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: '68 Camaro vibrates and rattles when accelrating

Jun 29th, 01, 03:59 PM
Help! Whenever I accelerate hard the car and steering wheel/colomn vibrates. It also does this whenever I'm driving over 35 mph. Sometimes it makes a rattleing noise from the engine too.

I originally thought this could be a transmission or rear axle problem, since I only felt the vibration when in gear, but I now believe that the engine shakes a little more than normal, so thats where I think the problem lies. It also isn't the tires, which were replaced and balanced a little over a month ago.

If anyone can offer some advice, please do! Anything to give me a place to start looking will make it easier on me. Thanks.

1968 Camaro (327ci/TH350)

Jun 29th, 01, 07:27 PM
Have you checked the engine and transmission mounts?

Jun 29th, 01, 09:18 PM
Check for anything loose, trans, bellhousing, broken motor mount, trans mount, bad U joint, etc.

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Jun 30th, 01, 12:17 AM
David & coach, thanks for the suggestions, but it isn't the motor mounts. the mounts are good, the transmission is solid, and so is the bell housing. the U-joint has a little bit of play, but it's to my understanding that a little play is okay.

The engine shakes a little bit, as all engines do a little as they run, that part is okay. What I've noticed is that every couple seconds, it shakes a little harder once, then is normal. A second later, it does the same thing. Could it be my distributor points or the timing maybe? I don't have a timing light, but I'll see if I can get my roommate's timing light tomarrow to check just in case.

Thanks again for the help.

1968 Camaro (327ci/TH350)

Jul 2nd, 01, 06:32 AM
The magical sentence:

Sometimes it makes a rattleing noise from the engine too.

Probably has alot of carbon in combustion chambers, causing pre-ignition(sounds like a can of marbles?). Quick fix is to slowly pour into carb with engine running at 2500-3000 rpm, some water. About a pint or so, should be enough.

Next I'd do a point change, set the dwell, set initial timing, adjust idle mixture using a vacuum gauge, then set curb idle. Take for a test drive. Should see a definite improvement. Try some higher octane fuel or Octane booster.

Keep us informed,

Everett 68/350/PG/11.90/115mph

Jul 2nd, 01, 11:01 AM
Thanks Everett#2390.

Your "water treatment" is something that my friends and I refer to as an "engine steam cleaning". Hopefully that is what I'll be doing later today.

I'm pretty sure the points need replaced as well, because I checked my spark plugs and they need replaced again, after only a few monthes of service. And of course I plan to do the stuff that would follow a points change.

And I run 92 octane gas in my camaro (it's generally good to me, so I like to be good to it). I'll get back to you when I try this stuff out. Thanks.

1968 Camaro (327ci/TH350)