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: Baldwin-Motion Paint Scheme

Feb 11th, 00, 06:15 AM
I am having my 69 repainted this spring. I will be dropping it off at the shop in the next week or two. The car is currently Hugger Orange with white Z-28 stripes.

I am considering changing the paint scheme to be like a 69 Baldwin-Motion Camaro. So it would be Hugger Orange with a centered white stripe over the hood, top, and trunk with the last foot or so of the body painted white.

My car is a small block and I'm not trying to fake a B-M car. I just want to be different. Cowl induction hoods and Z-28 stripes are like belly buttons...everyone has them.

What do you guys think?

Does anyone know where I could get more details of the measurements for this paint scheme?

Also, does anyone know if there is a company out there that still makes a 1st gen hood with an L-88 scoop?

Thanks for the info.

Feb 11th, 00, 01:45 PM
Sounds like a sweet look! Do you know of any pictures of BM cars posted where we can go look?

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Steve R
Feb 11th, 00, 06:13 PM
I think they look cool. Do you remember the green one that was in Muscle Car Review magazine about 10 years ago, it was supposed to have come out of Mexico, real low mileage survivor. I found a model of it several years ago and bought it, though it is red. The one thing about those cars is that they have a goofy rear wing, but it is so tacky it looks ok.

Steve R.

Feb 12th, 00, 03:12 PM

go on e-bay and do a search on 1969 or 69 Camaro. There is a company that put out a collectible 1/18 scale B-M Camaro. Its dark blue with the white stripes. You will have to look at a couple of pics to see the car from different angles. I'm not sure I want to base my paint job on a model, that's why I posted the question.

The only one I have seen online is at Its Daytona Yellow with a black center stripe and a cowl induction hood. It does not have the back part of the car painted black.

I first saw this paint scheme in the book that Steve R mentioned. I guess I'll have to go track one down. I remember that story about that car being from Mexico.

I also decided to forgo the wing. I'm going to stick to the stock rear spoiler.

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Feb 12th, 00, 04:42 PM
The folks at are real friendly and might hook you up with a member with Motion car or them selves will give you information and they may provide the specs for the paint scheme I always though the scheme was cool especially the side pipes !! Also I know if you want to document a motion car to see if its legit and you acquire at the dealer (its still open I think) but it cost 1000 bucks or something to check for authenticity. So the next guy you sell it to you will have to sell it as a replica not authentic because it would be waste to the new owner

Feb 13th, 00, 09:14 AM
I don't see anyone else owning my car. I've already owned it 12 years and have to much blood, sweat, and tears in it. Some of you guys probably know what I'm talking about.

I don't think using the B-M paint scheme will classify may car as a "replica". That's like saying everyone that has painted twin stripes on their car is trying to replicate a Z-28.

I like the side pipes too and will probably add them at some point in the future.


For anyone that is interested, I checked out the sources Mike noted below and it looks like VFN Fiberglass has the more correct hood (at least based on the very few pictures I have seen). I went to B-M's website and it isn't very informative, not even a phone # to call.

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mike brown
Feb 13th, 00, 03:15 PM
the die cast company name is ertl. (i sell them on ebay - check out ebay id mtbmtb). also they are coming out with a orange one, but it will be in june or july, so it's too late to help you, but would make a nice piece to have to match your car. on my search for a bm 67 stinger vette hood i ran across 2 companys that still make the L-88 hoods. (
(thanks Bruce Roland)and unlimited performance products
i think bm has a website, you might contact them for additional info.

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Feb 16th, 00, 11:25 AM
Second update for anyone interested:

Motion Performance is still around and sells the L-88 hood and the wing. I'm starting to think about that wing again!