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: 1968 Firebird to 1969 Camaro conversion

Mar 4th, 06, 10:28 PM
Hi, I would like to know what you would have to replace in a 1968 firebird to convert it into a 1969 camaro?

A complete list of parts that would have to be changed or details from anyone who has tried to do this would be helpful and much appreciated.


Mar 4th, 06, 10:39 PM
Why would you want to convert a Firebird to a Camaro? I'm sure you would have to change a ton of parts to make one the other, first they both have differant sheet metal outter bodys, differant body lines ect. I'm just woundering why you need a complete parts list? You thinking of building one? if so keeps us posted.

Mar 4th, 06, 11:00 PM
From 68 to 69? I dont think soo. If it is 69 firebird to 69 camaro maybe.

Camaro Dave
Mar 4th, 06, 11:01 PM
2)2 New Fenders
3)Upper and Lower Valance
4)Front grille
5)2 Head light Assemblies
6)2 Front Turn Signals
7)2 New Quarter Panels
8)Tail panel
9)2 Tail Lights
10)Front Light Harness
11)Rear Light Harness
12)Chevy Engine
13)Chevy Transmission
14)Change all Emblems
I might of missed one or two things.....
Actually they are two different cars.......Why don't you sell the Bird and buy a 69 Camaro? It would be much easier.:)

Mar 4th, 06, 11:27 PM
Don't forget that you'd need to change the inner and outer rear wheel housings, inner front fenders, the upper metal dash panel, the complete dash assemble, all the interior, gas tank, fuel lines, etc. Why would you even consider destroying a beautiful car like a 68 Firebird? Restore that 'bird and enjoy it or sell it and buy a Camaro. What kind of shape is it in? How complete and what options (engine/trans/ rear, etc., standard or deluxe interior)?If youd rather have a 69 camaro, tell me about the Firebird and I may be able to help you out, I know where a couple a sitting who may trade you for the 'bird.

Mar 5th, 06, 06:24 AM
68 firebird to 68 camaro would be easier...69 has different body lines than a respective 68 camaro or firebird

Mar 5th, 06, 06:51 AM
Don't do it, it's not worth the effort........IMHO.

DZ Fool
Mar 5th, 06, 01:03 PM
I am as sick of clones as anyone, however I am also sick of a 69 camaro selling for $ 3000 that needs every panel replaced . I have considered buying a firechicken and replacing all panels with camaro parts. The issue's I see are the dash and the Title.

67 Plum
Mar 5th, 06, 01:08 PM
You would need 69 Camaro doors also.

Joe Harrison
Mar 5th, 06, 01:45 PM
Buy the 69 body from Dynacorn, put the 68 sub frame and rear suspension under it, then buy all the 69 interior parts and 69 doors. That's the easy way to do it. But when you title it it will be a 68 bird so what's the use?


Mar 5th, 06, 02:00 PM
69 Camaro doors and 69 Firebird doors are the same.

DZ Fool
Mar 5th, 06, 02:03 PM
Dynacorn Is asking stupid money for the japanese camaro it would be cheaper to buy a ratted out camaro or a Firechicken

Mar 5th, 06, 02:12 PM
If you ever plan on registering this vechical or selling it I hope you look good in strips. Your title will clearly state a 1968 firebird. When you go to get plates for this car, your DMV will look at a 1969 camaro with a 1968 firebird vin and title and you will be escorted to the big house. Now after some explaining you will be told that you are the proud owner of a off road, never to be registered vechical that mostly you will never be able to sell.

The only way you could do this legally is to call it a concept car and trailer it wherever you are planning on going.

Do yourself a favor and at least buy a 1969 camaro to start off. You sound like the typical guy who get a plan jane coupe and magically it turns into a Z-28 "clone". It is really remarkable how a $8000 plain jane 6 cylinder camaro can go "Poof" get some strips, a 350 out of a 79 trans-am and magically now be worth $20,00 plus.

