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: Best automatic transmission to use with 502 Crate engine

Sep 29th, 13, 01:49 PM
Any ideas on what auto transmission would be best to use behind a chevy crate 502 engine in a 68 camaro? Also, curious about what torque converter would be best. We were thinking of gears in the area of 350's for best all around performance with a 12 bolt, or should we be using a ford 9"?. Any ideas? Thanks!

Sep 29th, 13, 11:50 PM
For just bombing around town, a TH400. If you want overdrive, then a 4L80E, which is essentially an overdrive version of the TH400 and a lot more dough as it's a computer controlled trans and you need a controller for it. Neat though. Please don't put a Ford part in your Chevy - a 12 bolt will be just fine. Converter choice depends on your planned use.

Oct 9th, 13, 07:01 PM
Im putting a ZZ502 in my 68 Camaro. I have a performance built 4L80 with a lock-up converter that is manually shifted and has a mechanical speedo drive tail stock. I will run a 12 bolt with 3:73 gears.

I wanted the strongest 4 speed automatic I could find and the 4L80 is it. I will run a 2500 lock-up converter as well.

I got my 4L80 from Phoenix Transmission in AZ. I would have had it built locally but I don't know any good performance trans builders anymore.
the guys at Phoenix trans are very helpful with tech info, and the trans also has a pretty good warranty.

Oct 10th, 13, 02:48 PM
X2 on the TH 400. If your budget permits, def go with the 4L80.