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: ? about pistons

67 Plum
Apr 22nd, 05, 03:45 PM
I was given a set of GM pistons today.On the top #464664 on the bottom TRW and #508-99.They are flat tops with a single trough valve pocket.Are they forged and what is the application?

Apr 22nd, 05, 06:31 PM
Not much to go on there, with GM numbers, but it sounds like an L-82 piston, like they used in the Vette's and Camaro's (which were forged up originally at the TRW foundry for GM). If that's the right one, the TRW #L2417F should be a similar piston. Thanks, Gary

Apr 22nd, 05, 07:22 PM
'71-'80 L-82 piston. Gm part#474190. 9:1 comp with 76cc head. Standard bore with pressed pin. Forged