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: Doug Nash 5speed info plz help!

Apr 27th, 10, 08:50 PM
Alright so today i bought a 68 RS that had a 396 and Doug Nash 5 speed manual tranny. The seller gave me the original Muncie 2 but im interested in knowing more about the 5 speed. Seller said its not the 4+3 but the 4+1 race version or sumthing. I just would like more info on the tranny and if anybody is using it? What kind of power can it handle usually? Just general stuff. ill look under the car and try to find the exact model and type for you guys but i cant find any info on the company or anything like that. Do they still sell them? Thanks guys for you info and time

Apr 27th, 10, 09:11 PM
The DNE speed is the same as the current Richmond 5 speed.Richmond bought the rights to buid it a few years back.It isnt an overdrive Trans,5th gear is 1:1 like 4th gear is on a 4 speed.You can run it 2 was.You can use the same rear end gears that you would with 4 speed and use all 5 gears in the 1/4 mile,since the 5th gear in this trans isnt weak like in an overdrive trans so you can bang shift right into it with full power.Or you can run it the street way which is to use milder gears in the rear,then use only gears 1 thru 4 when drag racing and only use 5th gear when cruising on the highway.

Either way,the Doug Nash 5 speed is an awsome trans.

Apr 27th, 10, 09:27 PM
ok so thats y i couldnt find any info on it because Richmond bought it. I mean i test drove the car and it ran great (way too much power in that 396) and i was shocked to find out its not a overdrive tranny. Is it stronger than tremec's? Mine has a hurst shifter and sum1 just told me that i should get a different shifter because of location. is that true? thanks

Eric Kammerer
Apr 28th, 10, 05:12 AM
From some info on Pace Performance's website:

Richmond Gear 4+1 5-Speed
Originally designed and sold by
Doug Nash, the fifth gear was not an
overdrive, but a direct fifth. It
allowed a person to have a fairly high
rear-end ratio of 3.08 and still have a
close ratio transmission capable of
accelerating like a Muncie M21 with
4.11 gears. Richmond gear has
improved on the design, making a 6-
speed called a ROD as well as newer
5-speed with an overdriven fifth gear.


What works and what doesn't?
Doug Nash Corporation had an interesting solution to this dilemma. Make a 5 speed box with a close ratio spread like a Muncie M21 and make 5th gear direct. Again think of what I said about distance between two points. The more stops you make in your travel to get to your final destination the closer the distance between your stops. By adding a lower first speed gear and keeping a direct 5th, you gained more distance, but added an extra stop. The Doug Nash Street 5 speed came with a 3.27 first gear. This allowed drag enthusiants to use a 3.08 final drive and still get good close ratio acceleration. This worked great.

More info from Road & Track:

Some discussion of the 4+1's strength:

As far as shifter location, depends if you want to run a stock console:

More info here if you search "doug nash"...

Like this

Apr 28th, 10, 05:13 AM
The DNE 4+1 was rated at 450 ft. lbs. torque.

Apr 28th, 10, 11:52 PM
So is it better to leave the 5speed in the 68 or put back the Muncie? im gona use the stock console. Opinions or comments are appreciated because im torn between the 2.This car is going to be a weekend cruiser not a daily or show car. thanks guys for the info

Eric Kammerer
Apr 29th, 10, 05:41 AM
What rear axle ratio is in the car?

Is the engine and 4+1 not already in the car, and has that combo ever been installed in the car? The reason I ask is that it the combo is in the car, or has been, it should be pretty simple to evaluate how well the OE console will fit.

What Muncie do you have, and what makes you think it's "original"? If it is an original Muncie (passenger side speedo, stamped (real) partial VIN that matches the car), then the car was originally an SS or Z28 car. If you need help to ID the Muncie, either post up some good pics of the input shaft, main case number, and any stampings on the rear passenger side flange, or just tell us how many splines are on the input, how many rings/grooves cut into the input, the main case number, and the stamped codes.

If it has a numerically low rear axle ratio, it will be a lot happier on the street with the 4+1, and the 4+1 is stronger than an M20 or M21.

Also, if you put the Muncie in and do not have the OE Muncie shifter, you can run into the same type of fitment issue trying to fit an aftermarket (Hurst for example) shifter with the OE console. There are some that fit well, and some that do not.