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: Comp XR286

Mar 15th, 06, 12:52 PM
Looking to use this cam in my 406 but had a couple of questions:

-Does this cam come with an iron distributor gear, or is it a special order item?
-Is Comp's 977-16 spring recommendation working out for anyone using this cam? Spring pressure looks a little low (405 @1.25" if I remember correctly).

I know I should just call Comp's tech line but I'm at work!
Thanks, Tony

Greg O
Mar 15th, 06, 02:13 PM
I run the XR294HR. It came with the 986 springs and I would recomend you move up to them.

It's my understanding that the HR cores are not billet steel but are "harder" iron so you don't need to worry about the distributor gear. I ran mine one year with a stock distributor gear then changed to a melonized gear. When I pulled the distributor the old gear looked brand new. I changed anyway just for some piece of mind.

Mar 15th, 06, 02:18 PM
I run the XR 282hr and I was told its a "Austratempered" material, not steel billet but better than cast. I was also told to use the factory stock steel type gear, no brass, maybe consider the Poly gear . I started out with the 986 spring but went to AFR heads with 1.550 dual springs, running about 140# closed . One thing I did do was run a MSD dist with their gear and it ate my flat tappet cam , thats why I run the roller now. The gear is cut too sharp on edges, I am told by CC. If you compare the stock gear teeth and MSD gear , you will see no bevel on the tooth. Need to have that bevel and it comes with all factory gears from GM.