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: muncie wont go into reverse

Sep 27th, 09, 01:02 AM
I just bought my 68 Camaro and it will not go into reverse. The PO says that it "used to work". I have never had a car with a muncie trans and I don't know where to start looking to fix it.
The chilton manual does not say much about it.
Anyway, long story short, the gear shift lever will not move over to the left far enough to then move it up into reverse. I did get under the car and manipulated the linkage and it seems that it will work if I could get the lever to go over far enough to engage it.
I did not want to dive in an tear the linkage apart without asking first.

Sep 27th, 09, 06:41 AM
The first thing is to put the shifter in neutral, get under the car with a 1/4" drill bit and see if will slide through the holes in the three linkage arms and shifter bracket. If it doesn't, adjust the linkage so the drill slides smoothly through. I had to make this adjustment a couple of times to get it just right. What is the proper way to adjust my Hurst four speed shifter? Here's the info from the Hurst website.

There is a 1/4 inch hole at the bottom of the Hurst mechanism that runs through all three levers. This is called the neutral alignment hole. To ensure proper adjustment, run the shifter from first into second and then back to neutral. Insert the neutral alignment pin (or a 1/4 inch drill bit) into the neutral alignment hole. If the 1-2 lever interferes with the smooth insertion of the alignment pin, remove the 1-2 linkage rod from the shifter and thread the adjuster button either in or out to eliminate the interference. Repeat this procedure with the 3-4 lever and reverse. To adjust the stop bolts, back the bolts out of the shifter frame until only a few threads remain. Push the stick firmly into third gear and hold. Screw in the stop bolt until contact is made. Release the stick and back the stop bolt out one turn and tighten the jamnut. Push the stick into fourth gear and repeat the procedure.

Sep 27th, 09, 07:45 AM
Wow I've never heard of this adjustment. I got to try this one.
My Hurst shifter acts a little sticky now and then. Thanks for posting this Steve.

Sep 27th, 09, 08:03 AM
X2! to the procedure.
Congrats on purchasing the correct year.

If you find plastic bushings in the holes, you might want exchange them for metal bushings.
I used 1/2 turn out of the stop bolt verses 1 turn.

Sep 27th, 09, 08:51 AM
If I remember right, (I have an automatic now) you must push down on your shifter, to get into the reverse gate.

Sep 27th, 09, 10:00 AM
If I remember right, (I have an automatic now) you must push down on your shifter, to get into the reverse gate.

No. Not if it's a '68 Muncie. It just goes hard to the left then up.

X3 on the adjustment procedure.

Sep 27th, 09, 10:54 AM
you do have to align it properly and new linkage bushings would also help.

Sep 27th, 09, 11:19 AM
Thank you for the adjustment information. I will try that out this afternoon. I looked up Muncie on the internet and found exploded views and other info but no information about adjustments.
I will have to look up the Hurst site (I didn't think of that one).
Thanks again for the info.

Sep 27th, 09, 11:51 AM
The Hurst shifter adjustment procedure above is dead nuts accurate!.....This info is in my old Chiltons book also!.....Anyway, when my car was a project and I was assembling the clutch linkage, I did not have it adjusted properly, I mean, it would go into 1-2 and 3-4 but clashed really bad while trying to position it into reverse gear!....A little more adjustment on the clutch solved that!.....Also, keep in mind, you may have to wait momentary, as the gears are still spinning with the clutch disengaged, while shifting into reverse gear!

Sep 27th, 09, 12:58 PM
Great info Steve.......

Also, here is an official Hurst "how to set-up your shifter".pdf file.

Sep 28th, 09, 01:10 PM
When was the last time you adjusted the clutch? Need a bit of play in the pedal (1/2~") or she won't properly shift.

Sep 28th, 09, 01:31 PM
Also, keep in mind, you may have to wait momentary, as the gears are still spinning with the clutch disengaged, while shifting into reverse gear!While sitting still with clutch disengaged, shift trans into 4th gear, then to reverse. This stops the gears from spinning to allow engagement.

