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: Fel Pro 1205 intake gasket

May 14th, 03, 06:21 PM
Getting ready to install my intake on top of my new 409SB using FelPro 1205 gaskets and I am not sure whether the blue sealing bead goes toward the head or the intake manifold?? I am thinking the seal beads should go to the head side but want to be sure. Should I apply a thin film of silcone sealer such as Permatex Ultra Black to the opposite side?? :confused:

Vintage 68
May 14th, 03, 06:38 PM
Hummm - maybe I've been doing it wrong, but I read or heard somewhere that the 'Blue Stuff' goes up or towards the intake side. Now you got me thinking - got to go on the Fel-Pro or Edelbrock sites to check!

May 15th, 03, 02:51 AM
The blue bead should face the intake manifold. Do not use silicone around the intake ports, just use a little around the water jackets.


May 15th, 03, 02:53 AM
I'm pretty sure that the blue goes towards the intake. I happened to be wondering the same thing recently when putting my intake gasket on. I put mine with the blue facing the intake and put some permatex high tack stuff between the heads and the gasket. The fel pro instructions didn't even mention which way the blue should face so I was confused too.

I also noticed on the cover of my most recent High Performance Chevy magazine they have an engine with some cool photography effects and you can see the intake gasket with the blue facing the intake. Also farther in the book, there's another small picture showing the blue facing the intake. Even though I sometimes question the knowledge of some of these magazine, it looked like they were thinking the same thing when I installed mine last week. **Note - I am getting some coolant coming through my intake bolt holes so I'm not sure what the cause is yet. Will work on it this weekend.**

May 15th, 03, 03:10 AM
Thx for the replies! The only place I was able to find any info on installing these gasket so far was the Trick Flow website, FelPro doesn't seem to have anything and there instruction are extremely lacking. Although TF doesn't specifically say blue bead up, the way I read into it is that is the correct way. TF suggest a bead of Ultra Black to the head around the water port and the bottom of the intake ports(perhaps to minimize and chances of splashing oil to be sucked into the intake ports)suggesting to me that the non-bead side of the gasket goes to the head. So as everyone is suggesting it looks like the blue seal beads go towards the intake manifold. smile.gif

May 15th, 03, 03:56 AM
This is right from Fel-Pro's website...

Fel-Pro Blue StripeŽ - The Blue Stripe on Fel-Pro gaskets is a registered trademark and does not indicate the top or bottom of the gasket. Make sure to follow directional stamps and/or the instruction sheet for proper gasket positioning.

Fel-Pro top 10 tips (http://www.federal-mogul.com/cda/content/front/0,2194,2442_7359_17015,00.html)

May 15th, 03, 05:46 AM
Thx 69PT! Still isn't very definitive and there are no stampings on the gasket that say "this side up" or "this side to head". I may try to call FelPro and ask their tech people.

Nice ride by the way! I love the 69 Camaro body style, it will be the next one I own someday when I can afford it!

May 15th, 03, 05:53 AM
Called FelPro tech number which is now 800-325-8886 and not the number shown on the website. They say the blue beads on the 1205 are to go toward the intake as everyone else suspected. The guy also said that no additional sealant is required on the head side of the gasket :eek: ! I wonder about that. I think I am still going to use a very thin film of Ultra Black around the water ports for that extra measure of security.

Vintage 68
May 15th, 03, 12:31 PM
I've always installed the 'print-o-seals' with the 'Blue Up' (nice to know it's correct now after all these years) because I thought I read it somewhere in instructions or something - maybe they used to put a little note in the gaskets?
I have used 'Gas-ga-cinch' (spell?) for years to stick the gasket to the head side of the engine [note: Edelbrock sells this stuff in the little cans] and a little 'Form-a-Gasket' aroung the water holes. I've never had one leak.

edit: I just found the stuff online - http://www.cbperformance.com/catalog.asp?ProductID=1074 I buy it in the larger 16oz. cans for about $9~10.

May 16th, 03, 08:13 AM
maybe the gaskets with the silicone beads are re-usable? the beads being towards the intake with the gasket glued to the head would make it possible to take off the intake and leave the gasket in place. just a thought that i came up with while thinking about the factory intake gaskets for my Vortec heads, which have been re-used 3 times now with no leaks.