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: Lares 972 steering boxes

Mar 27th, 08, 12:40 PM
I searched the websight and couldnt find the answer, is anyone using one of these Lares 972 steering boxes? Are the comparable to the feel of the true iroc boxes?

It seems like a much simpler install.

Any info would be great


Mar 28th, 08, 01:10 AM
Wonder what the difference is between the 972 and the 974?? Both say rebuilt with IROC internals yet 50.00 price difference.

Mar 28th, 08, 04:41 AM
The only diffrence I see in the description is that the 974 uses flare type lines. I havnt messed with mine yet to even know what type of lines are on it. The 974 is cheaper, less core deposit, and it comes with a coupler, so with my luck its prolly not for the first gen camaros. heh

I went to advanced auto and they have the #972 listed for 191.00, however they also said they dont have any available, and that I would have to keep calling every few days to see if they got any in. I'll give it a week or two and if they still havnt restocked them I will just buy off ebay.

Mar 28th, 08, 08:11 AM
I think there are only two types of lines, flare (which we have) and metric o'ring (3rd gen box)

Both boxes should be a bolt in and use stock unmodified lines, I think.

Someone help???

Mar 28th, 08, 10:14 AM
Well i called lares today and the guy told me the 972 is the 4 bolt design wich is more acurate for restorations, and the 974 is a 3 bolt design that is more genaric, he said either will work, you just dont use the 4th bolt hole with the 974.

Since im going pro-touring originality isnt an issue. So im probably gonna order the 974 and replace the original coupler. Im also still wondering if I need to use the longer pitman arm with this setup as well.

If anyone has any experience with either of these gear boxes please let us know.

Mar 28th, 08, 10:47 AM
Ok I just went out in the garage and noticed my steering box has 4 bolt holes and is only using 3 of them so I called Lares back.

This is what is going on, the 974 is a newer 3 bolt casing that they converted to fit early cars(like ours). They changed it to accept the flared fittings, the only other diffrence is the gear the coupler fits on is a little smaller, thats why you get a new coupler with it, so it all matches up. And I also asked about the longer pitman arm, and they suggested not to use it, that it would make it to quik.

This seams like the easiest way to go. One manufacturer 2 lines, 3 bolts, swap, and your done.
Id still like to hear from anyone who is using one of these steering gears and get some feedback.

Thanks yet again

Mar 28th, 08, 11:22 AM
I wonder what pitman arm should be used.

I'm converting from a manual gear box and the pitman arm I found through searching is the MOOG Part # K6582 which is for a 68-69 power steering.

BTW, That's good info you did the ground work for. Thanks for sharing!!:beers:

Mar 28th, 08, 01:47 PM
Ray, after searching, if im reading things rite it sounds like the moog K6582 is for the long pitman arm (5.75''), and if you want the short its moog 6151 (5.25'').

To be honest with you, im clueless to wich one I should use. It gets indepth depending on what size steering arms, pitman arm and gear ratio your using. I called Lares again to see if they had a pitman part number and they didnt, but the guy did suggest again that I stick with the short arm because a long one would "really" speed it up.

I think im gonna just take my old one up to the parts store and just match it up to what they have. I also removed my steering gear and pump asembly this afternoon and my pump was bone dry and all the parts were coated with sludge, so im thinking I mite just replace everything.

Maybee one of the suspension gurus here can chime in and let us know what parts we need.

mike p
Mar 28th, 08, 05:57 PM
In 2006, Dave Pozzi posted that the regular PS box uses a 5.25" pitman arm. The quick ratio PS box uses a 5.7" pitman arm. He said that the short pitman arm is ok to use with the quick ratio box, it would be only slightly slower than using the long arm. I kept the original length 5.25" pitman arm when I got the Lares 972 box. Dave also mentioned you can slow down response a bit by using longer outer steering arms with the quick ratio box.

Mar 28th, 08, 06:55 PM
Mike thanks for the reply, btw how do you like that gear box?

I measured my pitman arm tonight and its a 5.25'', and in prety good shape so I think ill just re-use it. Im gonna wait till I have the new gearbox before i pull the old pitman arm off, so I can mark the position.

mike p
Mar 30th, 08, 02:04 PM
So far so good. Firmer and quicker than original power box. I will know better when the car is finished at the body shop. Soon, I hope.