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: Fast & Furious (movie review)

South Side Goons & Hitmen
Apr 5th, 09, 05:26 PM
I just saw the movie Fast & Furious today! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Gen's 1 - 3 are represented. Red Camaro, Grey Primer & White. I won't give too much away other than there will be a 5th movie to the series.

Apr 5th, 09, 05:33 PM
My wife just told me yesterday it looks like a good movie :confused:
She's the last person I thought would say that, I mean I wanted to see it anyway but now I have to . . . . maybe someone told her Vin Diesel has his shirt off in the movie. I don't know.
Come to think of it she asked me to do a burn out in the 68 a couple of times last summer. What's wrong with her ??

Apr 5th, 09, 10:26 PM
lot better than the others story blew car scenes where very good

South Side Goons & Hitmen
Apr 5th, 09, 10:57 PM
Car scenes were great. Story line was pretty good and made sense. The 2nd gen was frost green actually, sorry.....It's for sale for $50k at a Classic Car dealer in Illinois right now....It's a 1973 Camaro......3rd gen looked like a 1984 or maybe 1983 Z28...First Gen was a red & white 1969 RS....

Apr 5th, 09, 11:57 PM
yea there were some real nice cars, the 2nd gen was the "f-bomb" camaro its a twin turbo smallblock wit 1500hp, i saw it on a chevy magazine a while ago, so when it came on the screen i reconized that army green paint job with the f-bomb on the side, also the "yearone burt renolds edition trans am" was in there at the end, but man, the grand national made the movie for me!

South Side Goons & Hitmen
Apr 6th, 09, 12:34 AM
Here ya go. Da F-Bomb is Da Bomb when you watch the video from and it tells you what's in it! Oh don't worry the Edmunds video doesn't give anything away in regards to the movie. It just tells you about some of the cars & trucks.

YouTube - Fast & Furious 4: The Cars and Trucks

Twin Turbo & 1500 HP??? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::bow::bow::bow: