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: How do you protect your car from theft??

Feb 25th, 02, 08:40 AM
How do you protect your car from theft/damaging??
This is a question I've often wondered myself. I've seen many beautiful camaros around here, such as RFrenette's, DjD's, Teetoe's, and the list just never ends! I thing a simple alarm-system will not do the job anymore, and in all the spec's of the cars I almost never seen alarm-specs of the car....

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Feb 25th, 02, 08:48 AM
I recently saw an ad for LoJack. Does anyone have it?

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Feb 25th, 02, 08:56 AM
Don't let it out of your sight, and carry a 9mm or bigger at all times loaded with hollowpoints.

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Feb 25th, 02, 09:07 AM
I don't have an alarm on mine but I do have a hidden switch that grounds my ignition box, preventing it from starting. I am looking at alarms as well however.

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Feb 25th, 02, 11:50 AM
Guys there really is no way to fully protect your ride from auto theft. The best insurance you can have for that case is just that-INSURANCE. If you car is targeted by a professional, it will be taken-fact. They can tow them with a wrecker, bypass car alarms, steering wheel locking mechanisms and anything else that can be thought of. My girlfriend has Lo-Jak on her C5 Corvette which is good but what happens if the car is stolen and then wrecked before it is recovered? Insurance pays for it! Lesson here is this, have your car appraised for current value and then reappraise it every time you make significant changes to it and then have it insured for at least the appraised value. This way you will always be covered. Just my thoughts.

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Feb 25th, 02, 11:50 AM
if i told you, i would have to kill you.

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Feb 25th, 02, 12:15 PM
I've seen guys that pull the wire to the coil and take it with them. It may not be the best but it helps....

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Feb 25th, 02, 12:45 PM
Insurance!!!...... Alarms keep honest people honest.....If some sludgehead wants it, Their gonna get it......

Feb 25th, 02, 12:47 PM
i'm not taking any chances with mine, i will do whatever it takes, my uncle works at car toys so he can get me a good alarm, i will also probably get the club and the thing that goes over the brake(can't remember the name) i know it still wouldn't be fully protected, but everything helps. if somebody wants the car bad enough they will do whatever it takes to get the car, i just hope i'm there waiting with a baseball bat!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 25th, 02, 12:57 PM
I had a car stolen once from my home. That feeling you get in your gut when you go to your car and find its gone and no where in sight is the worst. Luckly for me I found the car 2 weeks later and stole it back. The guy even had enough balls to ask me what I was doing in his car!!! Good thing I didnt have a gun or knife with me or there would be one less car steeling punk in the world.

My advice is to make it as hard to steel (use hidden switches, alarms, locks etc.) and keep the car in a garage or blocked in by other less desirable cars.

Where I live the thing you have to worry about is stereo theft. Just in the last year there have been three stereos stolen from cars in my neighborhood and 4 homes broken into and robbed. So the fact is if someone really wants what you got theyll try their hardest to get it. Just hope your there with a shot gun our .45 when it happens.

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Feb 25th, 02, 01:52 PM
Well JOe is guess its good you didnt kill anyone or you wouldnt be here to enjoy your camaro. I plan on getting that new brake lock thats on infomercials all the time and the club and an alarm and dont park your cars out in the middle of no where in a lot i knwo we dont want scratches and stuff but its better to draw the least amount of protection if you have a choice dont drive it into the city or dont drive it if you know itll be sitting a while.

Feb 25th, 02, 05:23 PM
when I am not driving the car, I hook a taser up to my steering wheel... 200,000 volts baby!

Just kidding.

Feb 25th, 02, 05:58 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by boodlefoof:
when I am not driving the car, I hook a taser up to my steering wheel... 200,000 volts baby!

Just kidding.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Hope you don't forget to turn it off OUCH!!

Feb 25th, 02, 07:24 PM
My 68Z was stolen and stripped in 1974. Luckily, it had a 283 engine and 273 rear in it at the time (fuel shortage, you know). They did get the original transmission, along with the dog house, front seats and wheels. Declared totaled by the insurance company. Bought it back from them and dragged it home.
Now, I keep a claymore mine under the drivers seat on a time delay fuse. If it isn't deactivated in time.........

Feb 25th, 02, 07:35 PM
There is also a version of the "club" that is electrified. Something like 250,000 volts.

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pete b
Feb 25th, 02, 07:38 PM
I have a switch to kill the coil under the dash, and a club. At home it lives in the garage.

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angie rs/ss
Feb 26th, 02, 03:08 AM
Sad but true, as has all ready been stated if someone wants it bad enough they will take it. I just keep mine insured and hope for the best. Also, if I'm going to be away from it for a while, I do pull the coil wire and take it with me.

Feb 26th, 02, 03:24 AM
A garage that is built into your house is a good way of keeping it safe... if you are home that is. The garage door is loud enough to wake the dead, even upstairs, and chances are less that a thief would spot your car in a sealed indoor garage. Still, if someone wants to steal your stuff badly enough, they will, so the trick is not really to make your car theft-proof, but rather to make it "unfavorable to steal as opposed to the other guy's". Alarms, kill switches, awkward spots, motion-sensitive lights, 36 Harleys lined up on your lawn with a loud party going on inside, that sort of thing

Feb 26th, 02, 05:00 AM
A six foot chain link fence and two 110 lb red males and one 100 lb black female Doberman pinchers have kept anything from being removed from my property. When my cousin leaves his house he tapes up the tails on a few Rattle snakes, slaps them on the head and throws them in the house…


Feb 26th, 02, 05:56 AM
I've got a hunch this guy ^ isn't kidding.

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No 'E' in Camaro
Feb 26th, 02, 09:15 AM
A guy at my office had LoJack on his S2000 and it got stolen outside his apartment. Police still haven't found it 2 months later. LoJack gave him back the money he spent on the LoJack system, but that's it! Insurance is a must!

Feb 26th, 02, 10:30 AM
i don't know what i would do if my car ever got stolen, well i do know what i would do i would go crazy!!!!!!!!!, why do people have to steal, it makes me mad that to feel safe you have to spend hundereds of dollars on things that aren't a sure thing.

Feb 26th, 02, 02:15 PM
Heres my two cents.If a theft wants it he or she will get it. A friend of mine was a test guy for a car security company. They tested different types of systems which he bypassed easily. Most of your theives out there know these systems inside out. They carry slim jims and lock poping equipment, extra coil wires and know all the tricks on how to bypass the systems. Most of these people have installed these systems at one time or another including lojack. Like I said they are professionals and professionals do their homework. The best Lojack story I heard is a guy stole a chevy truck. The police got the tracking signal and followed it into the woods thinking the theive took the truck off roading for a joy ride. What they found was a dog with the transmitter around its collar. Lojack installers and alarm people install the switches and transmitters in 3 may be 4 different locations but always the same locations. It doesnt take a thieve long to figure out where it is disarm or bypass it and get your car. If you have an alarm or lojack installed install it somewhere trick and totally different. Had a TYPHOON that I installed the kill swich button between the vent on the side of the door and the dash. When you closed the door you could not find it.Also installed a trick little device that fog sprayed mace through the air condition vent when the alarm was set off you had 10 seconds to disarm(same place as the kill switch. Saved my truck and stalled the guy long enough for me an my 12 gauge to get out side and save my truck. Knew the cop and blamed it on resisting arrest. Like I said if a guy wants it he is gonna get it, but being a little creative and insuring for the right value is key.

Feb 26th, 02, 02:50 PM
I went with the Diehard security battery. If someone manages to get it started, it'll die after a couple seconds. It'll do this 3 times and then all power is shut down for good. I'm not sure if they're still selling it though.

Of course, if they happen to bring another battery, or a flatbed trailer, they'll get the car. Everyone who said if thieves really want a car, they'll get it, is dead on. Good insurance helps.

Feb 26th, 02, 03:14 PM
so what i'm screwed now since i can't afford good insurance, i'm just scared that after i get a lot of the work done on my car that it will get stolen and then i'll have nothing, but i can't depend on insurance becasue i'm 17 i can only afford liability. i'll ahve an alarm and other things, but this has always been an issue that has scared me since i bought the car.

L e f t c o a s t
Feb 26th, 02, 04:10 PM
GOod topic. I hope I don't offend anyone, but I have a problem with some Hispanic gang members around the way (really fought hard to not call them something else...) that have broken into my 67 twice trying to yank my CD player out. They are young punks that aren't going to live long if they keep this **** up. I have no garage which sux. But, the car is covered (cover stolen once already) and doesn't attract attention.

Next time I see one of those asses standing in the street with his arms up calling me out I think I'll be showing him the gun collection

Low lifes who take things from others who have worked hard to get where they are at deserve no pitty.


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Feb 27th, 02, 12:16 AM
It's cases like this where the line of Harleys on the lawn comes in handy

Seriously though, "Out of sight, out of mind" is a good slogan when it comes to theft. If the thieves can't see it, they won't be inclined to nab it. Here is one trick I learned the hard way: don't show off or turn your stereo up loud around high schools. Nothing against high school students, but there are those who scope for target rides around school, and if YOU happen to go to that school, then it will be a sinch for them to find out where you live, and go and snake your stuff, or worse, your car!

Feb 27th, 02, 02:36 AM
Can anybody say 'Smith and Wesson'.

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Feb 27th, 02, 08:49 AM
the best protection against theft...Primer

Feb 27th, 02, 11:42 AM
some one last fall already stole my cd player and a month ago broke into my house and stole my g/f purse with $500 while we were sleeping

so now i keep my 12 gauge next to the bed ammo close by but not loaded (bad idea and very unsafe) and getting a full adt security system for cheap u can get all the motion sensors and everything and just run the wires and install yourself and hide 2 in the garage and make the wires in accesxible and a decoy one so they think they got the right one also u can go with wireless ones and im getting 2 big dogs also the alarm will have a 140 db siren and full security lights and video (very cheap from some places) just keep all the wires very hard to get and make it so if there cut or resitence changed the alarm/security system goes off (i know this is allot but it will all total less then 1grand and protect mine my g/f's and all my friends carz)

Jul 17th, 02, 06:50 AM
What is this Lo-Jack? How does it work? What does it cost? From what I've read it sounds like it has a tracking system. Does it have the ability to maybe call your beeper or cell phone if the car is started or moved with out the kill switch turned off? That would be pretty cool.
I don't let my 68 out of my sight much. I would like to drive it to work more often. I can park it where I can see it out the window anytime I glance over there. But my boss might not like me staring out the window all the time. If I was alerted the second it was being stolen I might be able to do something about it.

No 'E' in Camaro
Jul 17th, 02, 08:34 AM
With Lo-jack, once you realize your car is stolen then you alert the police. The Lo-jack company can activate the transmitter hidden in your car and if a police car equipped with a receiver is within range of it, then they can trace your car. A kid at work got his Honda S2000 stolen from his apartment overnight. He had Lo-jack but the cops never found the car. I guess the thieves had a couple hours headstart before he even knew it was gone.

I think there are other systems available that can page you or something like you suggested, but I'm not sure.

Jul 17th, 02, 11:19 AM
I say you wire a DIS coil pack to the steering wheel via an insulated cable up through the column. Then hook it up to the ignition system when someone goes to start it... HELLO!! 100,000 volts to change their mind. Then after the fact they can sue you for everything you own and probably win.

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Jul 17th, 02, 08:41 PM
When I'm out in my car and park it somewhere I worry more about someone running a key down the side of it. I don't know why some people get their kicks from doing that to vehicles other than maybe their just jealous that they don't have something that nice. If they would use their mind and time in better ways maybe they would have a classic they would be proud of and then they might know how important it is to preserve and protect their investment. I have good insurance, but I hope and pray I never have to use it.

Jul 17th, 02, 10:12 PM
I have a alarm system with a pager and planing to install an electric fuel pump and use a "Honda" Main relay switch. The fuel pump is tied to the "Honda" main relay switch which is small enought and easy to remove. Just put the main relay switch in your jacket when the car is not in service.

Jul 18th, 02, 06:47 AM
rjrock can you tell us about that pager system?

Jul 18th, 02, 07:30 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Winch:
rjrock can you tell us about that pager system? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

or if you have existing alarm system ask an Alpine dealer to tie a pager to your system.
You can let the system run quite and page you when activated.
Cell phones can be installed in the car and when triggered with existing alarm system they will call a pre-program number and emit various tones. (Advantage is that unlimited range)

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Jul 18th, 02, 12:29 PM
I know its been said over and over...If they want it bad enough they will get it..The idea behind making it safe is to make it difficult....If two cars are parked side by side one with its window down and the keys in the ignition and the other with the doors locked..The nitwit will most of the time take the easy one...So anything you can do to make the car UNAPPEALING..Alarm..Big flashing light on the dash...As for the pager alarms..Radio shack sells them I believe...But a audible would do just as good and you will not have to get into a confrontation with the thief alarm goes off...Thief goes away car stays...otherway pager goes off..Confrontation scenario..He has a gun shots you..or you have a gun and shot him...both have gun shot each other..As big of a badas* you may think you are..Remember even monkeys fall out of trees on occasion...

My vote loud annoying alarm, kill switch and good insurance...Good luck

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Jul 19th, 02, 06:17 AM
maby some kids will go for the easy one, but i was watching a show on TLC a while back, and they say most thevies go for the cars with alarms and big flashy lights just for more of a challange. Its like anything else, people like challanging them selves.

angie rs/ss
Jul 19th, 02, 07:04 AM
This is just my humble opinion, but I don't really think car alarms scare anyone off anymore. I think they are so common that people don't really even notice when an alarm goes off anymore. When was the last time you stopped what you were doing to check out a car alarm in a parking lot ?

Wes V
Jul 19th, 02, 07:44 AM
First off, you HAVE to lock the hood closed! It has to be solid and not easily cut with a bolt cutter (you can go to the "technical reference" section to see what I did on my Chevelle wagon).

