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: Spray on bed liner As under coat?

Apr 17th, 06, 08:02 PM
Has anyone tryed spray on bed linner as under coating.

Apr 17th, 06, 10:44 PM
Yes, my body shop recommended, and I OK'd it. They applied it by roller to get a little rougher texture, I don't think he could have sprayed it. It looks pretty good, but not as good as an original paint job. It's a bummer because I had the car media blasted throughout, and I could have had a show piece underside. It's also hard to hit all the nooks and crannies with roller/brush. But, this will be a driver, and I feel it will be more durable and will help with sound deadening. As I add more hardware to the underside of the car it gets even better looking so I'm really happy with the overall look. I guess that's all that matters in the end. If I had to do it again I'd probably research it a little more, and I might end up in the same place. I don't really want to have to worry about washing and detailing the underside of the car.

Apr 18th, 06, 03:27 AM
I have done it but if it was mine I wouldnt do .To me it looks cheap and it is hard to strip off if you change your mind .

Apr 18th, 06, 10:33 AM
That's what I plan on using for mine.

Apr 18th, 06, 10:40 AM
Hey guys, I used the spray version of the beadliner on my front subframe. After I applied 2 coats I then brushed on POR-15. It came out pretty good. It has a real durable finish.

Here is a link of the pictures. Let me know what yall think.



Eric Kammerer
Apr 18th, 06, 10:51 AM

Apr 18th, 06, 09:44 PM
I saw it done on a 64 Impala. I think it was called a Rhino liner. Thick and coarse. Looks like it would be strong but I think it hides the body too much. Paint is much better, imo.

Apr 18th, 06, 11:04 PM
I just saw one of my old friends 63 Chevy truck for the first time tonight, that is what he did under the cab and it looked GREAT. This is a SERIOUSLY detailed truck (it could BLOW away many all out show cars) and the underside of the cab looked perfect for the truck.


Apr 18th, 06, 11:15 PM
I did my under side floor and wheel wells. Im happy with it. Im not going for a concourse resto so no biggie. Plus its kinda the in thing right now. Something new something you couldnt do or even heard of doing to a resto project 5-10 years ago.

Apr 18th, 06, 11:19 PM
I was thrilled to see that it looks so good. I am restoring a 55 Ford F-100 pick up bed into a trailer and plan on using it in it, as well as a chip guard on the fronts of the fenders.


Johnny B
Apr 18th, 06, 11:19 PM
I used Gator Guard on the bottom side of my 69. I saw it used on one of the hot rod shows. (American Hotrod, the "Junkyard Dog: 55 Chevy I think??) This 2 part epoxy coating is tough as nails and when sprayed on looks great. I used Black, but a White base can be top coated any color. I will never have to worry about rust in this life, nor or will the next owner either!

If you are trying to be original correct, then this isnt for you......Jb


Apr 19th, 06, 02:02 AM
wouldn't even consider it .

Apr 19th, 06, 06:12 AM
I used Southern Poly's spray on be liner under my 69 Camaro. I took and mixed a quart of the car base coat minus the binder agent, in with the white bed liner material (normally you mix in the black dye they supply)! So I have the benefit of 1/4 of material on the bottom of the car and it is colored to match the paint. So it blends in the wheel wells! I love the stuff and do it on all my cars

Apr 19th, 06, 07:51 AM
I used the spray on type of bed liner in a can for my subframe and under car. It isnt as textured as the rhino lining, but a little more texture than spray paint. I think it looks great.

Apr 20th, 06, 04:44 PM
Am in the process of a rotisory resto on my 69 z, i coated the inside of the car with a street rod spray on liner called COOL CAR, looks like a thin bed liner but has ceramic built into it, covers great, suppost so stop all heat transfer and highest noise reduction available, came from Nasa originaly. Havent driven the car yet, hope it works, $150.00 2 gallon bucket. Also i was told to coat the inside, leave the pan smooth, many "hackers" are using the thick liners to cover poor work, fiberglass patches etc. Said to scare some people off if trying to sell. hope that helps