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: summit 1105 cam

Mar 13th, 03, 03:37 PM
hey i got a sum 1105 cam from summit. Anybody ever run one? It is going into a 350 with about 10.0 compression and mildley ported ****ty heads with 1.9/ 1.5 valves. Speed demon 750 and rpm intake port matched, and 1 5/8 headers.I was just wanting to know what to expect.

Mar 13th, 03, 06:24 PM
This cam has 224*/234* duration @.050'' lift and .465/.488 lift respectively. LSA is 114.

I think that this cam is on the large size duration wise. With your stock heads, this cam might be sluggish at lower rpm and the heads might not be able to keep up with it at the high end. However, the wide LSA indicates that it might do alright. I think a good head swap would help you realize the potential of this cam.

Any other thoughts? Good luck with it.

Mar 14th, 03, 03:46 AM
I don't think it will be too bad at all. Like Boodlefoof said the wide LSA will help. It might be a little difficult to tune at low RPM with the 750 speed demon though, that carb will probably be pretty rich for your setup. Just plan on turning all 4 idle screws in a bunch to lean out the idle.

Don't be too down on your combo, I think the long exhaust duration will help a lot with stock exhaust ports. Its a pretty good cam choice IMO for what you have.

Any plans for nitrous? :D That would be a good cam for some juice . . .

Mar 14th, 03, 08:31 PM
It might be old tech, but I bet it still runs pretty darn good for the money spent. Especially since you will have some compression..

If you want to consider it, it isn't all that far off the -962 cam but it does differ b/c it lengthens the exhaust duration AND lift whereas the -962 cam just increases the exhaust duration lift!!

But to me you can skin that cat two ways!!! pdq67