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Jan 26th, 04, 06:30 AM
Is the 3932388 block for 1969 only, or did it carry into the 70's like the 3970010 block?


Jan 26th, 04, 08:08 AM
3932388 350ci '68-'79 300hp car & Truck 4-Bolt


Kurt S
Jan 26th, 04, 09:30 AM
That list is ****.
386 and 388 were mid 69 only. Replaced by the 010 block.

Wrong, that's what I meant. Oh, that's 5 letters..... smile.gif

Jan 26th, 04, 09:41 AM
4 asterisks are acceptable. ;)

I sorta figured that since the 3 other sources I looked it up under all show it as only being a 1969 block.
Sorry.... disregard my reply.

Jan 26th, 04, 01:40 PM
The 3932388 block came in both 2 bolt and 4 bolt main versions. The 4 bolt was used in a small number of the Z28 Cars and they were only found in early 69 production cars say till December of 68 Castings Dates.

From Chevy-Camaro.com

The casting number 3932388 was only used in 1969 and is rare because not many cars much less Camaro's got this block casting number that are known. The book Chevrolet By the Numbers 1965-69 says this engine was put in 1969 passenger cars and Camaro's. Their notes say this: "Very little is known about this block". It seems that most blocks were Tonawanda cast and built, but some Norwood assembled Z28's used this block with Flint-produced engines. From all indications the block is identical to #3932386. It has been found in Passenger cars with the 350/300hp engine suffix code stamping. At least four SS 350 and at least two Z28 Camaros were built with this block, with casting dates ranging from L 20 8 to C 11 9. At least one Camaro was built it September 1969 with this block. Other cars could have received this rare block, but it is unknown which or why. Most #3932388 blocks are dated from September to December 1968." We have apparently had all (and then some) of the Camaro owners, according to Chevrolet By the Numbers 1965-69, of this block casting to email us about it. The problem is there are no exact numbers as to how many cars had this block casting number. The block doesn't have any special features that sets it off from the rest that would make it any more desirable than other blocks from that time period though.
Most Z/28's had the #386 Block issued until late November when they started using the #618 Blocks. These were used until mid year when they started casting the 010 blocks sometime in April.

Hope this helps you.

Jan 26th, 04, 05:27 PM
Ugh, last I looked my 388 block T0425HA was cast in April 69. :rolleyes: Most 388 blocks were for 4 bolt higher HP engines.

Kurt S
Jan 26th, 04, 09:28 PM
Actually, it's a pretty common mid-year block. See it as much or more than the 386......

Jan 27th, 04, 05:39 AM
While we are on blocks, i went to look at a DZ block with V1008DZ with the last three in the cast number of 512, block was cast i288 if i remember correctly. Is this legit?

Jan 27th, 04, 05:47 AM
Most 388 blocks were for 4 bolt higher HP engines. Except mine which is a two bolt!!! graemlins/sad.gif

I wonder if there was an extra "grocery getter" option when ordering a camaro with the LM1 so you'd get the 2 bolt! :D

Jan 27th, 04, 06:39 AM
Wasn't there a few horsepower options in 69.

(i.e. 255 HP = 2 Bolt Main / 300 HP = 4 Bolt Main)

I remember there being low horsepower 2 bolt main blocks used with cast cranks for the 255HP version and the Forged Crank 4 Bolt Main for the 300HP Versions, etc etc. Corvettes and SS Cars getting the forged and coupes etc. getting the 2 bolts. Is this correct?

Kurt S
Jan 27th, 04, 09:50 AM
512 block is very rare SB. Don't know much about the block. Did the block have a VIN on it?

LM1's have been both 2 & 4 bolt (very limited data though).
SS350 is a cast crank. And I've seen L48's with 2 bolts (got one).
I know of no difference between a LM1 and L48 short block.

Jan 27th, 04, 03:18 PM
Kurt, yes it did. It was on the pad under the head and it was stamped 19n518336 and the corrected engine number is V1003DZ. I would have picked it up but didn't have the cash on hand for a deposit. It had one 291 and one 461 head on it with a newer GM aluminum intake and a service replacement 4053. but the rest was original as near as I could tell with my limited experience. A young kid had it and he told me it came out of a Burnish Brown Z that was crushed in a salvage yard. I'll have to give him a call to see if he sold it yet.

Kurt, I called and he still has it. If anyone is interested I can give them his number. He will be off for the next three days.

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Jan 27th, 04, 05:25 PM

You've got mail.

Jan 28th, 04, 07:48 AM
My ...388 block is 4 bolt, its an LM1 255HP so as Kurt said, the ..388 block is seen quite often, not as much rare as it is unknown why they cast it in the first place since its not different than the ...386 block.
The carbs were the difference in the higher HP as well as intake and heads I think, to get an extra 45 hp out of the same block.
Im in the process of moving my office in the house, doing taxes and soon will be attempting to start an LM1 club of sorts. Stay tuned.

Jan 28th, 04, 01:00 PM
i pulled a 2388 block out of a 69 impala,it came from the factory in that car.it has 2 bolt mains.i noticed the harmonic balancer looks exactly like the 302 balancer but has a different part #.the timing mark is off-center from the keyway,its also 8 inches in diameter,just like the 302's.
i think its basicly the same motor that came in all the 69 350 pace cars.correct me if i'am wrong.

Jan 28th, 04, 01:49 PM
LM1 club?!?! Cool! Can I join?

The same QJet was used on the LM1 and L48 as far as I know. The heads and flywheel or flex plate were different though.

Jan 28th, 04, 05:31 PM
I'm in too!

I have an LM-1 with 3932388 block and 2 bolt mains.

Jan 28th, 04, 07:11 PM
Where do I sign up?

Mar 31st, 15, 12:16 AM
Okay so I'm not sure I followed this feed correctly but I think i have one of these rare blocks everyone is talking bout!
3932388 is the drivers rear cast on the block
462624 is the internal cast number on the cylinder head
B20 - 8 is on the rear of the block as well
CONV1 are both stamped on the rear passenger side of the engine block
388 is stamped on the front of the engine behind the steering pump

CAN ANYONE help me figure out what I have here.?????

Garfields Maro
Mar 31st, 15, 01:24 AM
Welcome OC, as Kurt and others mentioned, the "388" was commonly used in mid-69 production. The other casting number on the back, behind the distributor is the casting date. I think B208 is actually a B209, which is February 20, 1969. 8 and 9 casting numbers are often difficult to distinguish.

I'm not familiar with the cyl head number, I imagine it's common as well. Here's a link to CRG showing the various blocks used on first gen Camaros....http://camaros.org/drivetrain.shtml#BlockCast

Fred Mertz
Mar 31st, 15, 06:06 PM
My '69 01D L-65 This is stamped behind the distributor. CONV 1 T15 A9e 9 3932388
pad stamp is 124379VN247937 T0111HD