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: QUADRAJET MANIFOLD (preferrably aluminum):

puff puff
Dec 19th, 08, 11:28 AM
1) Do you know if GM (or anyone else for that matter) still make/sell the quadrajet manifold (preferrably in aluminum) for the SBC?

i know gm still sells it for the big-blok, but this does me no good.

2) If no, then do you know of any good sources for used or remanufactured or copies? Again, i would prefer aluminum, but at this point will take an iron.

Dec 19th, 08, 11:30 AM
Edelbrock sells a Performer RPM Q-Jet and a standard Perfomer for the Q-Jet and they both are aluminum.

Dec 19th, 08, 12:23 PM
Kinda interesting Y U R staying GM, either Aluminum or cast??? Getting tired of all the
advertising of aftermarket units??? Look at the times Stock/SS guys are running with the OEM intakes...

Dec 19th, 08, 12:27 PM
Edelbrock sells a Performer RPM Q-Jet

I have one in my attic that I used on my 69 ragtop before I switched to EFI...worked great!

Dec 19th, 08, 01:11 PM
If you're talking about the stock Chevrolet aluminum intake-I don't know if they're still being made but you can pick them up in the yards or swap meets for 20-30 bucks. I have one I'll be using on the stock 350 in my Silverado in place of the cast iron one. Why? Because I can !

puff puff
Dec 19th, 08, 03:04 PM
1) the problem with the edlebrock units is (and it's a shame that edlebrock quit making the quadrajet copy?) is that it is not exactly stock compaired to the chevy manifold---i.e., no 4 holes and no provisions for ported tvs switches---and i can't hook up my stock stuff to it.

2) not so much as getting tired of aftermarket, it's just that aftermarket is not exactly a bolt in unit for me for the reasons listed above. In other words, for example, a dart aftermarket block basically is an exact bolt in----because it is. ARP fasteners are an exact bolt in. The edlebrock manifolds are not. Essentially, i need an exact copy; It does not nessesarily have to be made by GM, but it must be an exact copy.

3) exactly---superstock people rule. We can learn alot from them. (too bad they are not telling)

4) i may have to try the salvage yard. i know for sure gmpp was selling the aluminum version up to recently. Everything that i like from GM has been discontinued. Just another thing to consider in the current state of gm.

Dec 19th, 08, 03:22 PM
Like this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Factory-GM-Aluminum-Intake-Manifold-14057053-SBC_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ36474QQihZ013QQitem Z230310494870

Dec 19th, 08, 04:01 PM
i've got the factory aluminum intake from the 305 in my 86 Caprice laying out in the shed at my mom's place-that intake was used on pretty much every 305 and 350 powered car and truck GM made in the 80's until the switch to TBI, so finding one shouldn't be that hard. but finding one that isn't warped might be kinda tricky. i know this is the intake that all the claimer class roundy round guys liked to use a while back.
otherwise you could always get the ZZ4 intake which should have all the provisions you need- i think it is the very same part as the Edelbrock Performer egr intake (2104?) but with a different logo cast in and the automatic 75% GM markup on the price.

puff puff
Dec 19th, 08, 05:51 PM
1) yes, like that one; i may have to resort to ebay.

2) That was going to be my next question; If i manage to find one, whether it be aluminum or iron, how can you verify that it is not warped?

3) upon further looking at it, that edlebrock performer /zz4 could probably work as i only have one tvs switch that taps into the manifold near the heater hose and thermostat housing and then, of course, the vac modulator line near the rear. All the other hoses branch off the two tvs switches or from the carb.
But the thing is, they don't have the 4 holes. And, this, to me, is psychologically unfulfilling.

4) The part number, i believe for the original gm aluminum is 14007377. It's no longer listed in the gmpp catalog. And, according to Gilbert Chevrolet, it's discontinued.
The iron's part number is, i think 1409011. i'm not sure of it's fate, probably discontinued as well. Perhaps someone still has these parts on their shelf despite it being discontinued.

i think list price on the aluminum was like $1000 or something, so maybe it's good that i could never get one? Actually, do you suppose that's why it's no longer available----because no-one would spend that kind of money for much cheaper or used manifolds? Another brilliant move by GM.

