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: Tire size 67 Camaro

Nov 1st, 02, 01:19 PM
Hello Everyone,

My first post here. I am sure this has been asked and probably answered many times over. But seeing as how I am new here, I will ask it again, so bare with me, lol.

I am just finishing up with my 67 Camaro project, and I am getting ready to put new wheels and tires on it. I have a Ford 9" rear from a Grenada, yep a Grenada. It came with factory disc brakes and it was 58 1/2" were the Camaro 10 bolt was like 60" So I actually got a little more room (not much) in the wheel well. I had custom axles made for it with a Chevy bolt pattern. I also swapped out the front drums with disc brakes from a 70 Monte. I installed a suspension package from Vet Brakes, along with all the front end components. Oh and I swapped the manual steering box with a fast ratio power gear box from a late model Trans Am. Plus a ton of other stuff, but I'll try to stick to my question, LOL.

I was just wondering if anyone has made this swap before, and what size tire fit for this configuration. I am going with 16" wheels on all 4 corners. I was thinking about 245/50/ZR16's on all 4 corners. I am not sure if a wider tire would fit in the rear, like say a 255 maybe. This board seems to be the place to ask this kinda question, as taking a read, it's like everything you ever wanted to know about a Camaro. Cool. I like it already!!!


P.S. If anyone cares to take a peek at my project, here is my web page address http://www.geocities.com/vicburn454/index.html

Nov 21st, 02, 09:56 PM
Vic, welcome to the board. I dont know much about 16" wheels but can tell you that you can put a 9.5" wheel in back. By the way having shorter rear does not change anything but your back spacing. Original rear is 60" you have 58.5" the difrence is 1.5" divide by 2 and you got 0.75" per side. With regular rear people use 5.5" back spacing so you should have 4.75" back spacing in your wheel. This is just an idea. Measure twice by once.
Good luck

Nov 21st, 02, 11:03 PM
A 16x8 will fit just fine. In fact, a 245/50/16 will fit on the front and you can run a 255/50/16 on the rear.

I would suggest a 16x8 with 4.5" back spacing. This will be the maxium 16" wheel fitment. I have cycled my 67's suspension full droop to bump and the front does not rub anywhere.....its close, but it doesnt rub.

Check the link in my signature, as I have a 16x8 with 245/50/16's on all four corners.

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Nov 22nd, 02, 04:39 AM
Thanks Guys,

I'll take a few more measurements just in case.


Nov 22nd, 02, 06:06 AM
Here's the link to chicane67's site.

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Nov 22nd, 02, 08:53 AM
Thanks Dennis. I dont know what happened, but I finally messed with it enough to work again !?!! Darn typing gremlins.

'67 RS, Road Race/Autocross/street, 13" Baer Brakes in Vintage '45' Wheels

Dec 1st, 02, 11:34 AM
I have been taking some measurements on the rear end. It is actualy 58" from mounting surface to mounting surface. That puts me 2" shorter than a stock rear of 60". I have my tires, 255/50/16's for the rear. I am trying to figure out the correct back spacing for my wheels. The car has traction bars on it now and with a 4 3/4" BS, I would be hitting the upper part of the shock body. The max tire width is 10.4" My wheel housing is 11 3/4" from the inner most part to the edge of the fender lip. The tire fits fine, I am just having trouble trying to figure out the correct BS. Is there an easier way to make these measurements?

Does it matter if I use an 8" wide rim, or a 9.5" I wish I had a wheel to fit before I order them http://www.camaros.net/forum/frown.gif.

Thanks in advance,


Dec 2nd, 02, 04:24 PM