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: a/c, astro vents

mike shields
Jun 1st, 03, 03:22 AM
Does any one think it is possible to tie in A/C duct to the side astro vents in the dash, I DON'T have asto vents, i was really thinking of adding them and tieing the air into them,some times my mind just says do it! Thanks for any input on the subject..Mike 67 rs 327.

Mark C
Jun 1st, 03, 05:25 AM
Didn't 67/68 A/C cars already have the round ducts in the dash tied to the A/C duct system? I know the 69's are this way.

mike shields
Jun 1st, 03, 06:14 AM
well I guess i should be glad i asked.Still it would be nice to turn on the A/C and have it come out of the two side vents, just a thought, thanks Mike

mike shields
Jun 1st, 03, 05:00 PM
Installing the air from Vintage air, just thought about adding vents on the side and running duct to it, I even discused it with the people at Vintage Air.JUST thought it was a good idea,thanks Mike,67rs,327

Jun 1st, 03, 05:14 PM
Not sure who you are talking to but Vintage air is designed to use the factory vents or in all 1st gens. It's one of their big selling points.

Read this... http://www.vintageair.com/download/pdf_singles/39.pdf

Jun 3rd, 03, 06:02 PM
Mike I'm not 100% sure I know what you are asking. If you don't have astro vents and have AC, the ac air should come out of the side vents in the dash. To install astro vents in a non astro vent car (AC car), you will have to cut holes in the firewall. I for one would not do this. Now, if your car is a non ac car converted to ac and has astro vents, then you probably could tie the ac into the vents but you will need a way to close the outside air off when the ac is running. Am I off base here or is this what you are asking?

mike shields
Jun 4th, 03, 05:44 PM
OK,sorry so long to respond, working on inside of car.What i am doing is instaling a/c in my car.But i am also going to run duct to astro vents that i put in. My car did not have astro ventalation.So it will not be "true astro vents".But i know i can run duct to the dash vents and have a/c air blow through them.Mike 67 rs,327 Tilt steering ,A/C...

Jul 5th, 03, 07:06 PM
Hey Mike, do you have any pics of your install? I am thinking of doing the same thing on my 67 (installing the round vents in my dash for the Vintage Air).



Jul 6th, 03, 07:48 AM
Hey guys I just finished installing the vintage air kit in my 1967 RS/SS non-a/c car.I had to cut the dash to install ball vents. (non-a/c 67's were not equipped, I think 68's had ball vents a/c or not). Below is a link to some pictures of my install. Thanks to camaros.net member Cfunk for hosting my pics. Ray


Jul 6th, 03, 07:54 AM
Your welcome.

What was the final temp that kit blew?

Nice even flow between the L/R vent and center?

mike shields
Jul 6th, 03, 04:18 PM
Sorry so long with the reply Gary,I took a chance and had a friend come over with his 68 .I Made a templet of his astro vent, I ordered the vents and ALL parts that are envolved in the A/c on a equiped factory car with the vents ,MY A/C KIT FROM VINTAGE AIR was not even delivered to me yet.Ther little round vents in the kit I knew were not what I wanted by reading other posts, when i asked if any one ever put side vents in a 67.... THE VINTAGE AIR A/C SYSTEM IS GOOD. It even comes with the templates to cut your holes for the orig. what i call astro vents.Hope this helps . Mike

Jul 6th, 03, 05:39 PM
CfunK, We just finished our annual camaro cruise today and my "air duct temp" was a constant 40*f.Equal Air distribution between lt/rt/center vents. My car is black/black no tint so interior temp at the rear seats will be higher. Still very comfortable. By the way I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y figured out how to post a pic. Ray


Jul 7th, 03, 05:33 AM
Excellent! My car is/was black until I started replacing every body panel (header/hood/fenders/doors/quarters/filler/tail/rockers), but I was going to paint it red to keep it a lil cooler. I think I will install the Vintage Air and keep it black!

Did you have to buy a new control for the heat/AC? Mine is a non-AC car and doesn't have the controls nor the vents as well.

Thanks for the replies.


Jul 7th, 03, 07:14 AM
Ray had this to say about the switch:

"Vintage air has control kits for non-ac cars and factory ac cars. A 3 position switch is mounted on the factory control which controls blower speed (low,med,high)that would be the top lever. Next lever controls the blend door when switched away from cold a microswitch turns off compressor. When switched all the way to hot another micro activates a solenoid which in turn allows vacuum to the heater flow valve allowing hot coolant in. The bottom lever controls air flow to the windshield for defrost, when moved to the full de-ice position a microswitch reactivates the compressor to de-humidify"

Jul 7th, 03, 05:13 PM
Thanks CFunK!

Gary when you order your kit they will ask you with factory a/c or without. One of the reasons is the difference in the control heads. They do have kits for both.
Non a/c cars in 67 were not equipped with ball vents. They were standard in 68. One thing to remember is when you cut the holes using the supplied templates is to cut it on the tighter/smaller side.The chrome vents have a very small lip and if you cut too big it will show.Luckily for me it wasn't too bad. Ray

Jul 8th, 03, 12:41 PM
It was the best explanation I have heard to date with regard to how the VA kit worked with the factory non AC head unit.

If you don't want to cut holes for the side vent VA can send you floor vents that direct the air under the dash along with the center vent up top. I think that is the route I am going to go since I don't have a very steady hand.