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: correct rims tires for 67 camaro

Jan 22nd, 03, 03:46 PM
Can you help?
Do you know the factory tire and rim size for a 67 camaro RS SS coupe?

I have done the search but found no factory specs.Other than the Z-28 came with 15 inch rims.But im not sure for SS RS.

Does anyone know the codes and back spacing for the proper rims.I need to know what they are when buying them so i dont get the wrong sizes.


Jan 22nd, 03, 05:10 PM
67 RS/SS rally wheels are 14X6, coded DG.

'67 SS/RS (RR)
'68 RS conv. (J2)
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Jan 23rd, 03, 02:55 PM
D/70-14 Firestone wide oval Redlines!

I ordered mine with stock Marina Blue paint, steel rims, said tires and the rims came with three knob "dog-dish" hub-caps!!

First things to go for a set of Cragar 14" x 6", deep dish chrome reverse!! But I still have my stock blue paint rims.. pdq67

Jan 23rd, 03, 03:32 PM
I just priced out those red line radials you mentioned.300.00 CAN for one tire!OUCH!

Jan 24th, 03, 06:02 PM
You mean from Cokers??? pdq67

Jan 24th, 03, 07:26 PM
yes coker tires.I went to thier web site found a distributor for coker in simcoe ontario whos an hour or so away.I e-mailed him they said 300.00CAN each.Somethings not right about that price.