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: 1969 Camaro Picture Challenge!!!

Dec 29th, 03, 08:13 PM
As many of you know, I have a web site dedicated to 1969 Camaro Z/28 cars. Within the site there is also a Visitors Rides (http://www.x33d80.com/visitor_rides.htm) page where anyone who submits pictures of a 69 camaro can have them added to this section of the web site.

I just wanted to post this to razz a few of you US Based 1969 Camaro Owners because most of the cars now featured on this section of the site are Canadian cars. Many of them are beauties so get those pictures of US Owned cars coming!

Canada 05 vs. USA 01 (hehe)

Here is a link to the page where pictures can be submitted! (http://www.x33d80.com/visitor_rides.htm)

Game on and the ball is in your court USA!

Dec 29th, 03, 08:39 PM
I forget who's 69 this is on camaros.net but it surely needs to be listed on there..


it is one bad *** ride. would look good on a poster.

Dec 30th, 03, 05:32 AM
I agree Bart. That is one sweet looking ride. If the owner wants to send me a picture to post on the site I would love to see it on there.

Dec 30th, 03, 06:17 AM
That is Jeff Trush's convertible, and it is beautiful. You can see it and other very nice 69's here at Lateral G (http://www.lateral-g.net/)


Dec 30th, 03, 06:19 AM

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Dec 30th, 03, 07:56 AM
I don't know Jeff personally, but if you do, please ask him if he is ok with me posting pictures of his car on my site. If so he can email me directly at 69rsz28@telus.net


Dec 30th, 03, 09:24 AM
E-mail sent.


Dec 30th, 03, 09:48 AM
Jeff is away until Monday. I'll call him and let him know guys are asking about his 69.

Tim Meredith
Dec 30th, 03, 10:42 AM
Rust bucket sent TIM

Dec 30th, 03, 06:51 PM
Thanks for all the submissions today everybody. The cars sent in today were posted to the site tonight and there are some "Kick ***" rides in this selection. USA is now well represented on the site now but keep those sexy 69 rides coming.

Check these cars out!

Visitors Rides on X33D80.com (http://www.x33d80.com/visitor_rides.htm)

Dec 31st, 03, 05:57 PM
Hugger, very cool pics of some great cars! After I get my coupe painted this coming spring, I'll send pics for the site! Nicely done!

Dan B graemlins/beers.gif

Dec 31st, 03, 07:30 PM
The USA is catching up!!!! KZ

Dec 31st, 03, 11:21 PM
hey, how about some love for the 68's ;)
btw, that is a really cool pic of your car click, with the fall backdrop and all graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Jan 1st, 04, 06:08 AM
Hey Hugger - Thanks for posting my cars pic and info, it's cool to be a part of your site. I really like your page format but by converting the files to .gif format you've really reduced the picture quality. Just using the image I sent you as an example; You reduced the display size from the orig and reduced the number of colors to 256 the .gif image ends up being a larger file size. The real issue is reducing the number of colors, it makes everything look blotchy.

Even rather old computers by todays standards can run 32,000 plus color resolution with ease. If your video display resolution is set at 256 colors you won't see a difference in the 2 pic's below other than size. If it's set to anything higher than 256 the differences will be obvious.

I only used my pic as an example because I have the orig I provided to compare. The yellow and green cars on your site almost look like water colors or chalk pictures instead of photographs.

Please don't take this as negative, it's ment in a constructive way and my guess is your PC is set to 256 color or you would have seen this already. Again you have a great site and the layout is very well done...

http://www.x33d80.com/images/Dennis.gif 568 x 393 x 256, 77.6KB Dennis.gif

http://www.camaros.net/pnwcc/DjD/ww_kelly_park.jpg 709 x 490 x 16 Million, 60.2KB ww_kelly_park.jpg

Jan 1st, 04, 09:23 AM
Maybe that's why it takes FOREVER to load that page? I can't even get it to load all the pictures, it gets about halfway down the list of cars, and the rest of them don't show up, I just get a white box with an "X" in the upper left hand corner!

Jan 1st, 04, 11:16 AM
Thanks for the positive comments you guy's and Dennis that is some good advice on the images and page loading. My desktop is set to 32 bit and I see the difference on the Rallye Green Z28, but not so much on the others.

I set them as gif's so that the page loads quicker but will probably redo it one of these days and will up the picture quality with less files per page to help with the load times. I think I may also create seperate pages to allow for segmented body styles, colors, and would also like to create some pages for 67 & 68 car owners to submit to.

If it keeps growing I might have to up the server and hosting as the traffic is growing very quickly. Maybe some advertising will help pay for better and more expensive hosting. I am really having a lot of fun with this web page and play with it every chance I get, and between that and working on my car, I also try and make some time for the wife.

Anyways, thanks again for the positive feedback folks and I will try and do something about the image quality very soon.

Happy new years people!

Jan 1st, 04, 01:16 PM
Graeme (Hugger) - I like a max of 640 X 480 and try to keep file size under 40K. A good dial-up can display a 40k file in about 15 seconds. The GIF format limits you to 256 color and is fine when you need a transparent background or some animation in a small graphic.

I checked out more of the pic's on your site and some are as large as 150K and only a few are under 100K. The JPG file on your front page is a much better picture quality and only a 45K file size.

I use a graphic program called Paint Shop Pro V7.04 that I picked up at Fry's for under $40 and it has some great utilities like an optimiser that lets you compress and see the results before saving. For the price it's awesome... You can download a trial version here... http://www.jasc.com/download_4.asp?

Keep up the great work,

Jan 1st, 04, 06:23 PM
Hi guys, thanks for the kudos, I really appreciate it coming from this board.

