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: need widest wheels possible on 72 nova (novaderrik?)

Dec 5th, 02, 08:07 AM
what are the widest size wheels i can fit on my car? What would the offset have to be? Im set on weld rod lites....thanks

Dec 5th, 02, 08:10 AM
if possible...i would like to go with nitto 555r' would the back tires have to be wide considering how well these tires hook?

Dec 5th, 02, 06:08 PM
what size are yyou going for?????15's 16's etc? also is this for drag racing or street/strip?? do you want them inside the 1/4's, anyway in 15 inch you can fit a 275/60/15 on a 15x8 with 4.5 backspace, i have these on my 68 and have plenty of clearance in the wheel well, as for 17's with no mods to wheel well you can fit a 275/40/17 in side with 5.5 backspace, also wheel vintiques carries the camaro rally wheels in lots of sizes, summit carries them all, goodluck

Dec 5th, 02, 06:35 PM
i gotta 72 nova, which the tires go slightly up into the quarters, they are 15" rod lites for mostly street, occasional you say 8" wide? will it hook pretty well w/those nittos?

Dec 6th, 02, 12:58 PM
hey, have not personally tried or talked with anyone about those nitto's but they have a wild look to them and what i have read sounds inpressive, i read an article on those, stock tires, and bfg drag radials all on same car same day and the nitto's ran the fastest e.t of the day, i am going to try them next year, but goodluck, the article was in febuary 2003 super chevy mag with a i think nova with a blown bigblock onthe cover, the car is red and you see very little of it, anyway those guys loved them, goodluck

Dec 6th, 02, 02:11 PM
i just got a set of 15X7 wheels off a friend's 71 Z28, with Firehawk 255/60/15 on the rear, and they fit nice. had to roll the wheelwell just a tad, but if they had a bit more backspacing, that wouldn't have been necessary. sorry, i never measured the backspacing- i was too excited to get them on. with the IROC 16" wheels, i had smallish 225/60/16 on the rear, with only a bit of rubbing if the rear got kicked over at a severe angle- like a steep driveway or something. i know 245/50/16 will clear nice, as well, as i had that on a Nova i had back in 94 that had IROC's on it.

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gene stills
Dec 6th, 02, 02:12 PM
Iv'e tried everthing on my 71 Nova.I had 8" Welds with 4.5 backspacing with 255-60-15 tires,but they rubbed hard on the right side and a little on the left on bumps.I have settled on 15x7s with 4.5 backspacing with the same 255 tires.I believe you could get a 275-60 on it without rubbing,but that tire is a little big for a 7" rim.The 7" wheels and 255's fill in the fender nice.

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Dec 7th, 02, 01:00 AM
Altdc, Take a look at my '72 Nova at the link below. I have 255/60R15's in the back and 235/60/R14's in the front. I can just get my fingers between the wheel well and the tire. I wanted to keep a stock look but go with a 15" wheel in the rear, could not find this style rally wheel in a 15" so I had Coker Tire custom build a 15x7 wheel with 4" back spacing. I think I paid about $80 per wheel (pretty pricy but I got the look I was shooting for). Hope this helps.

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