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: 1985 tuned port won't run

nut case
Dec 9th, 00, 03:48 PM
I'm working on a '85 tuned port TransAm. It starts and runs rough for a few seconds and then quits. If you open the throttle, it dies. The plugs are wet with fuel. Fuel pressure is 42 psi. Removed and cleaned plugs and they fouled immediately. Does anyone have any ideas what's wrong?

Dec 9th, 00, 04:23 PM
Check fuel pressure. Look for rapid drop when pump quits and engine is off. Injector problem. This engine also has a cold start injector or a ninth inj. Might try unplugging the connector to it. Driver's side toward the middle of the TPI. Sure sounds like dirty injectors streaming or leaking.

Dec 10th, 00, 04:24 AM
If your SES light isn't on, then I agree with Tom3. The only other items that I think could cause a flooding condition would be a bad MAF or a O2 sensor, but these would cause the computer to give a code.

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Mark W. Winning
Dec 11th, 00, 10:06 AM
Also give the fuel filter a check. Its back above the rear end. Mine was so blocked, you could not blow through it.


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Dec 13th, 00, 06:11 AM
i would also check the tps and the iac to make sure they are operating properly and are adjusted to specs

big gear head
Feb 2nd, 01, 06:57 PM
Just thought some of you might want to know, the problem was a blown fuse. All that work and it was a blown fuse. The injectors on one side were working and the other side wasn't. Just a blown fuse. I never would have believed it.