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: TH350 to 200R4 or 700R4 ?

Feb 19th, 03, 07:55 AM
I have a 1969 Camaro SS with a 350 V8, TH350 and Console Shifter.

I planning to change my rear axle ratio and possibly at the same time would like to swap the transmission to have an Overdrive for the highway.

Any advise on these kind of swap?

Would I be able to retain my stock console shifter handle? And how would it perform with
the additional position.


Granny's 69
Feb 19th, 03, 08:48 AM
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand, the 200R4 is the same length as a Th350 with a 6" tailshaft. Thus, it is a bolt-in swap that doesn't require driveshaft mods. If you do go with a 200R4, you will need a TH400 crossmember.

I'm nearly finished with a PG to Th350 swap. If I wasn't on a fairly tight budget, I think I would have went with a 200R4.

Also, ( has all the accesories you need to convert your stock console or column shifter from PG/TH350 to an overdrive trans.

Good luck,
Mark P.

Feb 19th, 03, 09:02 AM
The 2004R is the simplest for the above reasons. The only issue would be that I believe the only 67-69 Camaros that came with a TH400 were big blocks; and the big blocks were offset about an inch to the passenger side. This means you'd have to modify the stock TH400 crossmember to get the mount pad back in the center of the car or your engine/trans combo would be crooked. Other options would be to slide the TH350 crossmember back and re-drill the holes in the subframe (if it will move that much) or modify one of the two crossmembers if it won't.

You will love the difference of the overdrive, and the 2004R is the easiest to swap in in place of that TH350.


Feb 19th, 03, 06:13 PM (

Go here!


Feb 19th, 03, 07:13 PM
What rear gear are you or will you be running? A 700r4 has a lower first gear so you won't need as low of gears resulting in more overdrive.

Feb 26th, 03, 08:05 AM
Thanks for all the information/responses.

I'm currently planning to have a 3.55 Gear installed.

Feb 26th, 03, 08:24 AM
Would someone have a copy of this article from the Chevy High Performance Magazine from the January 2000 issue:


If so, would you be kind enough to scan it and to email it to me.


Feb 26th, 03, 08:25 AM
If you go with a 700r4 you may want 3.08's or 3.42's or your first gear may be too low. 3.07 x 3.08 = 9.5, compared to 3.55 x 3.07 = 10.9 . I've been told you want about 10. Tom

P.S. Check these online:

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Feb 26th, 03, 10:27 AM
Just an opinion and maybe because that's what I have but I think 3.55's are great with a 700r4. I wouldn't want anything deeper though.

Feb 26th, 03, 11:31 AM
I went from a TH350 to a 2004R in my 69. It was easy and it works great! Now I can drive on the highway 70mph at 2100RPMS!

Feb 26th, 03, 03:22 PM
hey rojo how much did the 700r4 swap cost you?

Feb 27th, 03, 02:53 AM
Between $1400 and $1500 counting all the little pieces which add up real quick. I bought almost everything from ( . Picked up a new flex plate and trans cooler locally. All this was 2 years ago so prices may have changed.

Feb 27th, 03, 05:54 AM
Here is a crossmember for Turbo 400 if anyone is looking.

crossmember on ebay (

Feb 27th, 03, 09:46 AM
Originally posted by paulm:
I went from a TH350 to a 2004R in my 69. It was easy and it works great! Now I can drive on the highway 70mph at 2100RPMS! Nice website, PaulM. Sounds like I have a very similar setup as yours. I have a 383 Stroker with the (temporary) TH350 with a 3.08 12 bolt posi rear. (I have the camel hump 2.02 heads, Edelbrock performer intake and a 500cfm Edelbrock carb) I'm looking for a highway gear to improve my 11 mpg, plus lower my RPM's. I also want a little more power at launch. As is, I can barely break the tires loose from a stop, but if I'm rolling about 20 mph and floor it, HOLD ON! it's like a sling shot! :eek:
I was looking into switching to a manual 5 or 6 speed, but financially for the moment, I was leaning towards the 700r4. YOU however, have the 200r4, which I think has a little more pep on take-off and a little more leg on the overdrive, right? (forgive my lack of technical terms)
Do you still have the 3.08 rear and can you smoke the tires when needed? (i.e; stop signs, traffic lights, etc...) :D

I think you may have just solved my dilema of the week. smile.gif

Feb 27th, 03, 10:27 AM
I responded to your email but wanted to respond to your post as well. I had the 3:08s for a short time with the 2004R and could spin the tires pretty well with the 383/2004R/3:08 combo. I changed the 3:08s to 3:73s and can really "smoke em up" now. With the 3:08s the RPMs were really low anytime I was in overdrive, but with the 3:73s it is much better. With the 3:73s I get great "off the line" performance and still run 2100 RPMs at 70 mph on the freeway.

I chose the 2004R mostly because it was a direct swap. No driveshaft mods required. A TH400 crossmember and some odds and ends and it bolts right in!

Feb 27th, 03, 10:56 AM
Originally posted by chicane67:
I know of quite a few people that run a stock 2004R behind V8's. IMO, I dont think you will have a problem. I think you will be more than happy.

If you read the input from the automatic consortium (the guys in the business) you will see that their recommendations are more for a 200 than for a 700/4L80 any day of the week. The 700 is strong but eventually it WILL break.....guaranteed.

A friend of mine has a repuatable trans shop (he builds 200's for the 900HP crowd) has written this with input from all the other guys in the aftermarket/high performance trans business:

And concludes this about the vulnerable 700-R4:

There is a lot of good information on his page if you surf it. The consortium is composed of the shops that have been the major players in the parts/service/fabrication end of automotive transmissions. The cool thing is that they all know each other, although being seperate shops, they work together to make parts and share ideas to make these things live. Great bunch of guys!

Good luck!

Feb 27th, 03, 10:56 AM
I might add that the 700 has a lower first gear than the 200 (3.06 to 2.74), but the 200 has better overall gear spacing.

Feb 27th, 03, 12:05 PM
thanks a million graemlins/beers.gif

(I've learned so much today, my head hurts)

Mar 6th, 03, 11:00 AM
Originally posted by FBODY:
Would someone have a copy of this article from the Chevy High Performance Magazine from the January 2000 issue:

I'll check and see if I have that issue if you haven't received it from anyone else yet.

Mar 6th, 03, 02:10 PM
Thanks KWIK 69, let me know if you have it.