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Mar 14th, 02, 12:29 PM
hi, i am restoring a 69 hugger orange z28. the car has a factory black vinyl top and a white interior. my question is- would the car still be correct if i put white stripes on it? or did they have to be black when you had a black top? i am trying to do everything factory correct so i dont want to put on white stripes if it wasnt avalible from the factory. any info is apriciates. thanks! tommy

Mar 14th, 02, 12:32 PM
Lets see a Black viynl topped Hugger Orange Z with white stripes. dont think even GM would have allowed for 3 different colors on the exterior. I would keep it Black viynl top/Hugger Orange with Black stripes Whats the paint and interior codes?

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Mar 14th, 02, 01:23 PM
If you had a black vinyl top, you need black stripes. Stick to the same colors on the exterior...
Not only did GM not recommend it, but i think that would be a shame to spend all this time and money and end up with a funky skunk!

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Mar 14th, 02, 01:24 PM
72B paint code
729 interior code

according to the info i have (from jerry macneish's 69 camaor definitive fact book), a z28 with a black vinyl top required black stripes. it didnt say they i couldnt have a hugger orange with a white top and black stripes. i am confused as to why this is. anyone know? or am i mistaken?

Mar 14th, 02, 01:26 PM
i wouldnt question it but i really like the looks of the white stripes. i have to keep the black vinyl top no matter (trim code) what but those black stripes, black top and orange make me think of halloween and i dont like it. the car does have a white interior although. hmmmm

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Mar 14th, 02, 01:55 PM
Unless you are willing to ditch the vinyl top all together (or swap it over to white) I would put black stripes on the car. Your car would look great though with a white top, white stripes and white interior!

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Mar 14th, 02, 02:01 PM
i am trying to keep this car as original as possible. would switchng from a black to a white top decrease the value much? the black top is indicated on the trim tag. i do like the all white idea. thanks

Mar 14th, 02, 02:07 PM
I vote for white stripes and white vinyl top. It will look killer with the white interior. Even if the trim tag said black vinyl top I would pay more for it with the white stripes and top.

Mar 14th, 02, 02:09 PM
The stripes were Black or White with Hugger Orange but only black stripes were available if you had the black vinyl top. Rally Green was the same way.

Mar 14th, 02, 02:12 PM
but this poses another question. so gm would allow you to have a hugger car, with a white top and black stripes? but not black top and white stripes. this is what i dont understand. my books say this same thing. hmmmmm

Mar 14th, 02, 02:28 PM
White/Orange/White would look pretty nice

Jeff 67/68 & 69 RS's
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Mar 14th, 02, 03:15 PM
I don't like the black stripes or top with hugger orange. It makes the orange look darker than it really is.

My car used to be hugger orange with a white top, white Z-28 stripes and a white interior. I really liked the look. I don't think a white vinyl top would decrease the value at all. If anything, it would make it easier to sell because I've never heard anyone say anything bad about the looks of a hugger orange car with white exterior options.

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Mar 14th, 02, 05:15 PM
Do the stripes black and white!! One of each!! Or better yet like the 35th stripes checkerd flag style!!

On a more serious note I think black top, black stripes would look sharp.

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Mar 14th, 02, 06:29 PM
DJD, put down the Crack Pipe.

Mar 14th, 02, 07:13 PM
Ludes man!! Ludes!!

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Mar 14th, 02, 09:27 PM
My 1969 Z28 is dusk blue with black vinyltop
white stripes and black custom intreior.The car is repainted.Question the car have black or white stripes when it was new (most likely)??

Mar 15th, 02, 02:38 AM
Go to:
This page explains it.

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Mar 15th, 02, 03:03 AM
I had a '69 Z/28, Hugger Orange w/black vinyl top (72B) and black stripes. I debated the same question as to reinstall the black top. I'm glad that I did. The car looked great, but my car was an Orange Houndstooth interior (720) so that even added to the whole Halloween image.

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Mar 15th, 02, 03:42 AM
Mine is hugger orange no vinyl top and blk stripes w/blk intereior it is a bit Holloweenish but then again it is a 10D build so I guess its OK

Jeff H
Mar 15th, 02, 04:15 AM
If you like the white stripes then go with the white top too. That is probably easier to put back to original than repainting the stripes. Remember, it's your car so you want to make sure you enjoy it. I think the black stripes on Hugger Orange make the car look a lot darker.

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Mar 15th, 02, 06:10 AM
Well, I have an RS with a SS paint job, dark purple with medium purple stripes and a cutesy white top. So parked next to me, I think either combination (orange/black or orange white) would look stunning.

John Doyle
Mar 15th, 02, 08:14 AM
What stage are you at with the restoration? Have you stripped the paint yet? On my '67, Marina blue, I had a black top, but my bumblebee was white. There should be some trace of thae stripe somewhere on the car.


Mar 15th, 02, 08:44 AM
Tommy, paint your car how the way that you want, Don't worry about the value as I really don't feel that it will make that much differance, as long as it looks good, and in some cases it may make it worth more as some of the color combos of the 60's were not that nice. As long as your car is appealing and in good condition it will always retain it value. If you paint it a color that you really don't like, you will not grow to like it. (believe me) make your car the way that you want it and don't worry about being politically correct unless that is what you are shooting for and in that case you have no choice as your trim tag will tell you what you have to do.

Mar 15th, 02, 10:49 AM
I'd go with the white top also. Or I'd leave the top off all together. I never cared for vinyl tops myself. I don't think things like that affect value if they are done right.

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Mar 15th, 02, 01:26 PM
As some of the others said do as you like-and if that means white top with white stripes-can I get an 8 X 10, glossy of course? maybe 2? Tom.