The alarm has to be under the locked hood and should have a back-up battery! (it's possible to disable the stock battery by several methods).

It has to be something that you can use all the time. Even if you are just going into 7-eleven for a coke. (my alarm rolls up the windows and locks the doors. It may sound silly, but due to the ease, I use it always)

When I'm going to leave the car for any length of time (not all that common), I have a battery disconnect switch. It turns off everything except for the alarm. I open the hood, turn off the switch, lock down the hood, and then activate the alarm.

Lo-jack has several problems!!!!! The system installed in your car is "activated" by the police and NOT the company. They don't do it until you file a stolen car report! Think of this; if you go to Disneyland and the thieves bag your car when you go in, they have several hours until you know it's gone and file that report. It's only an hour drive to Mexico!

Wes. Vann
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Jul 19th, 02, 08:15 AM
Dont let it out of your sight.

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Jul 19th, 02, 09:57 AM
There's no way to protect them any more - most of the pros use wreckers or flat-beds, and alarms (which nobody pays any attention to any more anyway) don't even slow them down. All you can do is make sure you have your car properly insured for its real value ("agreed value" coverage), and your insurance actually covers the way you use your car.

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Jul 19th, 02, 04:14 PM
I prtoect mine with a S&W 4006.

Jul 19th, 02, 06:42 PM
this won,t help if they have a flatbed, or if they want to strip it where it sits, but what works is a fuel shut off (hidden) the car will start but they wont get very far

Jul 20th, 02, 05:27 AM
Our cars are hard to protect from theft . . . real hard. Think about it - a 67-68 has no steering column lock, door locks that are a joke, and a hood that can be unlatched and opened from outside the car. A piece of wire and a coat hanger, and the car is gone in about 30 seconds, tops.
The only things we have going for us is that our cars DO stand out in a crowd and the market for stolen classic car parts is quite small . . . seems like air bag actuators and stereos are the hot items these days.

The only time I worry about mine is when we're in a resturant. Maybe my ratchet shifter with reverse lockout might slow the non-gearhead thief down for a couple seconds.

1979 Malibu
Jul 20th, 02, 05:52 AM
Manual valvebody, see what he/she tries to do when they try and drive away in third

Take the rotor out of the distributor.
Get a removable steering wheel kit.
Disconnect battery
REMOVE battery, put it in the trunk.
Set up a line-loc to be on while the car is off, so the person(s) trying to steal it can only manage to do big howly burnouts and not get very far.

theres any number of things you can do, just so little time to list them all.

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Jul 20th, 02, 07:52 PM
a 15" fixed blade custom fighting knife will be enough for me, but the trick is catching them.
A camaro is probably the worst car to steal, the owners are all crazy about them, therefore will do basically anything it takes to "imobilize" a theif
I think i might have a fuel system cutoff and probably.

I've contemplated chaining the rear axle to something when i'm at work, works for a bike. Knowing me i;d forget that i had the chain on it any just try and drive away..."did i leave the parking brake on?"

Jul 20th, 02, 08:17 PM
Cars get stolen here all the time, Lucky thing they dont get off the island that much but they do get cut up I do have a sign on my storage area that reads " Property protected by Dobermans three days a week you gues the days" when in reality i have a Akita on the property that will eat anything tossed her way.

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Tony A
Jul 21st, 02, 05:49 PM
The idea is a modified zip gun one shot 22 cal under the seat aimed at the heart, up the hole is a direct shot. If the alarm goes off they have several seconds to get out of the car before an electrical impuls sets off the primer. Very quiet also. Turn off alarm remove body and drive away hope this helps. Yes we are a little crazy in NJ. Dont forget a little sign to worn that attempting to steal this car will cause death.

Jul 25th, 02, 05:49 AM
get 2 of these

Jul 25th, 02, 05:54 AM
Also having your car on jackstands with no wheels in site helps....

An easy way to get around the LoJack is to pull the car into a lead walled trailer. The signal can't be detected through the lead.

A coworker had a 2001 Acuva Integra Type R (Yellow) stollen from his driveway. He had a fuel cutoff, brake lock, hidden start button, and an extensive alarm. It's been 1 1/2 months and its completely vanished....

Jul 25th, 02, 02:16 PM
I have pet gators & a glock !

It's nice to live on the marsh, the river is across the street and the only "animals" in my neighbor "hood" are white tail deer, racoons, armadillos, opossums, wild pigs, and of of course a few gators and I like to feed and watch them. Nice way to unwind after turning wrenches all day!


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Jul 26th, 02, 08:42 PM
If the bastards got my car I'd hate it (rarely leaves my sight when its not in my garage) but that is why I insured it for MORE than the replacement value...