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: Oil Pump Stud Torque

Neil B
Jan 18th, 05, 07:50 PM
I'm using an ARP oil pump stud instead of a bolt. The proper bolt torque is 65 ft/lbs. Should I use this same torque on the stud? ARP lists proper torque on a 3/8" 170,000 psi stud as 45-50 ft/lbs and I don't want to exceed the stud's yield strength.

Thanks. -Neil

Mark .L.W.
Jan 18th, 05, 08:18 PM
Neil the oil pump stud is larger than 3/8 maybe more like 5/8 .
Mark .

Mark .L.W.
Jan 18th, 05, 08:19 PM
Sorry I should say 7/16 or 1/2 inch .

Jan 18th, 05, 08:39 PM
All studs should be installed finger tight only. The purpose of a stud is to be loaded in tensile only, no torsion. This provides a more accurate clamping load, and saves the threads from unnecessary wear.

Jan 19th, 05, 01:45 AM
Follow Matt's advice. Install the stud finger tight, in fact, bottom out the stud, then back off 1/2 turn.

Lube the nut threads with ARP's lube or oil, and torque the nut, with the washer face lubed, to the lubed torque spec. Usually 20%-30% lower than "dry" torque. Also, final nut torque depends on what lube was used. ARP's lube has less drag than other lubes, including oil.

Hmm, after reading all the posts, you still don't have an answer/figure to torque. Ask/refer to ARP.

Neil B
Jan 19th, 05, 07:15 AM
I called ARP today and they said nut torque should be 65 ft/lbs. with ARP Moly lube and 80 ft/lbs. with 30-wt oil. Stud should be installed finger tight.

Looking at their website, the recommended torque for a 7/16" 170,000 psi stud is 71 ft/lbs. using 30-wt.

So, I guess somewhere between 71 and 80 ft./lbs is the right answer.

Jan 20th, 05, 04:32 AM
Three years ago I put their stud in finger tight and torqued the nut to 65 using their moly lube. Perfect.

67 RSS
Apr 9th, 13, 10:24 AM
I realize this thread is ancient- however came up in google search so I chose to update for a motor I'm putting together.

oil pump stud- SBC std pump
55 ft lbs recommended with ARP lube

The torque specs in the catalog are general specs, they are not application specific. Also the GM manual probably says to use oil on the threads, which increases the friction and therefore increase the torque that is necessary to achieve the same clamp load as with our lube at the 55 ft. lbs.

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