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: How to install a 2 post auto lift?

Nov 23rd, 03, 03:49 AM
I just bought a Rotary brand 2 post lift model spoa88 and i am going to try to install it myself my main question is would you put it together meaning bolting the two verticle large sides to the small horizional piece on top and then standing it up and getting it where you want it and install the concrete wedge bolts?

Nov 23rd, 03, 04:01 AM
I wouldn't do it that way. Too much weight to lift and coordinate at the same time.

Nov 23rd, 03, 05:05 AM
yeah Kyvox your right since i am putting this in the corner of my 40x60 and i need the most room to get car square with the lift what would be the minunm measurement from the front of the lift to the wall to access front of vehicle?It is a Asymmetric design 7000 lb.lift

Gary Dorion
Nov 23rd, 03, 06:40 PM
I ordered a 4 post lift as I feel that it is more stable, also you don't need to bolt it to the floor unless you want to. My brother has a 4 post lift for 2 years now not bolted to the floor with NO problems, FYI.

Nov 23rd, 03, 07:56 PM
I'd bring a tape measure to a couple of local shops and see how they are set up.
I need to figure out the same thing, I want to get a two post asymetrical lift for my shop too.
I want to allow room in front for a workbench or table and enough room to walk around the car or pickup I may have on the hoist.

Nov 24th, 03, 03:51 AM
Measure Twice..Drill Once

First, measure the beam that connects the two parts of the lift at the top. Then lay out everything on the floor, making sure the feet of the two post are on the same plane as the top of the lift. Use a chaulkline to mark the location of the foot of each post on the floor. Everything must be square and plumb. Mark a centerline. Stand the posts up one at a time, aligning the feet with chaulkline marks. Once stood up, drill your holes, mine used a 3/4 inch masonry bit. Drill deep enough to accept your bolts. You may have to shim to get each post vertical. Tighten to correct torque, then install the center support bar.

Nov 24th, 03, 05:32 AM
I have the same lift that you bought in my garage. The post are set 13' back from the front wall. This gives plenty of working room in front of the vehicle with a workbench.

Nov 26th, 03, 03:07 PM
I hope you have at least 8" of concrete with plenty of re-rod in it (not just mesh), and some Hilti anchors at least that long; asymmetrical lifts generate an enormous cantilevered load on the floor on the short side of the lift. :eek:

Nov 26th, 03, 03:34 PM
Rotary salesman recommended a minimum of 6 in. when installing a 7,000lb. lift. I thought that the reason for the posts being set the way they are on the asymetrics where to egualize the load.

Nov 27th, 03, 07:56 AM
You might consider speaking with the Rotary dealer who sold you the lift. The installed price for my 2 post lift was only $200 more than the out the door price with me installing the lift. It was money well spent.

We have a Rotary dealer here in Tennessee with an impecable record. Another reason I bought Rotary and a new lift with the 5 year warranty. I found that when I was looking, the used lifts I found were not that much cheaper and I had to install. $1,000 total difference was enough money to buy used and install. Most used lifts were rough.

I am sure there is a reason you did not buy the dealer installation, but I "might" reconsider that decision.

By the way, the two post lift is the way to go if you intend to "work" on your cars with this lift, not store cars. If storage is a consideration, a 4 post is better. For service and working, nothing beats a 2 post. Go see most any commercial auto service business and see what they use!


Nov 27th, 03, 11:27 AM
I just finished installing my lift yesterday,I called Rotary's 800 number and they faxed me the installation manual but it was a job. I would not have tried it without my tractor and frontend loader.I have not tried lifting a car yet but it goes up and down real well.I am going to have to back my vehicles into it untill i cut a 10'x10'door in the back of my shop

Sep 22nd, 08, 05:17 PM
Rotary salesman recommended a minimum of 6 in. when installing a 7,000lb. lift. I thought that the reason for the posts being set the way they are on the asymetrics where to equalize the load.
I thought it was to make it easier to open the door with the car on the lift. I have had to reposition cars to put weight on the back legs so you idea has merit also.


Sep 23rd, 08, 08:32 AM
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Oct 6th, 08, 05:03 PM
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Oct 7th, 08, 05:49 AM
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