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: How to Tell A Real SS....

Apr 1st, 01, 04:42 AM
Is there a place on this site that will tell you how to identify if a Camaro is a real SS or not? Do they have this information on the cowl tag?

My son has spotted a '69 SS 396/375 hp car. When I went to look at it it is white with black stripes, 4 speed, custom interior. From the trim tag I discovered it was supposed to be a hugger orange car. Was this exclusive the the SS Camaro? It was at least on the '69 Chevelle. But it came on Z/28 as well, didn't it?

It also has the heater hoses running through the firewall toward the back of the engine. I was told by someone that the big blocks could not route the hoses there and needed to be seen further up on the right side of the firewall.

I know they have a spot on the Chevelle site on how to identify a real SS and it is very informative.

Mark C
Apr 1st, 01, 05:01 AM
No, camaro came from the factory with Z28 stripes except the Z28's and the pace cars. But since it's been repainted someone could have added anything they wanted. There is no color exclusive to an SS car.

The heater dore is from a small block car, if it is in near the engine. Big blocks had heater tubes out near the hood hinge.

SS's will have either an L48 350/300HP or any of the 4 available big blocks. Norwood Big blocks made after 12/15/68 (or so) will be coded with an X22 or X66 code on the trim tag. LA built cars do not have X codes.

SS's required the following:

1. Front disc brakes
2. Multileaf rear springs
3. 12 bolt rear axle
4. dual exhaust (check for a 2" by 5" metal plate welded on the outside of the drivers side rear frame rail just behind the shock- this is the original support bracket for the dual exhaust on coupes)

SS's came stock with the SS hood, which used a different spring than a stock or ZL2 cowl induction hood.

look here for a picture of the springs:

An L78/L89 would have a single 3/8" fuel line on the passenger side frame.

There should be a rear brake balancing valve mounted on the drivers side front frame under the drivers seat.

Mark Canning
1969 Indy Pace Car
350/300HP RPO Z11

Apr 1st, 01, 07:07 AM
Thanks, Mark.

I was trying to remember the X-- codes on the trim tag. This one does not have a X-- code but, according to the vin, it was built in LA.

Guess it could have been a small block originally and they dumped the 396 in it. It definitely had the heater hoses running sort of behind the block as opposed to closer to the hood hinge.

Apr 1st, 01, 07:15 AM
Couple of other things.

The 72 72 color coded to the red-orange color. Was this exclusive to SS cars? Or just exclusive to '69? Is that the same color as the Carousel Red on the '69 Judges?

In addition it had the cowl induction hood.

Mark C
Apr 1st, 01, 08:05 AM
72 is Hugger Orange, the same color the stripes on my pacecar are painted. That paint isn't red orange or anyother combination, of tints its just orange.

There are no paints exclusive to an SS or anyother model Camaro. Code 72 Hugger Orange was first available in 69, but it continued into 1970 as paint code 65. Don't know if it is the same paint mixture or not.

Mark Canning
1969 Indy Pace Car
350/300HP RPO Z11

Apr 1st, 01, 12:34 PM
pfuzznutz, could you post the VIN and Trim tag #'s off the car. I'd like to see them...


Steve McCorry - Central Ohio Camaro Club
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Apr 4th, 01, 05:36 AM
I do, but I will have to hunt for it. My son wrote it down on a piece of paper that may have ended up in my daughter's car that went back to college this past weekend.

Hopefully she has not thrown it out.

Apr 10th, 01, 04:41 AM
Ok, found the information on the '69 that I saw. Now if I can just make out what my son wrote down on the paper(he's left-handed and writes -- and thinks -- just a little different than the rest of the world).

VIN: 124379L515539

TRIM: ST 69 12437 VN 21614 BDY
TR 712 72 72 PT
1B CE001

Apr 10th, 01, 04:42 AM
Oops, I meant 211614

Kurt S
Apr 10th, 01, 05:30 AM
V8 car, built 2nd week of January.
As you know, it was hugger orange w/ blk dlx interior.
Could you check the CE001 #? Normally, it is a letter followed by 3 numbers (eg C123).

Kurt S.