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: 14 inch wheels work with disc brakes

Nov 22nd, 13, 05:30 PM
I have been talking about changing the drum brakes on the front of my 68 Camaro to discs. I talked to a guy this am that sells new kits to do this and he informed me that my 14 inch rally rims won't fit with the disc brakes. can anyone shed some light on this, is he correct? if he is then I will probably convert to power drums. thanks

Nov 22nd, 13, 06:06 PM
Disk rims have more offset than drum rims . 68 disk rims are coded XF or XG, non disk are coded FC. Look for some used disk rally's and enjoy the disk advantage!
If it is not important to you to use 68 rims, 67 or 69 rims will also work and chevelle and nova rally's will also work. You can then sell your drum rally's!

Nov 22nd, 13, 07:09 PM
no its not important to me what year they are, as I don't have any idea what year I have, but I don't want to put the disk stuff on and then have to get 15 inch tires all the way around and redo 4 rims so I can use the disk . did each year have a different code?

Nov 22nd, 13, 08:23 PM
Found the below info on this web site...I have a 1969 14 inch drum with the five spoke SS rims, called CPP and they said 11 inch disk will fit. As Eddie stated, has to do with the offset.


Chevy Rally Wheel Codes

XA 14X5 B-3 1/2 67 Chevy II with drum brakes
DA 14X5 B-3 7/8 67 Chevy II RALLY with disc brakes
DG 14X6 67 Camero & Chevelle with dics brakes
XB 14X6 B-4 3/8 67 Chevelle SS, 68-69 Chevelle with F-70 Tires, 70 Chevelle
XN 14X6 B-3 3/4 68-69 Camero & Nova with drum brakes. Different shaped outer
AE 14X6 B-4 3/8 70 Chevelle Station Wagon
XG 14X6 B-3 7/8 68-69 Camero with dics brakes, 68-70 Chevy II/ Nova with disc brakes, 69-69 El Camino without disc brakes. Wider drop center than normal
DE 14X6 B-4 3/8 71-72 Nova & Chevelle, 6 hole wheels
YW 14X6 B-4 3/8 Exactly like XB, may have come on same cars
YJ 14X7 B-4 3/8 69 Camero/ Chevy II L72- ZL1, 70 Nova
AV 14X7 70-72 Camero, 71-72 Nova, 6 hole wheel
XT 14X7 L72- ZL1 Non Rally Wheel
YA 14X7 B-4 3/8 69 Chevelle SS Wheel
AO 14X7 B-4 3/8 70 Camero &69 Chevelle SS Wheel
DB 15X5 67 Passenger Cars with disc brakes.
DF 15X6 B-4 1/16 67-68 Camero Z28
DC(BIG) 15X6 B-3 1/2 67 Corvette, No other stampings on rim
DC 15X6 B-3 1/2 68-70 Passenger car, 67 Passenger car (early models)
FI 15X6 B-3 1/2 68-70 Passenger car, 67 Passenger car (later models) Rivited instead of welded together
YS 15X6 B-3 1/2 68-70 El Camino
FW 15X7 B-4 1/4 71-up most any GM
AG 15X7 B-3 3/4 68 Corvette (will take 15x8 Beauty rings)
YH 15X7 B-4 1/4 L72- ZL1 Z28 Rally 69 narrow drop center
AD 15X7 B-4 1/4 L72- ZL1 Z28 Rally 68 wide drop center
AV 15X7 70, 71, 73 CAMARO Z28 5 spoke wheel
AZ 15X8 B-4 69-82 Corvette
Heres a few extra notes
All the rally wheels made in 1967 have big marking letters, no date code, a little bit different shaped center and slightly bigger holes in the center
The 15x7 beauty ring with go on all the 15x6 wheels
All the hubcaps interchange with each other
I'll post how to read the date codes later
Hope somebody can use this

Pro Performance
Nov 23rd, 13, 05:22 PM
Sometimes the drum wheels also have a different outer rim profile as well. The disc brake wheels will have a outer rim profile that allows more room for the caliper.

Example below.

Nov 23rd, 13, 05:37 PM
I think speedway motors has a disc brake conversion kit that takes care of 2 issues...

1 ) they adapeted the spindles in some way to be used with DRUM brake spindles so you dont have to buy DISC BRAKE SPNDLES...( not sure if its machined or comes with a spacer and different bearings )

2) they say in the book ..CAN BE USED WITH 14 WHEELS...

samller caliper ? not sure.

or , get the correct wheels ...or jump to 15s...both easy soulutions...

BTW - i have a set of 4 XGs sitting on the shelf in the pole barn..

Ive ordered a lot of stuff from speedway , they have a good tech line to ...

Nov 30th, 13, 06:30 PM
There are many ways of putting disc brakes on a first gen Camaro and many kits available. Not all will work with 14" wheels.

When I converted my car to disc 30+ years ago, I used brakes and spindles from a 68-74 Nova which were plentiful in boneyards back then. They worked fine with the 14" aftermarket wheels that were on my car at the time.

If keeping your wheels is important to you, keep shopping for a disc kit that will work. Understand that converting to power assist with no other changes will not increase your braking power at all. It just makes it easier on your leg.

I highly recommend converting to disc brakes. My car was rather scary with the original power drum brakes. Converting to disc was one of the more satisfying mods I have done to the car.

X-77 keith
Nov 30th, 13, 06:53 PM
I agree that the disk setup is one of the best upgrades that can be done for safety and to make your car more driver friendly. I have used the Nova set up many times. If I recall 95% of Nova's came with 14 inch wheels. The problem you are talking about can usually be fixed with a 1\4 inch spacer behind the wheel. Some kits have short wheel studs, so put longer ones in if they look too short. You want at least a quarter inch of stud past the factory nut. I have used 14 inch wheels on a s-10 with a spacer and it worked well. The late third gen Camaro's came from the factory with spacers on the rear.