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: Does your original 69 Z/28 have Power steering?

Mar 25th, 06, 05:21 PM
Hi All,
I was just wondering how many of team Camaros members That own real 69 Z/28s Came from the factory with Power Steering? My X77D80 car did not. I had converted it to power steering back in 1999 but am considering taking it back off and putting the factory Manual steering box back on the car.


Mar 25th, 06, 05:46 PM
my z came from the factory with power steering but i converted it to manual because i had a problem with the clearance with the headers. i do plan on putting it back on once it is rebuilt and because manual is so hard to turn.

Mar 25th, 06, 05:53 PM
My X77D80 has manual steering.

Mar 25th, 06, 06:56 PM
My mostly original Z has manual steering. Driving it is not a problem.
I know the pitman arm is longer on a '69 Z. Not sure if that has anything to do with ease of turning the steering wheel........

Mar 25th, 06, 07:33 PM
My '69 Z/28 has manual steering also. It doesn't really bother me - the rest of my hot rods all have manual steering also - not by choise - by chance. You get used to it. One less place to leak on cars that spend a lot of time sitting.

Mar 25th, 06, 08:10 PM
Early RS/Z28 with manual steering. It's documented by the original order form for the car.

Mar 25th, 06, 08:21 PM
One less place to leak on cars that spend a lot of time sitting.

Funny you should mention that My car has developed a power steering leek now that I havent driven it much the last few years. I remember it wasnt bad driving it with the manual steering. I think the reason I swapped it was so the wife could drive it easier. Sad thing is she hasnt driven in over 5 years. She is afraid if something were to happen to the car I might leave her. LOL...
Not so cars can be replaced family cant.

I just came fro the Southwest Muscle car Nats, today about 200 cars saw 3 69 Z/28s even though 1 had Z10 on the cowl tad the owner swore up and down it was a Z. Hey, who am I to argue. Anyhow the 2 real Z28.s both had manual steering and I must say it looked alot cleaner under the hood, so it got me thinking I should just put my original box back on.


Mar 25th, 06, 08:24 PM
My L78/M22 and L34/M20 were both manual steering. I converted both to power steering and saved the box and pitman arms in case the next guy wants to muscle it. I want all the control I can get with the money and time I have invested in these machines. I dont show my cars at judged events and that might be an issue for others.

Mar 25th, 06, 10:20 PM
My 69 Z has factory power steering. It has always worked great, but it is touchy...takes some getting use to.


Mar 25th, 06, 10:40 PM
Mine came equiped with power steering - even had the original GM Power Steering belt on it when I got it.

Anybody know about how many HP the PS takes off the crank?

Mar 25th, 06, 11:30 PM
69 RS Z28 sept 68 build date with original manual steering. Years ago when I started to restore this car I converted it to power steer. I recently went back to manual. Just looks better and cleaner and like the idea of leaving it the way it was born.
69 RS z28 hugger orange white stripes
67 RS convertible 327/275 4 speed PS PB
67 RS NHRA super stock legal SS/CS

Mar 26th, 06, 03:21 AM
If you keep your front tires inflated and your steering box greased and adjusted, you quickly get used to manual steering. The only time it's noticed is if you're going less than 5 MPH.

I always thought A/C type cars should have it, and "all business" cars shouldn't.

My opinion, worth less than what you've paid for it.

Mar 26th, 06, 07:25 AM
my 69 z has power steering. As stated above, steering is touchy

Mar 26th, 06, 09:00 AM
Any interest in getting rid of your power steering package?

Mar 26th, 06, 09:20 AM
How many turns lock to lock on your manual boxes?
My wheel takes 4 turns lock to lock. Wonder how many it is for a manual non-Z car?
Or fast ratio Z manual car.

Gary L
Mar 26th, 06, 09:46 AM
My manual steering is 3 1/2 l to l.

Mar 26th, 06, 08:06 PM
Mine's power.

Mar 26th, 06, 08:31 PM
Mine has orginal P/S a special order as it was a dealer demo car,
2 1/4 lock to lock..
When I 1st got it thought a bit quick, didnt take long to get used to it, now wouldnt be without it.

Mar 26th, 06, 10:28 PM
Mine was manual too originally but I wanted more control with power steering "Just in Case" so I converted it and I love it. I figure I will always keep my original box just in case I want to change it back one day. The 1st few drives did get some getting use too as well.

Mar 27th, 06, 07:34 AM
Power steering. As per previous posts, a little touchy.

Mar 27th, 06, 09:29 AM
two of my Z's have power steering .

Mar 27th, 06, 11:08 AM
My original 69 Z28/RS came with Power Steering. And of course I still have it on. :thumbsup:

Mar 27th, 06, 04:01 PM
Mine has manual steering. It amazed me when I put the repro Goodyear Wide Tread GT tires on the car how much easier it was to turn. The tires are so much thinner than the radials that were on the car when I bought it. It just seems the manual steering wasn't that bad with the available tires in 1969. The only down side is the road drives the car. It veers left and right with every ripple in the pavement.

Mar 28th, 06, 09:52 AM
12A Z came with manual, drove it some 25 years like that,, wife wanted to drive, so added power,,,touchy, Now she changed her mind. I had no problem steering H-70 15's Polyglass years ago. Maybe someday go back to manual,, feel more of the road .

Neil B
Mar 28th, 06, 09:59 AM
My 12A has manual steering. It's only an issue when parking.

Mar 28th, 06, 11:12 AM
4L car manual
3E power

Mar 28th, 06, 12:48 PM
It's only an issue when parking.

I remember. I have Goodyear Radials on mine and when you were at a dead stop not a fun car to turn with the manual box if you were also tring to hold onto your pepsi. I dont know if I'll swap it back or not, What I really need to do with it is rebuild the engine. It has had 84000 very hard miles and is pretty tired. I have been saying for years now I am going to yank it out and go through it but I always end up devoting my time other projects.


Mar 28th, 06, 01:23 PM
Those steering boxes are getting old...sure the signaw is built like a brick ***house...but over the yrs, are u sure someone hasnt hit the top of the steering shaft to remove the wheel
Are u sure the pitman arm replacement has been done with the right tool?
After 30 odd yrs and 260. 000 miles, most of which the car has been in my control, it was still the BEST driving car I have ever driven with P/S and others comment the same
Then it was stolen (another thread) steering shaft wacked and steering was so sensitive it was down right dangerous (or Im just fussy lol) rebuilt the box, and again as good as it was.