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: Emissions Testing In Illinois

Sep 11th, 02, 09:31 AM
I have just recieved notice of emissions testing for my 69. I purchased this car with the current engine and setup. I haven't taken it in yet to be tested but has anyone gone through this in Illinois? For any reason it doesn't pass what kind of options are available? The car was born a 6 cylinder now it's a 406 s/b (.30 over 400) with 650 cfm carter, MSD ignition, headers, Comp Cam Extreme Energy CSXE284H-10 (.507 in/ .510 ex lift) rocker arms are 1.5 ratio.

1969 Camaro Z/28 clone 406 SB/450hp TH400, 12 bolt w/3.73 gears, Extreme Comp Cam CS EX284H .507/.510 lift

Sep 11th, 02, 11:26 AM
Is this a regional requirement? I'm in Illinois too, and do not have to test any of my vehicles.

Sep 11th, 02, 11:38 AM
I live 30 miles west of Chicago. I bought and licensed the car in April of this year. Today in the mail I recieved a vehicle emission test notice. That's a good question as far as if it is regional. If you never had to test any cars than I would guess you are right. It might be a regional thing. Damn! I chose to put regular license plate rather than the Antique Vehicle plate because of the restriction that the Antique Vehicle plate has and that is you really are only supposed to drive it to,during and from parades. That wouldn't be good.

1969 Camaro Z/28 clone 406 SB/450hp TH400, 12 bolt w/3.73 gears, Extreme Comp Cam CS EX284H .507/.510 lift

Sep 11th, 02, 12:46 PM
ever heard the pharse should have had a V8 guess it should be should have bught a 67 read through the attached link and you will see that an Antique Vehicle plate and one for Parades and such seem to be 2 different things. If not I would think they would have grouped the both of them together and not apart. Either way look through it and see what can be done to best help you.
http://www.epa.state.il.us/air/vim/guide/inspection_pro gram_elements.html#Busiest%20Days%20/%20Best%20Times%20to%20Test (http://www.epa.state.il.us/air/vim/guide/inspection_program_elements.html#Busiest%20Days%20/%20Best%20Times%20to%20Test)

worse come to worse pull the new and stick a small block in it get tested and drop the new one back in

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Sep 11th, 02, 12:54 PM
Some stuff that was recently discussed on the other site. May be of help. http://www.chevelles.com/forum/Forum2/HTML/011688.html

Sep 11th, 02, 02:50 PM
I not sure that emissions tesing is state wide yet in Illinois but for sure it is required in Cook county and Will county. I ran my 1980 Z28 through last year here in WIll county. Although my carb needed some work it did manage to pass, just barely. All newer vehicles, don't know where the cutoff date is, a subject to the newest test procedure in which the vehicle is put onto a chassis style dyno and run at several different road speeds. My Z being the age it it's was only required to go what they call an "idle loaded" test. Here were my results:

STD 300 3.0 N/A N/A
Readings 298 1.2 " "
Result PASS PASS " "

If required they will also test your gas cap to make sure it vents properly.

I have not retested this year yet after after several engine mods(increased compression, larger cam, lareger carb & so on) and plan on putting my car away in a few weeks anyway so I returned the emissions card indicating the "vehicle is inoperative" and that it could be tested next year in May. I'll wait till then to have to deal with this issue. Hope this helps a little.

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Sep 11th, 02, 05:01 PM
You can go to any emmissions test facility in Illinois and get a form to exempt the car from testing by completing the Show/Race Car Affidavit. The exemption period is two years.

Sounds like yours is a show car.

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Sep 11th, 02, 06:30 PM
Jeff, I got a chance to read the info on the illinois epa site. Lot of good info. Thanks man. John this is exactly the same situation that I'm in. And Silver I think that is exactly the way I'm going to have to go. I can't see this car passing the 1969 standards whatever they are. But you never know. There is a phone number to call that's in the website info for the Illinois EPA to at least inquire about all of this stuff. I'm going to call tomorrow and I'll let you know what they tell me.


1969 Camaro Z/28 clone 406 SB/450hp TH400, 12 bolt w/3.73 gears, Extreme Comp Cam CS EX284H .507/.510 lift

Sep 11th, 02, 08:05 PM
I would go to the emission station and ask what the limits are for a 69. You might be surprized.

Sep 12th, 02, 01:43 AM
I'm surprised you have to test a 69 at all. We have that silly a&* dyno type test now for the counties around St. Louis and Kansas City but only for cars 1971 and newer. One good thing is that it's good for 2 years.

Sep 12th, 02, 12:32 PM
These tests are regional in Illinois. As for the St. Louis Area only Madison and St. Clair are required to test and goes by zip code. Even some zip codes in these two counties do not have to get tested. Do you have an relatives in the state that are not required to test? If so, maybe you can register your car with their address. So long as they are willing to forward any vehicle related mail they receive for you.

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Sep 12th, 02, 04:15 PM
Hello Gary,

I have a ZZ502 in my '69, and have passed Illinois emissions twice so far - no problem. And the car runs way rich.

As you have probably found out through your research, you do not have to run on a treadmill - but it is alittle unnerving letting someone else drive your car through the station. I've always asked for the manager to run the test.

The '69 emisions standards are pretty forgiving, so unless your car is way out of tune, you shouldn't have a problem passing.

If you are unsure, you should be able to find a shop that can put your car on a gas analyzer and let you know where you're at ahead of time.

The antique plates are the easiest way around it, but you are technicaly only supposed to drive the car to shows and for service. So if you get stopped by a cop taking the car to work - lie and say your taking it for a tune-up. I wasn't quite comfortable with that, or the implications it would have on my insurance if I got in a wreck going to-from work, so I kept the normal plates.

Good Luck!

'69 RS/SS 502

Sep 12th, 02, 05:22 PM
Not that it really changes much but they will allow you to ride along with the test operator as they take your ride through. At least you can be right there and offer comments or advise in case your ride has some unique quirks.

Sep 12th, 02, 05:55 PM
Hey Bowtie1Z28,

I was thinking that Frosties on Cedar Rd. in New Lenox would be a good cruise spot. Has anyone ever tried a cruise-in at that spot?

Sep 12th, 02, 06:53 PM
would'nt adding some methanol(say 20% or so)to the gas clean it up drastically if it was rich?

Sep 13th, 02, 02:43 AM

Sounds like you are pretty familiar with New Lenox. I suppose if a few cars started to frequent Frosties you could get something going and as long as it didn't impact Frosties business too much they my not have an issue with it. There is only enough room for maybe 30-35 cars in my opinion. If you are interested in crusing out this way check out the Ace Hardware parking lot on Route 30 just wesy of Vine Street. There are several rides there every Sunday. They start gathering in the early evening for a few hours. Check it out sometime, let me know if you come out this way and I'll try to meet you there.


Sep 13th, 02, 05:23 AM
Okay, here's the scoop. I put a call into the Illinois EPA Vehicle Emissions Hotline (847) 758-3400. The lady I spoke to said that if you wanted to go with the Race Car/Show Car exemption then pick up a form at any testing station. Once accepted then notify the EPA and you have two years until next time. I'm not going to worry about it.

1969 Camaro Z/28 clone 406 SB/450hp TH400, 12 bolt w/3.73 gears, Extreme Comp Cam CS EX284H .507/.510 lift

murph's 68
Sep 13th, 02, 04:53 PM
My 68 is a stock 327 and it falls well down at the low side of the limits. I think a mod motor should still pass. By the way, I don't know if the race show pass is really a good thing since it only buys you two years. My car comes up for retest every two years.