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: Help: broken fender bolt removal

Mar 10th, 00, 08:03 AM
In removing the left fender to replace the inner splash panel, the bottom rearmost bolt broke off. I pulled the inside vent panel off but don't see any signs of the welded nut. I'm concerned with how to get this bolt out. If I drill it out or use an e-z out, etc and the nut breaks off, do I need to cut into the floor or side firewall area? Thanks again for all the help. It makes my therapy sessions more rewarding!

Pat's 69's
Mar 10th, 00, 03:52 PM
I run into the same problem with mine. I took it to the body shop for complete restoration. I'll stop by the shop Monday & ask how they repaired it.


Mar 13th, 00, 05:53 AM
I'm curious too. Mine did the same thing a few weeks ago.....

Shawn Peterson
1969 Z28, 406SB

Pat's 69's
Mar 13th, 00, 02:14 PM
They tried to remove the broken bolt, but the nut welded to the body broke. The body shop cut a 1 1/2" x 1 x 1/16" thick piece of metal & drilled a hole in the center. They welded a nut on one side of the metal plate so it would be up in the body of the car. They cut a opening in the body the size of the plate [1 1/2" x 1 ].Then they mig welded the plate flush with the opening.

The only other thing he suggested, was to use a acetylene torch to burn the bolt out. But be carefull doing it that way because you could catch fire & not be able to put it out. ------------------NOTHING LIKE A 69 !!!!!

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Mar 14th, 00, 06:40 PM
Hi there if there is any part of the bolt left you can grab, before you cut anything try heating it up and letting it cool a few times,a little penetrating oil between won't hurt either.A easy out will work beter too if you pre drill for the easy out then heat it up till cherry red then use the easy out say good bye to the easy out but it should get the bolt out. Make sure after any old bolt comes out you run thru it with a chaser and oil to clean out the threads.Good luck