Dec 19th, 08, 09:17 PM
what exactly are you trying to do? what kind of car are we talking about here?
most manifolds out there either have enough holes to do what you want, or you can easily drill and tap a hole into the coolant crossover to mount the vacuum switch.
or there is the other option for if emissions testing isn't a concern- just forget about the emissions stuff and hook up the bare essentials -heater hoses to the coolant jacket and vacuum advance, power brakes, pcv, and trans modulator lines to the runners for vacuum.

puff puff
Dec 19th, 08, 10:09 PM
It's an 83 C-10 and the thing is that, after further examination, i think the edlebrock ones will work but i just feel that it won't run exactly the same as before. Plus, i'm the type that likes things stock (for now); i actually don't like bolt on aftermarket top-end stuff----i.e., manifolds carbs etc because of a)previous bad experiences with them and b) i just like things stock anyways---the 70's/80's GM was such a cool period (for me at least) and c) i don't know enough about these kinds of things to be switching parts just yet.

What i'm attempting to do, while initially seeming perverse, is to create an exact running test-stand engine of what i have in the truck so as to create an educational, running model. This is down to every last vacuum hose etc. i find that i can learn easier this way. i already have a 305 sitting dormant in my garage that is on a runnable test stand. The only major difference is i have the 2 barrel intake with a 2GC. So, while the idea seems bizzarre, it works for me.

Dec 20th, 08, 03:41 AM
Nova said what I'm thinking!

Buy an old ebay 2101 and plumb it the way you want and go! Unless you need the EGR deal, then ebay one that has it on the casting.

Paint the SOB Chevy Orange and 90 percent of the kids won't know it's not stock!


Dec 20th, 08, 12:00 PM
Run a wanted ad in your local craigslist for a stock aluminum intake from the 80s. They are hanging on the walls of every Chevy gearheads garage collecting dust... They can also be found in just about any salvage yard. Don't pay more than $30-$40

Dec 20th, 08, 12:15 PM


puff puff
Dec 20th, 08, 07:12 PM
i went to shopintakes.com, which apparently is summitt, and no luck there either. This is yet another thing that pisses me off about GM---they still sell it for the big-blok---part#14097092. How many people do you know running a bigblok actually use a quadrajet carb? i would be willing to bet none? There are at least 20 small blocks for every bigblok out there, therefore the likely hood of someone running a quadrajet on a smallblock is much, much greater.

So, it looks like i'm "stuck" with used; How can you determine wether the intake is warped?

Dec 20th, 08, 07:35 PM
How can you determine wether the intake is warped?

I ain't never heard of an intake manifold warping!!:confused:.....Exhaust manifolds, yes!:yes:.....But not intake manifolds!:noway:

Also, you may want to try Corvette sites or forums for an aluminum intake.....My brothers 78 Corvette "Silver Anniversary" edition, equipped with an L-82, had a stock GM aluminum intake for a Q-Jet.

Dec 20th, 08, 08:28 PM
If you are still needing one, I ran across a couple in a junk yard here. They are still on the engine so they would need to be removed. He also has several Quadrajet carbs laying around. I didn't pay any attention whether they were aluminum or iron but if you do want one I can run by there in the next couple of days with a magnet and also see what he would sell them for.

Dec 20th, 08, 09:40 PM
if you were local, then i'd give you the one i have for free.
i'll never use it.
as for the complexity of making it different than stock- it will make it simpler. all that smog crap just gets in the way and causes problems.

Dec 20th, 08, 10:41 PM
Hold a metal straight edge across the runners at various angles and see if you can run a feeler guage 'tween the straitedge and the metal. You can get away with some warpage. Off the top of my head I would say.005-.008. I have had so little problems with manifold warpage that I never check it to be honest. If there is any on those old Chev manifolds it won't be much. When you bolt it down be sure and follow the bolt pattern for tightening.Use quality gaskets like Fel Pro.

Dec 21st, 08, 12:40 PM
maybe the warpage thing is a bit overstated- i only mentioned it because the circle track guys around here used to be really paranoid about it and passed up many of those 80's intakes due to the warpage. i think they are a kind of flimsy casting, and GM powertrain built them to run pretty hot for emissions purposes.

Dec 21st, 08, 01:44 PM
It's an 83 C-10 and the thing is that, after further examination, i think the edlebrock ones will work but i just feel that it won't run exactly the same as before.

