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: Where to bolt negative battery cable

Jun 17th, 02, 09:14 AM
Here's another dumb one: where is the right place to bolt the negative battery cable on a 68 350?

Jun 17th, 02, 12:04 PM
If I remember right, chevy used one water pump bolt with a stud type head on it. The cable went to the stud.
Go anywhere to the block, but make sure to connect the two small ground straps from firewall to the valve covers.

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Jun 17th, 02, 12:08 PM
David is correct! Top right hand bolt on the water pump, at least that is what the assembly manual shows.

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Jun 17th, 02, 01:55 PM

Just curious... why do you need the straps from the firewall to the valve covers?? What if you have a strap from the negative from the battery to the fender?? That's the way it is on my car (not that it's right)... but I haven't have any problems with it (yet). I also measured on the firewall and I get ground...

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Jun 17th, 02, 02:23 PM
There are probably a few different places that the "General" put negative battery cables on small blocks. I use the threaded hole on the fuel pump boss - the lower one. It's less conspicuous than the water pump bolt IMO. Don't forget the upper threaded hole on the fuel pump boss must be plugged or oil will leak.

The ground straps are placed at different places to make sure there is good electrical contact across parts of the body and chassis that are isolated with rubber mounts (body mounts and engines mounts mainly). My 68 has braided copper straps from the valve cover to firewall, firewall to frame (by the passenger body mount), and neg batt terminal to the pass fender.

You would think that the ground strap from the valve cover to the firewall is redundant since the negative cable goes to the front of the block, but I think you need a good ground close to the ignition to reduce electrical noise.

Jun 17th, 02, 02:46 PM
I think the copper braided straps are part of the radio option. That is where they show up in the factory assembly manual. I bet they would not be there on factory radio delete cars.


Jun 17th, 02, 03:06 PM
So that's what that dufus looking water pump stud is for. I've seen them in the catalogs and thought it might be for the alternator bracket but I've got that all bolted up without it. I was thinking about that fuel pump boss too. Those are the two in front just to the side of the timing chain right? My top one is plugged.
I'm glad you mentioned ground straps. I need a longer one on the drivers side. I hope I can get them at an autoparts store.
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