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: My Hatchback Won't Open can anyone Help Me?

Sep 13th, 01, 05:34 AM
I just bought a 1986 camaro Iroc-z and my Hatchback will not open is there a fuse or anything I can do to fix this Problem?Please Let me know Thank you,Nicole

Sep 13th, 01, 12:24 PM
somebody help a lady out. i unfortunately don't know the answer to your question. sorry. but at least this will get your question back to the top of the bin.

Nick Mc
Sep 13th, 01, 01:01 PM
I'd start by checking your fuse panel for any blown fuses, you can tell when the fuse is blown by checking to see if the metal strip inside is broken. It's possible that the motor that pulls down the latch is broken. If you have access to an electrical tester, maybe you can test the fuse panel to see is there is a short in the wiring.

Sep 13th, 01, 07:59 PM
Is the lock broken or does the latch just not pop open? The pull down motor will not stop the hatch from opening. Try hitting the top of the hatch as you pull the handle. Some times you can unstick or jar loose the latch, like a stuck hood latch.

Other than that you could have someone try and crawl in there and release the latch manually with a screw driver.

70 camaro 307 (350soon) /350th

Sep 14th, 01, 06:26 AM
I have an 87 with the electric latch. I had this happen on time. I was able to remove and reinstall the fuse. It reset the motor and I was able to unlock the hatchback.

You may also try pushing down or pulling up on the hatchback as you turn the key.

Sep 14th, 01, 11:04 AM
I didn't realize there was a key behind the liscence plate for the first 3 years I owned my 84. That should get you in.

Then there is a switch on top of the center console (bad spot IMO) that could be damaged. You could test it by taking the switch out of the console and jumping the two wires together. If it pops the lid then it's a broken switch. If it does not pop the lid then maybe the solenoid in the back is bad or a wire is loose.

Sep 25th, 01, 06:51 PM
Greeting Nicolelynn, try using your key and unlock your rear hatch from the outside and lift it up. If it does not pop up and rise to full extension on its own I would have to say that the gas struts mounted on the hatch back have died and gone to that great gas strut junk yard somewhere. If that is the case, you can get them at most parts store for between $20.00 and $30.00 each. They are simple to change. Being as how both of them appear to be bad, using a 2 X 4 of appropriate length or other suitable means of propping the hatch open would be a good idea. Good luck and enjoy!!! Mine is an '89 Iroc Z.

camaro 86
Sep 25th, 01, 07:57 PM
I have an 86 Camaro with the electric switch to open the hatch, and I had a similar problem not too long ago. The latch would release the hatch when I hit the button...then when I got out of the car to go to the trunk, it was closed again! I thought the electric thingy was broken, but it turned out to be the lifters! I have new lifters now, and no problems!