Sep 28th, 09, 02:12 PM
Another thing to consider here is that if it is physically blocked from moving far enough to the left is the possibility that the shifter's adapter plate is not correct for the shifter mechanism. I had to fabricate a plate for my M-22 in my 69 Camaro and ran into this very thing. I had to go back in and mill out the slot for the rod inside the shifter to slip into when in the reverse position. Hope I explained it well enough to be understood as this could be the issue.

Sep 29th, 09, 11:54 AM
While sitting still with clutch disengaged, shift trans into 4th gear, then to reverse. This stops the gears from spinning to allow engagement.

I did not know that!....I'll give it a try the next time!....I enjoy reading your posts from the present to the past as I know your info is always dead nuts accurate!:yes::thumbsup:

Sep 29th, 09, 12:11 PM
Ok, here is where I am at now. I adjusted the linkage with the 1/4" drill bit and that seems fine. It shifts from 1st to 2nd just fine and from 3rd to 4th just fine. And neutral is easy to find.
The gear shift will still not physically move over far enough to the left to be able to push it up into reverse.
I disconnected the reverse linkage and pushed on the linkage from under the car and the transmission goes into reverse just fine. No problems with the transmission so the problem has to be in the linkage somewhere.
With the reverse linkage disconnected the lever at the shift assembly can be moved back and forth with no resistance. Is this supposed to happen???
I am wondering if there is supposed to be something that engages this lever when the shifter is moved over to the left, but is just not engaging???
Maybe I did not put the 1/4" drill bit in far enough to engage the third lever??? I will have to look agian.
I have never adjusted the clutch. I have only had the car 3 weeks and it is not registered or insured yet so I have not been driving it. Also I am doing all of these adjustment with the engine off and the car up on jack stands.
I hope this is written in good enough english to be understood.
Thanks for the input it gives me more things to try out to get this fixed.

Sep 29th, 09, 03:00 PM
any chance you can get a pic of the way the shifter is mounted to the trans. It sure sounds like the pin that is in the middle of the shifter is being restricted from being able to move thus you can't physically move the shifter far enough to the left to go into reverse. Maybe if we can see how the shifter is attached to the trans it may help.

Sep 29th, 09, 03:09 PM
She won't go into reverse if the other 1-2 or 3-4 levers (on the tranny) are not completely set in their neutral positions. One could be hanging just outside of it's neutral position which would block engagement into reverse.

Can you watch the linkage underneath the car while somebody goes through the shift pattern above?

Can you manually set the levers below in neutral by feel then try to shift into reverse?

Are you sure you have the linkage properly set up? The shift arms, rods, etc? If something is on upside down or on backwards you'd have issues, though everything could look fine. Might double check the AIM.

I'm assuming the reverse lock-out linkage is not in play. If it is, could it be binding somewhere?

Thinking out loud.

Sep 29th, 09, 05:37 PM
I'm suspecting the 1/4 inch dill bit wasn't installed far enough. It should go through the shifter to a hole on the mounting plate.

Hurst shifters are hard to pull over into the reverse gate, kindda like pumping iron. Pull left with stick and go back & forth to see if shifter engages fully into the reverse gate.

69SS 350 5 Speed
Sep 30th, 09, 07:29 AM
You do have to overcome the spring to get to the reverse gate when you try to shift it but if you are not even feeling the spring the reverse plate is out of alignment.

Do the adjustment again. Leave the reverse rod disconnected and insert the drill bit all the way. You should be able to see it come out the other side. If it dosen't, move the reverse plate on the shifter until it slides through. Now make sure that reverse is disengaged and readjust the reverse rod so it slides into the plate with no resistence. That should do it.

Sep 30th, 09, 04:18 PM
I got a chance to take a look at it again today and it is now going into reverse:hurray:.
It is not easy to get it to go but it will go with some effort.
The middle lever, I think it is for shifting from 1st to 2nd, has a fair amount of play in it. I disconnected it and adjusted it in a turn and now if I mess with the shifter enough it will go over and up into reverse.
There must be a worn bushing up inside the lever assembly. One more thing on the looooong list of things to get for the car.
Funny how 1 turn of something can mess things up.
I think the next critical thing to fix will be the heater core.
Thank you all for the help, I learned something and you saved me from having to tear the whole thing apart.

Sep 30th, 09, 04:35 PM
I have been trying to figure out how to post picture so I thought I would throw up a couple of the car. (such as it is).