looks and they are relatively cheap....

Jun 20th, 07, 08:01 AM
how can a 2000 SS be any cooler than any other 98-02 SS? they're the same except that the 01-02 got the better (ls6) intake

and the 99+ have a plastic gas tank that holds ~1 more gallon

if you're gonna build a 11/12 second daily driver LS1's are too easy, even a low-12 second daily LT1 isn't difficult . . . and that is all motor for each

Jun 20th, 07, 09:26 PM
I love the way the '98 z28 looks, though I have never driven a 4th gen. I've driven my 69, of course, a '79 z28, an '87 Iroc-Z and a '90 RS. They all handle the same way to me. Loads of raw power and EXCELLENT handling.

Upon further research, I'm leaning towards either a '98 z28 or an '85-'89 Iroc-Z. I can't get over my love for the 3rd gens.

Looking around, I haven't found anything yet. I've found an ad for an '87 Iroc-Z, but I haven't looked at it yet. I really am looking into getting a 4th gen, but being 18, insurance is outrageous for one. Though stangely enough, I can drive an '87 Iroc-Z for $1,200 a year. Almost quadruple that for a '98 z.

Thanks for all your input, I really appreciate it. Keep it up. ^_^

Jun 21st, 07, 07:07 AM
if you drive a 4th gen you'll love the power for sure

you're wise beyond 18 for looking at other costs before purchase
you can build yourself a killer 3rd gen
the mod potential is only limited by $ and imagination

best to ya and post pics

Jun 21st, 07, 03:10 PM
I've always considered insurance, gas, possibly repairs or replacements parts, and all the other random crap that could come along the way besides the initial purchase of the car. For instance if I happen to buy a 3rd gen Iroc-Z, first thing I'm investing in is replacing the damn 700R4 transmission with a turbo 350. lol. I want to beat the other cars to the end of the track, not push my car down there to meet them.

I just ran a '98 z28 5.7L v8 hatchback Camaro for a quote on me and it's nearly $600 a month. Is that not insane to anyone else? That I can drive an '87 Iroc-Z Camaro for $116 a month, but just 11 years up, a '98 z28, It's %600 a month? Good god someone needs to pull their head out of their ***. lol.

I'll post some pics up once I've purchased something, no doubt about that.

edd Gordon
Jun 21st, 07, 08:05 PM
I love My 96 Slp SS number 373 it is a pleasure to drive but it is a pain in the butt to fix anything under the hood but I love it anyway. I am planning on getting a 2000 -2002 SS soon as they as much faster and a little easier to work on under the Hood. I paid 8100 for Mine three years ago and it was in great shape and I have no idea what it is worth now but I really don't care I just think for the ten grand I got in it now including what I paid for it I got a sweet handling and pretty fast car for the Money. Good luck in Your search

Jun 22nd, 07, 09:19 AM
in all honesty having owned TPI, LT1 and LS1 Z28s none are any harder to work on that the other

LS1 parts are more expensive fwiw

as far as the 700-R4 . . . we put a crate 454 in an '89, replacing the original 305, added a 2200-2400 stall, shift kit and trans cooler to the 700 and it was fine for 4 years (finally dropped 3rd, go figure)
700s will take a fair amount of torque, they just hate high rpm's
just my experience

again I wish you luck and hope you find a car that makes you smile everytime you hit the key

Jun 22nd, 07, 11:56 AM
I have a 2001 6-speed SS convertible and a 1997 SS A4 T-roof car and I love them both. There are some very good deals out there. You can find nice LT1 SS cars for around 5k. The good LS1 cars will start at 10K and go up from there.

Jun 22nd, 07, 10:35 PM
I can't imagine how you're at 600/month for insurance...I'm 20, and mine is less than that for 6 months on my 00 Z28

Jun 23rd, 07, 07:56 PM
get a 93-95 the newer 4th gens have ugly front clips they look like sebrings and the wheels rnt all that great either

Jun 23rd, 07, 08:38 PM
LT1 F-bodies are a huge pain in the *** to work on, FYI

Call me a traitor, but I picked up a 93 vette for a daily driver 2 weeks ago. Sweet car, 70k miles, perfect condition, reliable as a stone, 15k out the door.

And talk about easy to work on? Swing that big clamshell hood open, you can get to anything. Heck crawl right in the wheelwell and sit on the tire if ya want ta!

Jun 24th, 07, 03:22 PM
get a 93-95 the newer 4th gens have ugly front clips they look like sebrings and the wheels rnt all that great either

that would be 93-97....and the LT-1's body looks like a Geo....

Jun 26th, 07, 05:16 PM
Camaro SS 35th Performance Edition is my first choice then my second would be 70 to 73 with a 427

Jun 27th, 07, 12:17 PM
I can't imagine how you're at 600/month for insurance...I'm 20, and mine is less than that for 6 months on my 00 Z28

Who do ou go through for insurance? Right now I'm looking at Farmers and they want $130/month for me to drive ANY 3rd gen. But as soon as I bump it up to a 4th, it's changes to about $430/month. Insane.

I might just end up driving my '69 z28 for a little while before I find a decent daily transportation car.