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: Saginaw 4 speed rebuild ?

May 13th, 04, 07:46 AM
I know most would say replace it with something else but it's not in that bad of shape and the '67 only has about 300hp. The question is can the average Joe with good wrench turning skills rebuild one of these. I've seen kits for around $120.00, which makes me want to take a stab at it. I've replaced the front bearing and that helped but I think the internal bearings must be worn because it's noisy and vibrates some. Opinions?

May 13th, 04, 08:59 AM

You CAN do it, but do you WANT to do it?

You can tear it down and check the internals yourself. If you find any additional worn out major parts, what will you do?

The cost of maybe one or two parts will make doing the job marginal from a cost basis. Three or more parts needing replacement will probably break over into more money than you will want to spend on a low budjet rebuild. The benefit is you will know what is in there. Buying one from someone else does not give you that benefit.

Is it cost-effective? probably not. :(

Is it worth doing for the experience and satisfaction? I think so graemlins/thumbsup.gif

Just my opinion.


May 13th, 04, 09:12 AM

That's good advise. I guess I need to come up with a backup plan before I pull it out. Then I'll open it up and take a look see before I order the kit. I see Muncie's on ebay all the time and some are at a decent price but like you say you don't really know what's inside.

Anyone else?

May 13th, 04, 10:11 AM
They have a real problem with cluster shafts and the wear on the bearing surfaces of the cluster gear. For some reason they only used two rows of needle bearings on the cluster instead of everyone elses 4. Shafts aren't real hard to find (3spds the same) but good clusters can be. Take a look at the center support bearing if thats your only problem then I would fix it.

May 13th, 04, 10:43 AM
Sure, you can do it, and if it's the original trans in an original car, it even makes sense. If you get lucky and the rebuild kit for $120 does, it makes sense no matter what.

A few years ago, I won a (supposedly rebuilt) muncie on ebay for $380. It popped out of first at 3000 rpm from day one. Last winter I got enough sick of it to fix it, and rebuilt it myself. the kit was $150, then I found the 1-2 syncro hub was bad, causing it to pop out of gear. Needed a press to get it off. Got lucky, after 6 calls I found a shop willing to touch a trans in pieces, brought em the mainshaft and watched while they pressed the hub off, pressed on a good used one they had, and swapped the wrong synchro rings in the kit for right new ones they had. Asked me for $50...paid em happilly while thank youing all over the place, and I took it home and put it back together, AND IT WORKS!. so yes, you can.

May 13th, 04, 10:12 PM
It's not as hard as it looks, & I've never needed a press.

For parts & ID info, try (

You will need a lock ring plier such as the KD 2534 or the Craftsman 47386. is a bit hard to read (4-speed is on the bottom), but may be of help. Some kits come with an exploded view, also.

May 14th, 04, 01:44 AM
Its not hard, it is a rewarding experience. Buy the kit and replace one-for-one from the kit.

Keep the parts lined up in a row as you take them apart. Replace the parts from the kit with the parts laid out. Reassemble in reverse order. Have a mustard bottle filled with Synthetic gear oil to lube while putting together.

Use grease to hold the clustershaft needle bearings in place until the shaft gets intalled.

Take your time and don't force anything. Think before execution.

May 14th, 04, 03:50 AM
Wow! Guys, thanks for all the positive advise, tips and links. I think I have all the tools so I'm pumped and ready to dig in. I'll post back with the results.