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: F41 Camaro. Anyone heard of it?

Dec 2nd, 05, 08:42 PM
i recently bought an 86 camaro with the high output 305 and instead of the rear end saying z28 it says F41. I've looked all over the place trying to figure out what makes the two different and if i ended up getting something for nothing. If anybody can help how about letting me know

Dec 2nd, 05, 08:45 PM
F41 is the performace suspension package. It is not a model.

Edit: Wait, it says F41 on the outside of the car?

Try thirdgen.org They know more about 3rds then any of us do. :)

Dec 2nd, 05, 09:15 PM
I believe the F41 package was a handling package. Kinda a z-28 handling package without the high insurance rates.

Dec 2nd, 05, 10:13 PM
lol i wish it was without the high insurance rates...insurance is almost as much as a months worth of gas. A buddy of mine says that it's the formula edition. I wasnt quite sure if he knew what he was talking about or what the difference was

Dec 4th, 05, 06:41 AM
formula edition? lmao

it's the suspension package
could even get it with the old 2.8 V6

Dec 4th, 05, 07:23 AM
It is the suspension package not the model.

Dec 5th, 05, 11:58 AM
The F41 Sport Suspension Package, was available on second and third generation Camaros

Dec 5th, 05, 04:12 PM
It was also available on novas, particularily in the 70's.

Dec 5th, 05, 04:20 PM
F41 is a long-time option code for the "handling package" suspension. The F-41 option was available for years and years on almost all GM cars, I'm pretty sure my 67 Camaro has the F-41 option. It could be only slightly stiffer shocks, to stiffer springs and thicker anti-roll bars, depending on the model.
I've never heard of F-41 being on the car as a badge though. Is it on the front or sides of the car too?

Dec 5th, 05, 04:27 PM
Here's a listing of repro stripes with the F-41 on it.
I think if you got the HO engine, it came with F-41 badging at that time. Tuned port engines were Z/28's.