Hugger, feel free to use any of the pictures from here, or Lateral-G.net, as long as Scott says no problem. Great Site!

Here are pics of my "4th Gen" wrapped in a 1st Gen...Hope you like it. 3.5 Year build-up, 100's of hours...and no more money!

For the record..This is no trailer queen, I drive the hell out of it. I find it fun to drive up to, and see the faces of the drivers of new "sports cars" who have tried to pull away through the "twisties"...and can't!

Modern performance and classic attitude make for a very fun combination! Some may have seen many of these pics before, but some are new, sorry to bore some of you again!

For all of the Detroit area members out there , the car is in the new Murrays Auto 2004 Calendar, under August (same as Dreamcruise). Check it out if you happen to be in there, you can buy them pretty cheap for $1.99, and they are a really nice calendar for the money. They told me they printed 100,000 copies for sale in their stores.


Here are the specs on the car:


 352CI - Dynoed 470hp/430Lb-Ft. @ 5800 RPM
 Custom DSE Winston Cup Airbox w\ True Cowl Induction
 Custom SRP/JE 11.7:1 Pistons
 Eagle Rotating Assembly
 World Products Heads 2.08/1.64 Valves
 Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam .600 lift / 244 duration
 Comp Cams Springs and Roller Lifters
 Custom Garry Willams 830CFM Holley Carburetor
 Hooker Super Comp Ceramicoated Headers
 Moroso Circle Track Baffled Oil Pan
 Trunk Mounted Optima Battery and DSE Battery Mount


 PPG Dover White with Orange Pearl and PPG Hugger Orange Candy Stripes
 Viper Front Seats w/ Custom Covers in Original Houndstooth Material
 Custom Dash and Full Electric Carbon Fiber Gauge Gauges, Aluminum Pedals


 Borg-Warner T56 6 Speed Manual
 McLeod "Pull-Off" LT1 Clutch and Flywheel
 Custom Shifter by Detroit Speed and Engineering


 1969 Chevrolet 12 Bolt - 3:73.1 Gearset
 “Ultimate 12” Aluminum Cover w/Girdle


 18X8 and 18X9 Centerline Lazer Wheels with 235/40 & 255/45 Toyo Proxes T1-S Tires
 Detroit Speed and Engineering Tubular Upper Control Arms
 Hotchkis 2” Drop Springs, Front and Rear
 Hotchkis 1-1/8 Hollow Front Sway Bar and 7/8 Rear Sway Bay Assembly
 13” Baer Front Disc w/ Eradispeed+ 2 Piece Rotors, Drilled, Slotted, Zinc Washed
 12” Baer Rear Disc w/ Eradispeed+ 2 Piece Rotors, Drilled, Slotted, Zinc Washed
 Baer Adjustable Proportioning Valve
 AGR Quick Ratio 12.7:1 Steering Box
 Custom Convertible Frame Connectors and KYB Shocks

 Level III Hydratech Hydroboost Conversion Kit Custom Painted and Installed.

stevo camaro
Jan 1st, 04, 06:41 PM
I've seen them before but bored? I get bubbly everytime I see them. Beautiful machine! I'd love to have the calender too. graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Jan 1st, 04, 08:47 PM

Hugger, feel free to use any of the pictures from here, or Lateral-G.net, as long as Scott says no problem. Great Site!
I saw your pictures on the site and a beautiful car it is. Is this your car and if so let me know if I can post this under my Pro Touring Section. If you email me with a Name and City / State that I can overlay on the image I will post it tomorrow.

Just to inform all of you that are watching this thread....I have redesigned the Visitors Ride section of my web site and have changed the images to JPEG's for better resolution. When you now log onto the Visitors Rides (http://www.x33d80.com/visitor_rides.htm) page, it prompts you to select a body style as I have seperated all of the different 69 bodies into their own respective catagories. Sorry but nothing for 67/68 car's yet as this is still under consideration. I originally built this as an exclusive 1969 site and don't know if I want to expand on that quite yet. (maybe soon though)

Hope you like it and thanks for the Tip's Dennis. My wife is a web master and I maintain the site in my spare time. Just didn't have the time to play around with them much until now. Most images are down around the 50K +/- mark. I have every type of graphics software known to man but edited these ones in Macromedia Fireworks as that's my preference for programs. The pages are built in Dreamweaver and the Swish Movie was built with Flash 7. This is kind of a hobby and it's a blast to build this site and watch it grow.

Cheer's Dennis graemlins/beers.gif (here is your revised picture from the site)


Jan 2nd, 04, 02:31 AM
Yes, it is my car...

Jan 2nd, 04, 06:28 AM
Graeme - The dial up surfers should be enjoying your site more now. The grouping of pic's was a great way to go... graemlins/thumbsup.gif graemlins/beers.gif

Jan 2nd, 04, 06:58 AM
Yes it should load better and I think it looks better too. All I need now are some submissions of Yenko's, Copo's and the elusive ZL-1 cars. If anyone knows of anybody who has one, please let them know that I would invite their participation on the site and would love to post their pictures to complete the set.

What is CrossRamZ11's name. I want to post his cars picture but require his name and city of residence so that I can apply it to the picture. I think it's Jeff and I would presume they are in the Michigan area but what city or location?

Jan 2nd, 04, 08:12 AM
Nice site, Just emailed my 69 to you graemlins/hurray.gif Mike :D

Jan 2nd, 04, 08:31 AM
Jeff says it's a go, so you can use any pics you want of his Pace Car off my site. Personally, I think the money shot is the one to use.

Jan 3rd, 04, 10:49 AM
Don't know which one was the money shot, but got a picture of both cars on the site last night. Thanks for helping me out with pic's for the pro touring section and a link was provided to Lateral-G.

Cheers! graemlins/beers.gif