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: 350 engine identification

Mar 10th, 06, 02:39 PM
I just purchased a 350 to throw into my 88 Camaro, letting the 305 go. The numbers I got off the back of the block is 10243880, and the number I got off the front by the right head is V06286MD. Does anybody know what year this block may be. I searched the internet to no avail. Thanks in advance for the help. Also the head numbers are 14096217.

Larger Dave
Mar 10th, 06, 03:57 PM
I found this as far as the block casting goes.

10105123 350ci Bare Block
This engine block is used in 1986-99 Gen I heavy-duty applications. It has 4.00" diameter cylinder bores and four-bolt main bearing caps. This block is machined for a one-piece rear crankshaft seal. (Does not include rear seal or adaptor.) These blocks weigh 181lbs. Technical Notes: Cylinder wall thickness is the same as current production engines. The lifter valley is machined for hydraulic roller and flat tappets. Crankshafts with two-piece seals can be installed with adapter P/N 10051118. (Block casting P/N 10243880 or 14093638.)

And this
10243880, 350, 95-96, 2, Goodwrench Crate Motor. 14010201

And this
10243880...350...95-00...2 or 4...Vortec truck, Gen.I crate motors and "ZZ4", roller cam, one piece rear seal.

For the head

10125377 Cylinder Head Assembly
This is a cast iron cylinder head assembly used on 285 hp 350 engine (P/N 12353641). This complete cylinder head assembly includes 1.94" intake valves, 1.50" exhaust valves, valve springs (P/N 3901068) and valve spring caps (P/N 14003978). Technical Notes: This cylinder head has 64cc chambers. The cast number for this head is P/N 14101083 or 14096217. This cylinder head has 1987 and later inlet manifold bolt pattern. The center two bolts are at a 72 angle.

You apparently have a '95-'00 Vortec 350 cid 2 bolt main 285hp first generation block with one piece rear mains and 64cc heads from a light truck (P/U or SUV).

Larger Dave

Mar 11th, 06, 05:32 AM
Thank You Larger Dave, you've been very helpful.

Jun 13th, 09, 08:05 AM
Please identifiy- 350-engine id:v0609ghs vin:16j16340 date:f26 gm3970010 thank you chris

Jun 13th, 09, 09:21 AM
chris you should ask your question about your engine in your own thread, not in this one. That way folks can help each of you and not wonder where the question went.

Jun 13th, 09, 10:12 AM
I found this as far as the block casting goes.

10243880, 350, 95-96, 2, Goodwrench Crate Motor.

Larger Dave

I think I would go with this info :

10243880 350 2-bolt , Goodwrench Crate Motor.

For the heads:

14096217...55-86...350..........Crate motor, 285hp/300hp, 64cc chambers, 72' or 90' center intake manifold bolt angles

Goodwrench engines are non-vortec