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: Angle plugs in production.

Dec 12th, 01, 05:08 PM
Did Chevrolet use an angle plug head on any production vehicle they produced or were they strictly an over the counter item?

Thanks in advance...

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Peter Constantine
Dec 12th, 01, 07:20 PM
I believe they were over the counter "service package" parts only.


Dec 12th, 01, 07:28 PM
Never heard of them on a production car. Over the counter seems right.

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Dec 12th, 01, 07:28 PM
L98 heads were angle plug and original equip weren't they?

Dec 12th, 01, 10:45 PM
LT1/LT4 aluminum heads are angled, i believe. or do you mean on older cars? then i think the answer is no.

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Dec 13th, 01, 07:29 AM
I have a pair of 492's from Crane and they are angled.

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Dec 13th, 01, 07:51 AM
Thanks for the input guys. I was only wanting to know about vintage. I know someone with a 70 or 71 vette with an LT1 and it has 492 angle plugs and the dates are correct for his car. He was told they came on the car... I didn't think that sounded correct...

"The '69 (, the '96 ( & the club ("

Dec 13th, 01, 01:31 PM

FWIW, I have a friend who bought a supposedly all-original '73 Z28. It has angle plug heads.

The judges at Super Chevy several years ago checked the car for quite a while. They would not judge him in "Stock" class because he had aftermarket speaker grills in the rear package tray!

No definative answers though. The owner doesn't really know a lot about the car. He just likes it.

The Red Beast

Dec 13th, 01, 02:50 PM
They were over the counter. I bought a set when they first came out. Ended up selling them because I couldn't find a set of headers that would work.

Dec 13th, 01, 03:17 PM
No iron angle-plug heads were ever used in production; they were only available over the parts counter.

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Dec 13th, 01, 04:54 PM
I have 3911492 angle plugs on my 327.

This is right off of Mortec:

3991492....70......350..........LT1,Camel hump,accessory holes,64cc, straight plug
3991492....70-up................over the counter,Camel hump,64cc, straight or ANGLE PLUG

Looks like service replacement only.

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Bob R
Dec 13th, 01, 08:29 PM
As far as I know no 1970-1974 Z28 or Vette came with Angle Plug Heads. I have set of Angle Plug Heads that would be matched as far as being Date Coded Correctly for my 1973 Z28, but they did not come on my car. I purchased them over the counter. The orginals are still on there, the 330545's.

Bob R

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