What i'm attempting to do, while initially seeming perverse, is to create an exact running test-stand engine of what i have in the truck so as to create an educational, running model. This is down to every last vacuum hose etc. i find that i can learn easier this way. i already have a 305 sitting dormant in my garage that is on a runnable test stand. The only major difference is i have the 2 barrel intake with a 2GC. So, while the idea seems bizzarre, it works for me.

The engine is going to run better than if it were to have the original GM manifold. That technology is old. The Edelbrock manifold has better runner technology and as far as a test engine, a test engine is going to give you different results than an engine ran on the street or the track. There are things like wind resistance, air temp and density on the street and track that contribute highly to how an engine performs. The test engine will give you basics, but the real world setup will require some tweeking when whatever is tested is put into real world service. The best way to test ANYTHING, is to run it on the street or track.

puff puff
Dec 21st, 08, 11:13 PM
1) i appreciate the gesture, but i've only been to Wyoming once 2 yrs ago and even that was a long shot---long story, had to go to Casper on business. However, it would be nice to know about that stash just in case i need to stock up for some reason. And, if i ever do need them we could work out some way to ship them to me with a finders fee to you as a reward.

2) i appreciate the gesture, but i don't often find myself in Minnestota. If i comes down to it, i may take you up on the offer. i would, of course, feel that it would only be fair to reciprocate with a solid, steak dinner or something.
a) as far as making things simpler. That is my eventual goal, but i don't know enough about these things to be making such drastic changes. i would like to learn about them and then gradually eliminate them.

3) The warpage "problem" is probably not such a problem but i have read in several other places that it could be common among used manifolds. Upon thinking about it, it probably would not affect my situation so much.

Dec 22nd, 08, 08:03 AM
No finders fee needed. If you ever want them it will just be what, if any, the guy that has them wants plus shipping. I am not in it for the money, just helping out. Who knows, I might need something some day.

Dec 22nd, 08, 04:28 PM

Ship it to him for free and I will be glad to split the USPS to him w/ you!! PM me is all.

MM and a HH guy!


puff puff
Dec 24th, 08, 08:34 PM
OK, thanks all!

i may need your help one day, who knows.

i just think it's a shame how the possibly most produced intake manifold in history is, apparently discontinued?

Dec 25th, 08, 09:16 PM
How about a Weiand 8004 at the Kragen Closeout for a whopping $23.60 plus shipping,if not available local.I picked up one for my truck,no its not Edelbrock, but its Aluminum,Quadrajet only, and under $30 nib.Just my.02

Dec 26th, 08, 07:43 AM
Dam, that old 8004 is a heck of a good mild motor intake!

Less than $30, pick me up one and send it to me and i will pay you for everything!


PS., I have a old 2101 on my 406 and I got an 8004 for the hopped up, 300hp/327 I gave my Nephew. Back when I made my 406, the 2101 was about SOTA.

Dec 26th, 08, 07:03 PM
i've got an 8004 on my Monte, and i don't like it. i've put Edelbrock 2101's on stock engines before and had them run better than stock- but i put the 8004 on the Monte because a local shop had it and i wanted to be different.
it is soggy on the bottom end, doesn't have the hookups for the stock hot air choke setups, a couple of the bolts are a pain to get to so they included a couple of header bolts with smaller heads in the box, and the heater hose port on the front water passage is at a different angle than stock so i couldn't use the stock water shut off valve for the heater.
but it does have the firing order cast into it like a stock intake, so i guess it has that going for it...

puff puff
Dec 29th, 08, 09:26 PM
Apparently, Scoggin-Dickey still sells the aluminum version for $400:

Someone else had given me the link to an unrelated product.

Still kind of steep but good to know i can still get a new one.

2) the second thing the pisses me off, is that edlebrock stopped making their copy of the quadrajet carb in 05.

So now, the possibly most produced carburetor ever---is no longer produced. What does this say about the quadrajet? About our society in general?

Dec 29th, 08, 09:36 PM
May be something to think about, start gathering Quadrajets and intakes for future restorers that could be needing them. Just think of all of the now-desired parts that were thrown away in the past.

puff puff
Dec 30th, 08, 08:19 AM
i think it boils down to sales---if something isn't selling, it won't be around for long. The quadrajet isn't considered a glamourous product(i disagree---it came on the trans am), so the interest is not there.

2) Just in case anyone is interested, apparently Scoggin-Dickey still sells new, both stock and modified, quadrajets by GMPP. i think these, as well as the manifolds, are remaining stock.