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wayne payne
Apr 27th, 11, 08:32 PM
I have a Borg Warner 4-speed tranny aluminum case and tailshaft with an iron side cover. On the case is T10-lC WG DIV also an A with a circle around it and a 28 with a circle around it. On the tailshaft is a casting # 3843190 also a T10 7D an R-2 and a 4-15-62. It has a 10 spline input with 3 grooves and a 16 spline output shaft. Any help appreciated. Wayne

Apr 28th, 11, 08:24 AM
To my knowledge the Borg Warner T10 transmission is not as easy to decode as the Muncie. Based on input and output shaft spline count you appear to have a T10 built in 1962. But let me do some more checking.

I believe the T10-7D tailshaft was used in 62 and 63 for full size Chevys and Corvettes.

Look at the tailhousing again. Are you sure it is not 3813490?

Vintage 68
Apr 28th, 11, 10:00 AM
There should be an assembly code on the flat area at rear of main case.
Here - 22099

wayne payne
Apr 28th, 11, 12:00 PM
I will check on the casting #'s and the other location, thanks guys. Wayne

wayne payne
Apr 28th, 11, 07:12 PM
Got home checked the casting #'s, I must a been drinking when I wrote them down. The casting # is 3813490. There isn't any #'s on the main case.. Thanks, Wayne

Vintage 68
Apr 29th, 11, 08:56 AM
If no stamping(s), to conform with GM requirements, then it's most likely an -over-the-counter sold unit and it had an ID tag on the lower side cover bolt with the assembly and dating info.
The OEM GM units had a tag also, but it only had a two-alpha UPC application code for final assembly line work.

wayne payne
Apr 29th, 11, 11:29 PM
So how about maybe gear ratio and years of production. Thanks, Wayne

Apr 30th, 11, 05:25 AM
1st design T10 gears with 3 ID grooves are the 9310 high nickel gears. Remove the sidecover to see if the cluster/countergear and other gears have the 3 ID grooves.

Vintage 68
Apr 30th, 11, 11:57 AM
So how about maybe gear ratio and years of production. Thanks, Wayne

I know you and I discussed this inffo via PM - but I thought I would update this post for future search with the Decode and some application/year info.

Her is the decode;
GM Stamping Decode:
W = Borg Warmer supplied transmission
A = Jan - month; months run A~M for Jan ~ Dec
#ís = Day of month assembled
# = Year of model produced for
# = shift assembled

T-series Application:
Year Trans type (ratios) Stamping code
1961-62 > T-10 Wide Ratio (2.54, 1.92, 1.51, 1.00) = T10A
1962-65 > T-10 Close Ratio (2.20, 1.64, 1.31, 1.00) = T10C, T10F, T10K
1962-65 > T-10 Wide Ratio (2.54, 1.89, 1.51, 1.00) = T10D, T10E, T10G
1964-65 > T-10 Close Ratio (2.20, 1.64, 1.31, 1.00) = T10(?)
Over the Counter and other make Auto Units:
2.36 1.62 1.20 1.00 = T10M
2.54 1.74 1.30 1.00 = T10N
2.36 1.78 1.41 1.00 = T10B
2.36 1.76 1.41 1.00 = T10J & T10L
2.73 2.04 1.50 1.00 = T10H

The Second-Design, or "Super" T-10 (with both Aluminum and Iron cases) are generally post 1974 through mid/late 90's units.

Hope others with more, or updated, information post up their info. :thumbsup:

wayne payne
May 1st, 11, 11:48 AM
Can't find any grooves on the inside. The input shaft has 3 grooves. Thanks for helping. Wayne