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: Firing Order for 1987 Camaro LT

Jan 5th, 03, 06:17 AM
A friend of mine was screwing around with his engine and changed something in it and I'm not sure what, but he suggests that the firing order got screwed up. Does anyone know the correct order for a 87 Camaro, and where I might possibly be able to find a picture of it?

Jan 5th, 03, 11:18 AM
which engine? if it is a 5.0 (305) or 5.7 (350) v8, then the firing order is 18436572.
if it is a v6, i can't help you there. most GM engines i've seen has had the fring order cast somewhere on the intake manifold. if nothing else, get a chiltons manual or something similar for the car.

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Jan 5th, 03, 01:59 PM
It's the v8 305.
Do you think there's a site with pictures of such?

Jan 5th, 03, 03:59 PM
With the dist cap off, the rotor will be pointed at the coil post when #1 cylinder is firing. That's where #1 plug wire goes.

Arrange the wires in a clockwise direction
Driver's side of engine are cylinders (starting from front)
and passenger's are

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