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: Chevy "X" Connecting Rods

Nov 27th, 99, 07:34 PM
Can anybody tell me about Chevy "X" connecting rods? I saw them in a catalog and they appear to be good quality rod, a step up from stock rods, it looks.


Doug Garland
Nov 28th, 99, 05:24 AM
They are mid ' 70's castings, they are actually X and O castings. I have seen them in truck engines, and passenger cars.They supposedly are a little stronger , but not like Pink rods, or any available aftermarket rods.For a stock rebuild or a mild street engine though, they should be fine with a good set of rod bolts.

Nov 28th, 99, 03:36 PM
It used to be that the "X" rods were a better rod, but beginning somewhere in the mid eighties, they started showing up in a lot of 305's and they are not the same rod. The most important thing to look at on the rods, if you decide to buy them, is the thickness of the beam, about halfway up the length of the rod, measured in a front to rear direction as the rod sits in the motor. The older "X" rods were usually in the .575" area. The newer ones are as thin as .512" and are substantially weaker. If the place you are buying them from cannot tell you this measurement, then I would stay away from them. I personally think you are better off finding a good set of used rods that measure correctly, and have a local machine shop install ARP bolts and resize the big ends. I am not saying this due to my business, I just think it is the best way to go. Price should be very similar.
Hope this helps,

Bill Koustenis
Advanced Automotive Machine
Waldorf Md

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