You would think with it being so easy double a cars valve GM wouldn't be in as much trouble as they are now in. I mean they could just make a 6 cylinder car and wave the Z-28 clone fairly wand over it and "Poof" now its worth twice as much. Maybe we should tell GM about this and buy some of their stock. Sounds like they can make a killing as has all the other shade "Shady" mechanic out their putting out those fine Z-28 clones.

DZ Fool
Mar 5th, 06, 02:39 PM
Be honest in whatever dealings you do, and let the buyer beware

Mar 5th, 06, 02:41 PM
I think this idea ranks up their with the guy who wanted instructions on how to cut up his coupe ito make it a convertablie.

Mar 5th, 06, 03:42 PM
im all for most conversions, but with that one, if it was me, id put the mony into restoring a 68 bird...then sell it, and just get a 69 camaro, and restore that as well......i mean you can turn it into a 69camaro, but in the end i think it would be a wasted effort,... un less ur going to swap vins with a rusted out 69 camaro,...and you already know that is wrong....

Mar 5th, 06, 06:16 PM
I just want to know if it is feasible, as far as I understand the super-structure is the same and therefore your could change the body skin.

Gary Dorion
Mar 5th, 06, 07:14 PM
You may need to reread the replies to your post. There's more to it than skins.

Mar 5th, 06, 09:15 PM
Man, not only is it "morally" wrong to do a conversion like this, but it also has some legal issues that go with it, AND it's going to be a MAJOR pain in the *** as far as the amount of work that you would need to do, and finally, it's going to be practically worthless once done. Kinda sounds like a stupid idea when you think of it that way eh?

Camaro Dave
Mar 5th, 06, 10:17 PM
What condition is the Bird in? Maybe you would want to sell the car and get a 69 Camaro instead. Let me know.

Mar 5th, 06, 10:26 PM
I think I saw a guy on ebay that had taken a 69 Camaro convert and made it into a 69 coupe. What is up with that? Dont try to make a Firebird into a Camaro, the cost and headaches wont be worth the end result. A nice 68 bird is way cooler than a hacked up made from scratch 69 Camaro.

Mar 5th, 06, 10:30 PM
There is a place doing these builds. I don't at this time remember what the name is but I seen an ad where if you had a good super structure for a '68-'69 camaro or "Bird", they would replace 90% of the metal and turn it into a '69 Camaro for around $15K. I wouldn't do it and thought it was a rediculous ad but hey, that's me. I used to not like clones until I wanted a RS. I'm not much on matching anything, except parts to go fast, and this base V-8 '68 coupe will be cheaper to build than buying a real one. I don't plan on selling it but can't see it hurting the value if ever I do.

Mar 6th, 06, 01:49 PM
I plan on go and seeing the car today if its still there itís supposed to be in fairly good condition, rust around fenders and quarter but floors are supposed to be in good con and its has the matching SB400 engine, the only reason I though about a conversion is because its dirt cheap at $2000.

Mar 6th, 06, 01:53 PM
you would basically need to cut every last panel off the body....alot of time and money,...why not restore a 68 bird?...youd make a profit off it if you sold it...then get a 69 camaro shell...

Mar 6th, 06, 02:26 PM
A SB400??? That's a chevy motor, couldn't be matching if that is the case. If it is a Pontiac motor maybe you will get lucky and it will have the partial vin stamped in the block, problem is, the 68 Firebird did not receive the partial vin until somewhere mid production for the year. If that is the case, the best you can do is match the date codes to the build date. If it turns out to be a matching numbers 400 car you would be ahead of the game to turn it and buy a 69. Good luck.

Mar 6th, 06, 03:03 PM
What does a completely resorted matching numbers 68 firebird go for?

Camaro Dave
Mar 6th, 06, 03:06 PM
Do you know if the bird has the original Pontiac motor in it? You said It has a SB400 which is a Chevy motor. Have you looked over the car yet or you saw it for sale? It sounds like a good deal if it's a true 400. Try to get a VIN # off the car. I'll let you know if it's a true 400 or not.

Mar 6th, 06, 03:16 PM
I have not yet seen the car he says he has the matching 400 engine.

Camaro Dave
Mar 7th, 06, 10:59 PM