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anthony hisle
Feb 14th, 12, 09:58 PM
this topic has been beaten to death but i have a?.will a turbo 400 crossmember work with a 396 muncie 4 -speed.i have one that is for a turbo 400.i hate to buy one & pay a 129+ shipping if it will work & put transmission in the right spot.i have the correct bb mount stands & motor mounts,i dont care about turbo 400 mount looking correct.& i dont want to cut tab off of 400 transmission mount & move it.i want to just install it not have to move anything.i know i could make it work by moving the mounting the mounting tab in same place as a bb 4-speed muncie crossmember,or is it in same place as a 350 turbo mount or what is difference between the 400 turbo mount & the bb 4-speed mount.thanks to all who will help anwser my ? .

Feb 14th, 12, 10:46 PM
The turbo 400 has it's own crossmember. The reason is because a TH-400 is longer than all the other transmissions used stock in a first gen. Camaro. TH-400's were only put in Big Block's so, the TH400 crossmember's made for a Chevrolet will be offset. Measure where the mounting pad is offset before you install it. I say this because if the pad was centered it would be for a Pontiac Firebird. You will also have to shorten your drive shaft and install a new front yoke on it.

Feb 15th, 12, 12:12 AM
I have the one pictured on the very top in a big block car with big block engine frame mounts up front. The transmission mounting tab is centered and not offset. It doesn't appear to have been cut off and moved either. It doesn't line up in mine so what gives? Everything I`ve seen tells me it should. It doesn't line up on the frame either with the engine moved forward, only 2 holes.

Mine's a 400 turbo btw. I wish I had a

Feb 15th, 12, 09:51 AM
Dynomite, As I said above, if the tab is centered you have a TH-400 crossmember for a PONTIAC FIREBIRD. Many parts places don't know the difference, that is why I said to measure it to be sure that it is offset. You will need to drill the other two holes in your subframe. (1 on each side) The rear most holes should be the ones you will use, and driil the two new holes between the two you have now. (1 on each side)

Feb 15th, 12, 12:17 PM
Apparently not beaten to death enough.

1968 Z28
Feb 15th, 12, 12:35 PM
Apparently not beaten to death enough.
No not really...always new people coming up that need to know the old answers.

Feb 15th, 12, 12:48 PM
Here are The two crossmembers together. The one on the top is the Pontiac part with the pad centered. The one on the bottom is a Chevrolet part with the pad moved 1/2" to the passenger side and shortened 3/4".