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: lowered coil springs 73

Dec 6th, 99, 01:03 PM
I am looking to lower
my front end from stock.
Tire size will be 15x7
or stock z28 wheels.
Would 1" 0r 2" be ok?
What would be or look
better for a 73 rs z28?
Thanks Steve.

Dec 9th, 99, 10:56 AM
Depends on tires. These cars tend to sag in the rear anyway so with 70 series tires, I'd go two inches. With some low profile 60 series, one inch may do the trick. Need to take some close measurements first.

Dec 11th, 99, 07:43 PM
Steve last year I lowered my 72 Z two inches by using high rate Eibach coil springs. This lasted only for about 300 miles though. I was having tire/fender clearance problems on rough pavement. I'm running 15x8 wheels with 265/50s BFGs. This combination only allowed one inch of clearance between my fenders & tires. Now if your running 15x7s with a 70 or smaller 60 series tires that sits more to the inside of the fenders,one should be able to run two inches lower even on rougher streets. Your wheel Back spacing will effect this too. As far as the cosmetics of running two inches lower,it looked good but stock height does too.
If your still interested in lowering yours,I still have these Eibach springs that I wouldn't mind selling.

Larry Santi
72 RS/Z28
76 Malibu Classic

Oct 2nd, 00, 01:15 PM
LSANTI76 -- if you are around....did you use the Eibach pro-line kit or sportline kit? Pro is supposed to lower 1", the sport springs about 2".