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: Engine Identification

Wht 9t
Jan 28th, 01, 10:20 AM
I need help decoding my engine in my 68 Camaro it is a 2-bolt large journal. Her are the numbers I have found.
Block casting number: 3914678
Casting date: K67
Engine stamp located on the forward end of
left-hand cylinder bank: VII29YC
Cast code at timing chain: HB G31
Cast code at the rear of block: H31 636
Cylinder head number: 380545
Crankshaft number: 4672
Piston number: 3796494

The car was in a nasty front end collision
at one time and I would really be thankful
for information about this motor. It is in
great condition, but are these the right
parts to rebuild this engine with?
Thanks guys, Wht 9t

Jan 28th, 01, 11:13 AM
Don't have my pad stamp guide handy, but the block was used for 302/327/350's and was cast on October 6, 1967. The heads were used on '73 350's with 76cc chambers and 2.02/1.60 valves. The crank was used in 307's from '68-'73 and in 327's in '68 and '69. Appears to be a '68 327 engine, built on November 29th, with heads from a later 350. Do you have a casting date for the heads?

'69 Z28 Fathom Green

Jan 28th, 01, 11:17 AM
3914678 is either a 327 or a 350 casting that was used from 1968 thru 1978 in cars and trucks, it was also used for the 302 but not this one. This is a 327!

6=6th day
7=year 67 or 77

VII29YC has truck applications
V=Flint Engine Plant
YC=327-220HP (240HP in '68) 4BC 1967 & 1968 1/2 & 3/4 ton truck, Chevy & GMC convention cab 4x2.

Jan 29th, 01, 12:04 PM
Well... since they didn't make 327s in 1977, I guess this one's from 1967 http://www.camaros.net/forum/smile.gif

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