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: 3rd GEN 10 bolt upgrade.

Jun 24th, 06, 04:56 PM
Decided to stick with an extra ten bolt I have laying around 3:73 but open spool. Have seen some suggestions as far as upgrades, including locker installs. Have heard I should change axles because stock is not proper quality. Realize I have a lot of work ahead, but am still stuck on finding a right locker for street/strip applications. I have a 7.65 10 bolt / 26 spline for a 3rd gen camaro. Going behind a 383/sb not more than 350 horse. 86 Iroc t top.

Need some suggestions. I do intend to weld tubes and install bearing rather than crush, etc. But need locker source first. Any ideas welcome. I thought Powertrax/lockright might be the right way to go, but the rear listed for theirs is a monte carlo. Is a camaro the same inside?

big gear head
Jun 24th, 06, 08:26 PM
All of the 7.5 and 7.6 10 bolt rear ends with 26 spline axles are the same inside. You can use the Lock Right or the E-Z Locker in the stock differential case by removing the differential (spider) gears and installing the kit. You would be better off by finding a '90 to '92 rear end because of the larger 28 spline axles.

Jun 24th, 06, 08:56 PM
Know whats funny? Thats exactly what I thought. Yet i went to the summit site and punched up the lockright and couldnt come up with the right years. Maybe they have problems.

Now for the rest of the questions. Is it possible to exchange the axles? Disregarding what actually BELONGS in there, are the axles the same otherwise? Will a 28 spline go into a 26 spline tube and bearing and function? Assuming a 28 spline spider or locker?

If you say no, then I am going to purchase upgraded 26 spline axles to solve that problem. I know those axles are not great.

The pin in the center of the spider also seems to be a problem with these rears. So does the little special bolt holding the mess together. Are both of these RE-USED for the locker install. If yes, can I purchase something that is a better grade, cause they look like they have 200 horsepower limits written all over them.

Hope you know rears, Mr gearhead. One more question. Can I replace the crush collar with a bearing? Yes I will weld axles tubes. Just need the rear to work with 350 horse. Not planning on a supercharger or anything like that.

One more thing. The original 86 rear is still in there. Are the parts interchangable? Could I build a second one for a spare?

Havent worked on the modern camaros back ends yet. Seems the older ones were and still are, easier to see parts for. Wish I still had my old ones. (67 and 69)

big gear head
Jun 25th, 06, 12:03 PM
The 26 and 28 spline axles are the same except for the number of splines and the strength. They use the same axle bearings and seals, and the length is the same. You will need a 28 spline differential because they are different. You can get one of these from a Camaro, Firebird or S series truck. You can install all of these parts in a rear end housing that had 26 spline axles in it. Power Trax offered a heat treated shaft for use with their Lock Right kits. I'm not sure if they still offer it or not. As for the retaining bolt, they are all the same.

As for the crush spacer, I don't see any need to replace it. Ratech makes solid spacers for many popular rear ends, but I'm not sure about the 7.5/7.6 rear end. You can not use a bearing to replace the spacer. I work on rear ends almost every day, but I haven't spent much time upgrading the 7.5/7.6 rear end, so I don't know every part that is available for them. I can look into it if you want. I sell all of these parts, so I have acess to that information.

Jun 25th, 06, 12:56 PM
I had seen solid bearing spacer on a list somewhere and missed the solid spacer part. Dummy me.

The crosspin hasnt been mentioned in any powertrax material yet but should be available somewhere.

So all in all , my best bet is a 28 spline locker made for a 90/92 model and new axles from someplace that are a higher quality than stock? Add girdle and lower control arms that dont look like melted down tuna cans? Sorry just about as happy with the rear suspension on this one as I was with single leafs on my 67.

Appreciate the info and thanks a lot. Didnt seem to be much in the way of accurate answers out there.

big gear head
Jun 25th, 06, 03:08 PM
I'm looking up the solid spacer to see what is available. I'm also looking up the cross shaft. The 28 spline standard differential from any '90 and later F body or S series truck 7.6 10 bolt will work. You could use the axles from a '90 to '92 F body, or get new after market axles. You'll need new bearings for the axles and differential too. If you are taking the pinion out then you might as well get a good installation kit to replace all of the bearings and parts to set it up again.

Jun 25th, 06, 04:24 PM
Have a 342 and a 700R4. 700R4 is already rebuilt but am adding the various goodies on the outside, vette servo, simple B&M shift kit, lockup kit, (puter no-more) have cooler but will add cooler pan also, governor will need touchup kit. The motor is a 383 small block but is built as a torker and am not sure yet if a 373 would be right or a 342. Have my doubts about the old 342 I have in it presently, though it worked fine, but for years. Moter runs comfortable to 5800 rpm. Could improve that with some roller rockers, adjusted a little looser; so to speak, but everyday racing isnt really the point.

Is it possible to buy stonger 26 spline axles. seems like I saw some somewhere.

If the 373 were used with a 28 inch tire I should probably go to the 373 and I really like bigger tires better. I am old, get it? This is my sons car and he actually likes the idea of the taller tires also. Am basically looking for a 13.5 second car in the quarter. Not anything spectacular, but enough to me feel normal, get it?? Anything less than that doesnt even feel like a car to me. I need it to overcome my blood pressure medication to feel right??

I have several different s10 products here but non to tear up at the moment. Yes I have worked on a blazer rear, not to improve it but to fix it. (also sons)

So what does the parts list become? Is a powertrax worth having or some other brand? New install kit with new bearing all around and the other axles. Have seen some parts, like crossshaft at " YEAR ONE" The crossshaft is made by powertrax, just as you said and it also does not show up on summits site. They also like heavy duty chevy axles. Moser lists 26 spline and also the 28 spline. Are they the same quality or??? I would think they would be the same.

I seem to have a problem shopping at summit all of a sudden. they have gotten a lot of my business over the years and I dont know why they wont list all the parts for this application in their web catalog.

Yeah, you have my e-mail, send me some info if I can find everything in one place I'll be a lot happier. Hard to set up a rear with some of the parts missing. Thats just exactly the wrong way to do it.

big gear head
Jun 25th, 06, 07:14 PM
The Moser axles are very good, but the 28 spline parts would be better if you can come up with enough parts to do it. I'll get the prices to you tomorrow.